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Hertz Supply Co., Inc.  Call 800-321-4240
Company already spent 60 years of business experience to the health care industry and offer home users, nursing facilities and hospitals with medical products like hospital bed, Völker beds including mattresses and bedside cabinets and more. Visit the site for complete business information and details about this company.
4315 Independence Drive in Schnecksville, Pa., USA   (3803)

Piedmont Medical,Inc.  Call 800.433.3255
Piedmont Medical hospital furniture division. The furniture items offered are designed to complement patient rooms, common areas, waiting rooms, office and dining areas and can be purchased with no minimum requirements.
PO Box 1278, Dobson, North Carolina, 27017, United States   (3804)

Business Information By Mast Directory: Hospital Beds Business - An Overview

The one thing we associate with hospitals is that hospital is a place that we all wish we did not have to visit. But some circumstances are beyond our control whereas in some cases such as accidents and diseases we have no option but to visit the hospital. If the accident is serious or the disease needs medical attention then you’ll have to get admitted into hospital.

There are also chances that you might have a serious accident (wish from the bottom of my heart that it happen to none of us) or are diagnosed with a serious condition. In that case there is a high probability that you could have to spend weeks or couple months in the hospital to recover from bad health. There are surely paramedics and professional doctors to treat you but one thing that also needs immense attention is your hospital bed along with other medical supplies. You will spend a majority of the hospital time in your bed and a comfortable bed could make the stay at the hospital a whole lot easier.

An aesthetic hospital room is vital to keep a patient cheerful and happy similarly hospital beds are essential so that the patient receives complete rest aiding them to recover swiftly and properly. Thus the importance of a good hospital bed and furniture cannot be undermined. The hospital beds business is therefore not in the same league as making ordinary beds as we commonly know it. Hospital beds are what are usually coined as adjustable beds. Hospital beds are adjustable beds in the sense that the patient can move the headrest as well as backrest into a position of sitting or laid back comfort.

Though most hospitals in developed countries are already with full capacity but in the emerging and developing nations there remains huge scope for the hospital beds business. Lets take the example of India. India has large number of hospitals in every major city but when we look at smaller towns and villages the scenario is very different. Surely there are hospitals but adjustable hospital beds is something you’d find missing along with other health care equipment and medical supplies. Also major super specialty hospitals like Apollo and Fortis are expanding in a major thus hospital beds will remain a need for their business.

If you are amongst those wishing to enter the hospital beds business then there happen to be different business models that you could choose. First and foremost you would have to arrive at a decision whether your hospital beds business would cater to the local market or international market. Depending on that decision you can create a strategy for your business model. One of the viable business models can be to perhaps consider options like import and export of hospital beds. Hospital beds are not ordinary beds and these you’d find beds made of either strong aluminum or stainless steel with paint coating that’s long lasting. With such a business if you can keep in tune with medical supplies market pointers like current trends, newest equipment, market specific demand etc then it could result in great remunerations. If you were a trader then you would have to do hospital beds and furniture shopping from multiple sources and maintain requisite stocks.

There are other options that are also available to you within the hospital beds business. A trading platform is something would fall into the viable business option. You can contact a couple of specialist hospital beds manufacturers and give them a proposal that you would like to market their products in a specific region where those companies do not have a market presence but their products have potential to sell. Once you have the expression of interest from suitable manufactures you would have to put in all your efforts to market their products to prospective clients. Sourcing goods from multiple points can cater to your hospital beds and furniture needs.

If your business model is to manufacture medical supplies like hospital beds as the means to enter the hospital beds business then it is vital that you have knowledge regarding all aspects of hospital beds making. From raw material to costing, market potential, business viability to marketing you will have to consider all of these before taking the plunge. If you are looking to source or do hospital beds shopping for you business then trade shows provide an excellent platform for business. You can place a purchase order at the trade show or if you want to visit the manufacturers facility then that too would help you in the long run.

Modern and sophisticated hospitals too understand that patient health care needs and good hospital beds is one of the things that helps them achieve this.

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