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Yoga is an art of performing physical exercises to regulate the body, health and mind. It is an ancient art and today there is a good awareness about yoga among people looking for good health and physical fitness. Most of the people started doing yoga to keep their body and mind healthy. Yoga can be done at any age. Even elderly people can do the yoga which is meant for them. Since there is a good consciousness and welcome for yoga among people, starting yoga mats business can be a profitable idea. There are a number of varieties in yoga mats and also many suppliers online who deliver such yoga mats.

The is a supplier of yoga mats at a reasonable cost. Their fitness business is not only to supply yoga mats but also many other yoga products including yoga books, yoga CD’s. As far as the yoga mats are considered they have around 50 types of yoga mats. The prices vary from $13 to $200. They have Eco Friendly Yoga Mats at a cost of $ 27. Eco friendly mats are one that is made up of ecological materials. They come in many attractive colors. They are thick to use and light weighed. They also offer Air Mats at cost of $49 which are different from the usual mats and they are non sticky. Natural Cotton Yoga Mat for $69 is available. They provide more comfortable and soft surface for doing yoga. This mat is chemical free. The URL for the supplier is

Next can be who is a wholesale supplier of yoga mats. It is run by a gentlewoman named Glenda Morrison. She has experienced the benefits of yoga in her real life and that has motivated her to start the fitness business. They also offer many products such as eye pillows, yoga straps and many. They also offer eco friendly mats under the name Karma Eco Mat. The colors are mystic blue and grass green. The cost is $45. You will have discounts if you purchase on a wholesale. They also have Shanthi Yoga Mats which is an ultra comfortable mat with gentle curves and that gives great grip. The available colors are sky blue and raspberry. The cost is $45 each. Along with yoga mats business, they also supply yoga bags, which are used to store yoga mats and other yoga materials, at a cost of $28 each. The URL for this supplier is

The is website with different business idea. They provide complete details about yoga which makes many people to visit their website for health and fitness. They supply different types of yoga mats. Apart from this they give information about diet which one should follow and also about doing yoga during pregnancy. They also supply natural health and ayurvedic products. They supply Hand Oven Yoga Mats which are excellent absorbents and provide superior comfort. It is a reversible type. One side is woven with cotton and other side with rayon. Even pregnant women can use this. They also supply Natural Grass Yoga Mat. It is made up of dried grass and it is an eco friendly fitness product. It is having good grip not because of artificial sticky materials but due to the Natural Serrations caused by the dried grass. They are pleased to refund your amount if you feel dissatisfied with the 3 in 1 hand oven yoga mat! The URL for this website is . The following link will take you directly to their yoga mat page:

The offers mats for gym, home and offices. They also offer mats for industrial and commercial purposes. They offer a wide variety of mats which are quality products and come at great prices. They supply all kinds of exercise mats and kids’ mats such as play mats, puzzle mats and many more. They also supply many eco friendly products. As far as yoga mats are considered they offer a wide variety. It includes, universal, deluxe, raja mat, monster mat, clean PVC, natural cotton yoga mat and the list continues. The most attracted mats which they supply are the eco friendly yoga mat and the help fight breast cancer yoga mat. The eco yoga studio mat is a perfect yoga mats for health clubs, yoga studios, yoga instructors. The colors are blue and purple. It comes for $9.95. The will donate to the breast cancer research foundation on the sale of every pink mats called as the help fight breast cancer yoga mat. The link is .

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