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ActiveHealth Management  Call 212.651.8200
ActiveHealth is an information-driven care management company that enables doctors and patients to work together to make better clinical decisions, one patient at a time. Services include disease management, clinical decision support and personal health records etc helping to improve care for 18 million people nationwide and help health plans and employers lower costs. Visit the site for detailed business information.
102 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10016, USA   (3260)

AllMed Healthcare Management, Inc  Call Not Provided
Provider of independent medical reviews that help insurance payers, medical and claims managers control healthcare costs, and do what's right for each patient, every time. Thus helping in better management.
621 SW Alder Street, Suite 740 Portland, Oregon 97205   (1157)

Altus  Call 713-960-6661
Company is a global network of vested and forward thinking physicians who have united with a goal to ensure the healthcare professionals to benefit from the health care dollars being spent to strategize, establish and reinforce dynamic environments that empower physicians with enhanced control and quality in patient care management and capital investments. See site for detailed business information.
4265 San Felipe, Suite 1100, Houston, TX 77027, USA   (3262)

Electronic Health Reocords  Call 1-800-899-4237
ADS is a leading provider of Electronic Health Records (EHR), Practice Management and Radiology Information System (RIS) software solutions, currently serving over 35,000 physicians and healthcare providers.
255 West Spring Valley Avenue, Maywood, NJ 07607   (4915)

Institute of Healthcare Management  Call 020 7620 1030
Company helping to improve patient care wherever and whenever they need health care through the promotion of excellence in healthcare management like establishing a continuous development framework, focusing on covering behavioural and ethical aspects of management practice, establishing a coaches database to support members and more. Give a look to site for complete business information and details.
18-21 Morley Street, London, SE1 7QZ, UK   (3259)

Medcan Health Management Inc.  Call (416) 350 - 5900
Medcan Health Management Inc. is Canada's leading health management company. Medcan provides integrated health management solutions designed to address escalating health and disability costs for a variety of North America's premier employers, financial and government organizations. More business information can be found on the site along with full details.
150 York Street Suite 1500, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, M5H 3S5   (3261)

Business Information By Mast Directory: An Overview of the Health Management Business

We consider lot many things to be important in our life. At times money is given the tag of ‘most important thing in life’, others’ rate happiness, the thing is for different people at different stages in life various things are important. But almost all will agree that good health is the most important aspect of life. If you have good health then you are happy, prosperous and ready to take on the challenges of life with a positive frame of mind.

With the evolution of health care a new dimension is health management business. Health management is basically the treatment, prevention & management of a patient’s illness while also taking care of the physical and mental well being via services provided by medical professionals. When we speak about health management it not just means providing health services but also managing health to sustain good health over a long period of time. Health management is needed as much in rural places as it is in the urban landscape. Rural places or under-developed countries do not have the same good medical centers available in developed countries.

For this reason people suffering from at times critical illness and sometimes diseases related to heart and other body parts have to visit medical center in their own country or in other countries. Such things are influenced by various factors. For instance, a heart surgery in India is much cheaper than one compared in the US. But certain heart conditions get treated more effectively in the US as compared to India, therefore such reason influence the choice of center for medical care. But good health management is necessary for inflow of patients to a center.

Health management is a crucial part of a health center, be it physiotherapy or a trauma center that will help a victim of accident recover fully to be able to move his arm post recovery. Health management business is a business model where in you provide complete health management solutions under one roof. If you are running a physiotherapy center then you would offer the patient suffering from probably a facture a complete health and recover solution. From prescribing exercises, to diet, to medicines what kind of shoes to wear when undertaking foot strengthening exercises and advice the dos and no dos to that person.

Health management business is a new age business where the patient relies complete on you to recover from an injury, disease or aliment. The patient could have to stay in the hospital for a considerable amount of period and you have to management a complete recovery program for the patient. Usually companies will provide other business with programs that are tailor made to increase the efficiency of an organization and to help employee give their best. If you are already in the medical profession and would like to start your own health management business then you would know the nitty-gritty’s of such a profession. Yet let us outline some important aspects to start such a venture.

You cannot carry forward a health management business without trained manpower. For you business you would require people from different medical and health related fields. You can hire experienced as well as newbies with the view that newbies will assist their seniors in carrying out a clinically professional job. You will have to register the name and business address with the local authority plus if there is any license required to run such a business then you will have to move an application and acquire such a license before you can actually offer such a service.

Having good personal contacts can prove highly beneficial for such a business; if you do not have a good business circle it is never too late to start creating one. Open the yellow pages directory right away and make phone calls to a wide variety of businesses and hospitals, check who is in charge of health management there, try to fix an appointment. Make a strong presentation regarding the services you can offer do not indulge in price & rates straight way.

The Internet is another great way to spread your business, the Internet is one place where you can drive all your points, lavish praise on your business and even term it the best there is today. Get one to do SEO work for promoting your site so that it can gradually move up the google pages for a keyword. Include pictures of the team and add articles regarding whom health management can help people and then add such similar services that your company provide have proven to be effective. There are many business opportunities available in the health management business than we have mentioned in this article. The world is your platform and you have to make the most of it.

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