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51 Oakwood, Inc   Call 800.527.0336 / 330.244.8505
Provider of complete medical billing services through HIPAA compliant electronic billing. Company's team of certified specialists take care of your medical and radiation oncology billing and collections, provides complete analysis of your account receivables, performs audits and manages your credentialing needs.
4347 Portage Street N.W. • Suite 102, North Canton, OH 44720   (1880)

AMBS, Inc   Call 800-543-2627
Company offering healthcare providers an affordable, outsourced experienced billing staff dedicated solely to medical billing, cash flow success, and the understanding of the ever moving target of healthcare insurance.
Online Support   (1881)

Chili Medical Billing Services   Call 585-889-7798
Full practice management billing company which provides medical billing and accounts receivable management services to healthcare providers including Chiropractic, Podiatry, Durable Medical Equipment, Internal Medicine, Hospitalist and more medical professionals. Visit site for more.
Online Support   (1879)

Claimcare   Call (512) 627-6008
Innovative medical billing services company having a management team who has 80 years of combined medical billing experience and has served clients all over USA. Providing exceptional customer service to both clients and their patients. Visit site for more details.
3415 Greystone Drive, Suite210, Austin, TX 78731   (1877)

Medical Transcription Billing, Corp.   Call 866-266-MTBC (6822)
Company offering transcription and medical billing services to numerous health specialties including Ear Nose and Throat, Cardiology, Nephrology, Internal Medicine, Psychiatry, OB/GYN, Pediatrics, Podiatry, and more.
7 Clyde Road, Somerset, NJ 08873,   (1878)

PGM Medical Billing Services   Call 877.751.7515
One of the well known and fastest growing medical billing companies in America offering practice management and medical billing services throughout USA.
Online only   (6860)

Business Information By Mast Directory: An overview of Medical Billing Services Business

Disease, illness, ailment, injury all of these are something that we like to keep away from ourselves and even in our thoughts we wish that we can remain free from all these health problems. But the truth is that diseases, illness, ailments and injuries are a part and parcel of life, it somehow just happens and then we need treatment to heal the injury or cure the disease.

So what do you do when you need medicines to cure a simple thing such as pain relief, well the most natural thing to be to visit your nearest medical or pharmacy store and ask for a pain relief tablet. But in case the illness is due to a viral flu then you would first consult a health doctor who will prescribe you a medical dose and some precautions if necessary. You would then visit a pharmacy and ask for the availability of the prescribed drugs. The storekeeper will collect the tablets and syrup and then calculate the total gross sum of the medicine and charge you the total amount. He will provide you with a bill for your purchase.

For every purchase you make be it at a shopping center or a pharmacy health store you will have be provided a bill. Till a couple of decades ago a small storekeeper would use a calculator to add/subtract the amount into your bill. But gradually billing methods got importance and there was a need for efficient billing services in all health and medical services department. Billing services are needed in all medical departments, be it when admitting a patient into the hospital and opening a medical bills file with bed charge then over the course of the treatment adding treatment charges additionally doctor visit fee and finally when the patient is discharged the entire medical expenses are billed by summarizing it into one bill. If a patient has medical or health insurance then the patient is billed and the documents are sent to the insurance company who will reimburse the patient directly on approval.

If you are looking to entering the medical billing services business space then there are many avenues available. Large software companies design and market their own brand of medical billing services software. Medical billing is not limited to software services even a small software that allows name and other billing information to be inputted and then allows generating a composite bill is required by many small health care nursing homes and small sized hospitals. Medical billing services are known to reduce billing cost for hospitals by 10 – 20 percent who would otherwise have to employ manpower for such work. The medical billing service would also reduce errors rising from human mistakes, something that can prove very costly to organizations rendering such services.

Never mind if you do not know the ‘ABC’ of a medical billing services business, if you think there is potential in such a business then first create a project report on the viability of the business. If you can infuse capital into an already existing business who are providing medical billings services and can enter such a business venture. You might submit a business proposal elaborating what marketing and business strategies you have to take the business forward. If you are entering into a joint venture of this sort then do remember that you should check all files pertaining to the business and check the accounts as well. Clear all doubts before entering into an agreement.

Marketing is an important aspect of every business and the Internet is one place that you cannot imagine to leave. Create a website for your medical billing services business and all the information past and present to it. Have an ‘About Us’ page wherein you should have the history and the achievements plus a few names of your business associates who are leaders in their own businesses as well. Have a ‘Contact Us’ page so that anyone interested in your medical billing services business can contact you directly. Include all the services you provide and highlight them by having quotes from actual users.

The medical billing services business has many facets in the sense that it reduces workload of people in medical line, improves efficiency, reduces errors leading to improvement in profits and better customer care handling.

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