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Micro Medical Devices   Call (818) 874-0000
Company highly dedicated and fully engaged in developing pocket-size, battery-operated medical instruments and sensors that bring a new generation of convenience and efficiency to the global health care and related markets. Products include hand-held diagnostic devices that are mobile, non-intrusive, highly reliable such as surgical and non-surgical Pachymeters. Give a visit to site for complete business products supplies details and information.
23945 Calabasas Road, Suite 110, Calabasas, CA 91302 , USA   (3357)

Radi Medical Systems   Call +46 (0) 18 16 10 00
Sweden based company highly active in health care industry and offer medical devices in three product lines - Intravascular Sensors, Hemostasis Management and Interventional Radiology Devices. Also deals in other medical supplies which brought a new level of certainty to interventional cardiac procedures worldwide. Give a look to website for detailed business information.
Palmbladsgatan 10, Box 6350, 751 35 Uppsala, SWEDEN   (3364)

Spirit Creations, Inc.   Call (877) 586-9584 toll-free
Designs and distributes unique medical health care products for the emergency and pulmonary medical field including manual emergency suction equipment, MDI training kits, emergency childbirth devices, and biohazard needle protection and other supplies. Make sure you give a good look to website for complete business information and products details.
4373 Old William Penn, Murrysville, Pennsylvania 15668, USA   (3362)

Stat Medical Devices, Inc   Call Toll Free 1-888-782-8911
Innovative American company in health care industry which was was established in the year 1988 and known to be the leader in the development and distribution of innovative medical devices with a special attention in manufacturing lancets, lancing devices and clinical capillary blood sampling products and supplies. SCompany is also proud of its impressive array of innovative products in health industry which have facilitated and supported the advancement of blood glucose monitoring, a critical component of diabetes management. See site for complete business information and details.
2056 N.E. 153rd Street, North Miami Beach, FL 33162, USA   (3361)

Utah Medical Products, Inc.   Call Toll Free: 866-754-9789
Stock listed company offering a wide range of well established disposable and reusable specialty medical devices designed for better health outcomes for patients and their care-providers. Products are used in Blood Pressure Monitoring and Blood Collection, Electrosurgery, Gynecology, Neonatal Critical Care, Perinatology and Urology. More business details and information can be found on the website of the company.
7043 South 300 West, Midvale, UT 84047-1048, USA   (3363)

Welch Allyn Inc.   Call 1-800-535-6663.
Global company fully engaged in manufacturing medical diagnostic equipment or devices and other health care products for Physicians, Hospitals, Emergency Medical Services, Students and Government practices. Products include stethoscopes, blood pressure management equipment, diagnostic headlights, thermometry, microscopes, eye, ear, nose and throat monitoring devices and various other medical supplies. Give a look to website for complete business details and information.
4341 State Street Road, Skaneateles Falls, NY 13153-0220, USA   (3365)

Business Information: A Guide To Medical Devices Business

Your plan for medical devices business need to be specific on which category or niche you will aim to tap. In the health care and medical field there are hundreds of categories and if you do not define your fields matching with your skills and strategic advantages, you are likely to doom. For example, all the devices and equipment used in any hospital largely fall in two major categories: surgical devices and diagnosis devices.

Generally surgical devices have a growing or recurring business prospect where traditional marketing scopes can be put in action. On the other hand, for the diagnosis devices these are largely the institutional products that are valued against fixed asset of that medical institution. Globally renounced companies like general electric, siemens etc are the leading player for such diagnosis devices and other medical supplies. New entrepreneurs have room to operate in the surgical items like disposable syringe, canella, forceps etc. The medical furniture itself is another industry that is flourishing globally in the health care inustry.

For the medical devices business in surgical items the market is totally global. If you can achieve some market capitalization with your brand name and customer satisfaction you can spread your health products business to the globe. It is highly possible to communicate and set contact with your counter parts by ensuring an online presence through website. This would virtually present you with all your products, service, pricing, terms and conditions to operate through your counter parts. These counter parts would be the distributor, brand ambassadors, franchise – whatever the context legitimately operable with ease. The door for export and import gets opened mostly with such online presence, regional franchising and by appointing the distributors. Please keep in mind that it is not a good thought to start any business that is import dependent. Rather you would go for exporting your products.

If you want to start your own business you would need to know the legal aspects of operating such business in your country, check the financing options with your banks or lenders, define the prospect and detail the actions to support your projected growth, ensure consistent improvement in marketing of the products to a great value and quality of life. You need to check the strength, weakness, opportunities and threats of your medical supplies business – in total.

Largely these medical devices business depends on the contacts you made, have and retain. Very few people operate in this industry globally and if you be able to make reputation for any health items on your product line – you are likely to dominate the region apart from your country. Customer satisfaction is the key for this business. Your product quality needs to be assessed and certified by the responsible body. For each batch of production, all health products need to go under testing with these responsible bodies. If you fail to meet the requirements that batch of production will never get the permit. Again it is a crucial business, if any complains raise from the consumer or user levels you might have to shutdown your operation. It is the health of mass public for which your product will operate in meaning to better life none can tolerate any products improper performances and put the public health in risk.

The medical devices business falls into most sophisticated and hygienic industries and it requires machineries as well as their operation and maintenance highly sophisticated, scientific and neat. You will have to spend a lot of money if you think of setting a production plant for these. And unfortunately it is not the mass production industry where economy of scale formula will work. You need to set your own course and then put the production machineries inline.

As you will be operating in a specialized niche, you would need to tailor your marketing campaigns and promotional ideas to all the communication modes and channels of this niche. Generally the souvenirs, industry magazines, direct sales or promotion, etc are the most widely adopted and practicing marketing tools in this health industry. You can follow them as a starter.

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