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China Viomed Co., Ltd.  Call 86-514-85230200
Manufacturer, exporter and supplier of different varities of medical products and supplies including Lab Products, Medical Tubes, Dental Products, Diagnostic Products, Wheelchairs, Spinal Needle, Surgeon caps, Stethoscopes, Condoms, Medical Disposables, Medical instruments, Dental Products and much more for all health care needs in Hospitals and health centers. Give a look to site for further business information and details.
Room 908, Jinma, Mansion,180 east Wenhui Road, Yangzhou, China   (2047)

Narang Medical Limited  Call +91-11-45554000
Well managed reputed and incorporated profitable indian company focusing on manufacturing and exporting of a wide range of health products including surgical, medical and hospital instruments, equipment and supplies. Products include Hospital Beds, Suction Machines and Units, Diagnostic Equipment, Height and Weight measuring Scales and much more. More business information is available on the site.
'Narang Tower',46 Community Centre, Naraina Ph-I,New Delhi - 110028, India.   (2044)

Nasan Medical  Call 91-20-25431290, 32949642
Company catering to the needs of Indian health care consultants, doctors, diagnostic centers and large and small hospitals for various types of medical equipment and supplies in cardiology, neurology and monitoring and other medical fields. Take some of your time to give a look to site for complete business information.
A-20, Lunawat Complex, Opp. Kothrud, Kothrud, Pune - 411038.   (2049)

Techfab International  Call +91-11-2641 5961, 2641 1931
Supplies reliable and quality products that function with precision and safety, giving 100% performance and under the brand name 'TeCare' to industries like healthcare, science, education and laboratory. Products include Endotracheal Tubes, Foley Catheters, Surgical Instruments and more.
507, Eros Apartments, 56, Nehru Place, New Delhi – 110 019, India   (2048)

Track Manufacturing Co. Pvt. Ltd  Call + (91) 011-23070042
Manufacturer and dealer in medical supplies and equipment from India offering hospital furniture, Hospital Hollowware such as surgical boxes, kidney tray, Hospital Plastic Goods like breast pump, Dressing and Bandage, Sterilizing Equipment, Diagnostic Instruments, Height and Weight Scales and more health related products. Take some of your time to give a look to site for complete business information.
3, Asia House, K.G. Marg, Connaught Place, New Delhi-110 001, (India)   (2046)

Vonex Medical Supplies Inc.  Call (905) 936-5285
Manufacturer of Adhesive Bandages including Plastic Bandages Sterile, Transparent Bandages Sterile, Fabric Bandages Sterile etc and also a distributor of other medical supplies including Latex Examination Gloves, Gauze Spongers Non Sterile, Hypodermic Needles with Polypropylene Hub and much more.
6893 2nd Line RR4, Tottenham, Ontario, L0G 1W0   (2045)

Business Information By Mast Directory: Get Acquainted With Medical Supplies Business

Medicine rings a bell in your ear! and it is certainly not as pleasant as Santa’s bell, yet you cannot ignore it as it involves your health. With pollution and chemical wastes on a rise in our environment we often get to hear about new diseases and viral fevers that had never existed before. There are numerous patients suffering from cancers of different sorts, kidney failures, liver malfunction and bird flu and several other fatal diseases. The hospitals and medical services are on a rise to take care of their health.

Apart from fatal diseases the patients in old age usually complain of knee problems and all these problems we have discussed here are just a preview of a part of health problems we come across everyday. More and more hospitals, clinics, specialized medical services are introduced to cope up specific diseases and doctors are also operating on personal levels at different places. Our point of this entire discussion is only aimed at implying that with all this on augment medical supplies business is amongst the booming and profitable ventures today.

Here we shall not guide you to enter this business as it requires large and high investment scale, yet we shall steer you through ways to get into streams attached with business. Let us take an example say john wishes to get into this business. He wishes to invest minimum amount and earn some profits out of this business too. How should he proceed? First and foremost he should locate manufacturers dealing in wholesale medical supplies like medical equipments, machines, surgical equipments and even pharmacy supplies. Now john can both act as a medical representative of that company and start his business. Where he would be asked to approach several medical stores, hospitals and doctors and introduce their products and offer supplies at negotiable rates and promotional packages if any persist through manufacturers.

Apart from this you can opt for small-scale business on your own. Here one can make small investment and invest in regular medical equipment and usual supplies demanded by doctors, clinics and hospitals around your arena such as X-ray machines, stethoscopes, neutralizers, thermometers, CT scanner, ultrasound machines, oxygen cylinders and so on. You can sell them at good margins earning profits in the deal. This business is entirely dependent on bulk sale and more clientage implies good business. We would like to highlight one pointer here that quality of your products is of high concern here because where health is concerned none of the mentioned buyers and users make any sort of compromises.

Other than this one can also get into this business in an investment sort of way. Well, if you don’t have huge finance, arrange for loans but this would cost initially to purchase the medical equipment. Once you have bought the equipment advertise to lease it on requirement like anesthesia machine for surgery etc. well, you could earn great revenue from this business and eventually pay off your debts to bank. As most of clinics, health and fitness clinics dealing in non-surgical procedures and medical organizations do not feel interested in buying medical equipments they prefer to lease if required and it is very convenient on their budget too. So their requirement becomes your business and this works often comes on repetitive basis on terms of rental price, delivery services and quality of products offered.

Well, finally we would say that medical supplies business points one finger at prospering prospects in this arena and other four at people’s declining health. But then coming to think out positive aspects you can say these four fingers are joined together to imply that this business venture can go long way if organized and advertised aptly. And if by any chance you have contacts, resources, links with anyone related to this field, don’t hesitate to take a chance and try your luck!

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