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Barefoot Yoga Co  Call TOLL FREE: 1-877-barefoot (1-877-227-3366)
Offer quality yoga products at great prices. Products include yoga mats, yoga clothes, yoga mat bags, yoga props, yoga rugs, yoga pants, yoga apparel, yoga dvds, yoga books, yoga gifts, meditation supplies and more. Visit the site for online shopping and for more business information.
307 Nickerson Street, Seattle, WA 98109, USA   (4520)

Toronto Yoga Classes  Call 647-341-4926(GYAN)
Gyan Yoga conducting all yoga classes in Downtown Toronto. Asanas, Meditations etc. know power of your inner mind through Yogas.
107 Jefferson Avenue, Toronto, ON, M6K 3E4   (5540)  Call 519-566-2094
Offer an extensive line of yoga supplies including yoga videos, yoga for beginners on DVD, yoga wear, Hatha yoga techniques books, Kundalini Yoga videos and much more. Visit the site for more information.
2955 Radisson Ave, Windsor, ON N9E 4N5, Canada   (4521)

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There are plenty of small business opportunities for people to consider that can fetch good returns to them. Supplying different materials required for yoga is one such opportunity that could yield high returns against small investments. Yoga is now not only limited to boundaries of India but is practiced in all parts of the world. With changing lifestyles people who don’t have much time to go to the fitness centres prefer to do some small exercises at home that can keep them in good health. These customers have opened new opportunities to deal in various yoga supplies.

Yoga exercises are now being included in the curriculum of many schools along with meditation. In many schools based at India it is integrated in the school curriculum. Meditation and yoga are the regular physical fitness activities for the boarders studying in the residential schools. With such increasing trend a clever businessman would certainly not miss the opportunity of supplying materials to these high profile schools and earn good profits. The most common yoga supplies are the yoga mats. The customer would not think twice to buy the mat, as he knows it can be used for other purpose too and can carry it anywhere. The other supplies include the outfit; CDs, DVDs or books about yoga and its health benefits.

Another advantage of doing this business is that it could be very conveniently carried out from any part of the world and the items can be shipped or exported anywhere. As the weight of these items is not more the shipping charges are almost negligible and the customer won’t hesitate to buy these materials online. Unlike other heavy work out machinery at the fitness centers these are very simple materials. Most people are hesitant to order heavy machinery over the Internet but this would not be the case with your business. The health related CDs and DVDs are very popular supplies that have good online market and there are opportunities for fitness related informative CDs that can be sold individually or in combo packs. Discounts and perks always attract the customers and it is one of the factors that tempt them for online shopping.

Yoga is becoming more and more popular and many classes that offer training are emerging around the world. No discussion on health and fitness is ever complete without mentioning the advantages of yoga. Many people who practice the ‘asana’ regularly have seen the positive results of it and discuss about it. There are many retreat centers as well where people go for practicing and experience the benefits of yoga on their health. These could be your target customers for the yoga supplies business. Once they learn the exercises at these training institutes they would continue to do them at their home. Many people keep doing the yoga poses for loss of weight, as they don’t want to take risks with many weight loss drugs that are available in market. Many people do it as a part of their spiritual practice.

The yoga supplies could also include other gift items that promote fitness, yoga and its benefits which could be offered to the customers in the form of yoga-outfits, simple t-shits, key chains, videos, books or other form of gift articles. You can also make yoga outfits or mats having logos of the training institutes for promoting their health and fitness center.

The market requirements for the product are very simple and could be supplied with minimum investments. Recently many posture props are seen in the market and are receiving good customers for these equipments that help them in improving postures. Yoga balls, pilets, mats, chairs, cushions, bolsters, blankets, blocks ,straps and bags to carry these items to health club or fitness center are very popular items amongst the people and easily available to start a small business having tremendous growth capacity in yoga supplies.

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