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D4Surgicals India Pvt. Ltd.   Call +(91)-(22)-6523 56 14
Indian company considered to be as one of the largest manufacturers, supplier, distributor and exporters of Hospital Equipment and Hospital Furniture like Electric Beds, Hospital Tables, Hospital Trolleys, Hospital Lockers, Gynecology Couch and more. Visit the site for complete business information and further health care products details.
307, Samruddhi Commercial, Complex, Chincholi Bunder Road, Off Link Road, Malad (West), Mumbai - 400 064, INDIA   (3799)

Narula Udyog India Pvt. Ltd   Call +91 - 11 - 25225114, 42463777
One of the well known and leading manufacturers of Hospital Furniture, Operation Theatre Equipment, Wheel Chairs and Suctions in India. Visit the site for complete business details.
Narula's tower, 25 central market, punjabi bag west, New Delhi   (3800)

Business Information By Mast Directory: A Guide To The Hospital Furniture Business

Anyone that has had an injury, accident or illness, knows that depending on the hospital is essential for the correct care. To make sure that this is effective, hospitals also need to ensure they have the right furnishings that are in every room so patients can stay comfortable with the right support. Understanding the manufacturing and selling options that are a part of the hospital furniture business, as well as what is required for those shopping in retail for this type of furnishing is a new way to approach the hospital industry and the requirements that are associated with this.

Hospital furniture is typically associated with different furnishing needs than what one would find in a home or office. This is because of the specific type of support that is needed for those that are going to a hospital for assistance. Having bedding, furniture that helps with supplies and different lounge furniture are all required for those that are looking for assistance with furniture. This is combined with furniture that is divided according to the type of hospital an individual is in. For instance, an emergency room may need different types of furniture than an area that offers check-ups for patients.

The medical supplies and hospital industry is known to consist of several components for furnishings. This includes surgical and medical, orthopedic, prosthetic and dental equipment. These different areas of the retail and wholesale industry make an average of $135 million per year. The year of 2008 saw an increase in the medical demands by 6.5%. This includes capital expenditure on supplies, furnishings and needs within the industry and also involves medical stays that individuals have. It is expected that medical demands will continue to increase in the future, specifically because of changing age and health of the general population .

Related to these industries are the medical furnishings that are linked to the furniture retail and wholesale business. Many will place the businesses of furnishings with the medical supplies that are available. This set of companies includes furnishings for office, home, public areas, the outdoors and restaurants. This is further divided by new and used furnishings. The furniture industry receives $31 million per year on average, with a decrease of 6.2% in the year of 2008. The use of hospital furniture is often associated with public furniture, which receives an average of 7% in revenue per year .

Even though the furniture demands are decreasing, it is expected that hospital furniture will not be a part of the changes in the economy. Because the demands for medical assistance and supplies have seen a drastic increase, with the expectation of rising in the future, it is also noted that there will be a rise in the medical needs for various medical areas. This is combined with the need to have extra supplies and other supplements that pertain to the business, while providing patients with ease of use in any public hospital area.

The health care furniture that most are shopping for consists of hospital beds that are needed for temporary and prolonged stays, all which are able to provide specific support to those who are ill, have had an accident or that need assistance from an injury. However, this also includes stretchers, surgical shelves and extra areas that physicians and assistants need to ensure the best quality products. For those shopping for these specific items, are divisions of the stretchers and beds by brand, as well as need. For instance, a birthing stretcher and bed are different from a surgical bed, specifically to provide comfort and ease of use to individuals.

If you are in the industry of physician care and are looking for a different set of options for the growing demands in medical assistance, then looking at the hospital furnishings industry is the first step. Shopping for the correct tools and equipment and making sure that there is ease of use and comfort with every set of supplies, is the beginning to creating more options for those that are in need of health and comfort.

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