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Clark Hatch Fitness Center  Call +66 (0)2 690 5446
Fitness center having branches all over Thailand for all your body fitness needs. Join the membership for more fit, energetic, and balanced lives. Burn calories, firm your muscles, tune your body, improve body strength at centers for good health and to become mentally strong.
No. 37 Suttawongse Bldg., 3rd Floor,Soi Petchburi 15, Petchburi Road,Bangkok 10400   (64)

Commercial Fitness Equipment  Call 1800 771 079
Australia based supplier of fitness equipment in different categories like Fit Interactive, Absolo and more.
EYE fitness - ExciteYourEnvironment, 13 Sirocco Place, Carindale, QLD 4152, Australia   (7025)

Fitness First  Call 1 300 55 77 99
Company having 75 gyms in different clubs all around Australia offering good health and fitness programmes to make children active and healthy. Also provide bootcamp courses across the country along with dance schools and swimming schools for complete health. Visit the website to find the nearest gym around you.
1-11 Lexington Road Springwood, 4127   (198)

Kiss Gyms  Call 0845 644 2318
Offer high quality gym experience at very nominal prices. Visit the site for complete business information.
Kiss Gyms Ltd., Wellington House, 57 Dyer St, Cirencester, Glos GL7 2PP, UK   (7313)

LA Fitness  Call 01302 892310
Company from UK comprising of 88 clubs nationwide offering services for complete body fitness through advanced body building equipments, tools and health products and also expert trainers available to help you make most out of your membership fee in clubs. Visit site to look for nearest club near you.
Sandall Stones Road, Kirk Sandall, Doncaster, DN3 1QR   (197)

Lifetime Fitness Inc.  Call 561-208-5900
Provider of complete health and fitness experience with peace of mind. Having clubs in almost every city of United States. Facilities available include innovative fitness classes, trainers and instructors, water parks, sports courts and rock climbing caverns and more with affordable membership for any budget.
1499 Yamato Road, Boca Raton, FL 33431, US   (199)

Personal Trainer Courses : Fit Training  Call +44 (0) 191 4788 384
Fit Training is a leading provider of personal trainer courses as well as fitness instructor courses and a range of other health related qualifications. Visit the site for more business information.
Fit Training LTD., Aidan House, Sunderland Road, Gateshead, Tyne and Wear, NE8 3HU, United Kingdom   (6333)

Sydney CBD Bootcamp   Call 0412 544 398
Elite fitness training from the experts in the field. Join Elite bootcamp in Sydney today and get fit within weeks.
Sydney CBD, in the Sydney Domain Parklands.   (6152)

Business Information: A guide to fitness products business

We are not walking our way to work, even shopping means traveling to stores on car or vehicle that implies less exercise, low calorie burn and obesity. Have people learned to live with it and play with their health? The splendid part of this discussion is people have realized this and coming out of shell by showing great interest in gym culture and visiting health clinics. If records and data are to be believed then health and fitness industry has shown an immense growth since last two years. It is just so because people are getting conscious about their health and showing great response to fitness products and healthy foods. Hence we can assure you that fitness product is the business to look forward for business excellence. Now the question is what sort of space and equipment is required for this business?

As we observe most of fitness equipment is widely spread over and the only one sustaining minimum space requirement is dumbbells that can be placed in any sort of storage. So as far as space is concerned one needs quite some space for display and even if you are dealing in wholesale fitness products you need space to stock these products like motorized treadmills, cycles, press convergent and many more. Coming to fitness products every product from machinery, exercise to nutritional supplements that enhances human health would be considered in fitness products business. Well, how can one get into this business?

Getting into fitness products is neither a high cost investment nor difficult. You will need to out source fitness equipment at competitive rates so you can offer them to retailers at more margins. It’s truly significant to keep distinguished varieties that includes commercial and home used fitness products like motorized treadmills, chest machine, cross trainers, leg extensions, calf machine, Scott machines, massagers and several others. Apart from these fitness products also includes sports equipment, nutritional supplements and specific muscle building proteins too. And here the question is not just getting into this business but find bulk appropriate clientage to earn splendid margins too.

For instance a person starts a wholesale fitness products business and if he simply satiates thinking that health conscious people would come forward and approach him, he is not going to do business! He would need to approach gym’s, spa, weight loss clinic, school advertising his products and offering them special discounts packages if they purchase in bulk deals. And for attracting retail clients interested in developing a home gym or so he can offer discount on three equipments purchased in bulk. Hence we can say fitness business is not about creating demand for products but reaching people who demand these products the most and are into either health or fitness business.

And finally we would like to enlighten you about the perspective of success of this business. The good aspect is this business is old yet show promising future with new products and machines launched every season and the negative aspect is that people have already become aware of these products. Perhaps this is not just with this business but most of existent business streams that marketing has become a challenging job for them. Yet we would suggest that if one have appropriate means and budget to get started in this business it can turn into profitable venture only when you move with the trends and update with latest technologies.

Recently the fashion and health page has turned down set patterns of zero size and can be observed flagging health instead of fainting celebrities. So dear friend! This is very much the right time to get into this business and wash your hands in prospering health and wealth of people.

Another Guide

The consciousness of staying fit and maintaining good health is a very positive approach that people have started following these days. This is one of the best side effects of the glamour industry and fashion. Everyone wants to feel and look good and that is possible to a huge extent by working out and excursing the right amount and type. This need of the current era has given birth to the sector of business where people offer a variety of fitness services today. This has become one of the most popular and good sector to work in.

In the starting phase of this kind of business you will have to get the concept clear about the fitness and the health relation. It becomes essential to know the various types of products that range in this segment. Therefore you will have to get an in depth study done about the same. This will help you in selecting the basic and the regular products and services that you will need to provide the customers in the beginning in order to make an entry in this field. It will give your company a good kick start.

the major segments that have made a mark in the market are the gyms, health and fitness centers, massage therapy parlors and spas, various forms of art that help in keeping a person fit. To start with you will have to decide on the selective services from these that you will be providing the customers. While choosing you must understand that the segment that gives you the best return of investment and is already very much in demand should be given the first preference in the business.

Once you have selected the business segment and started working on it you will need to work on the other important aspects as well. In case of the most common option of the gym services you will need to plan out the complete outline. Firstly you should find out about the regular and new variety of health and fitness equipments that are available. Make sure that all the necessary are ordered and placed in the gym. Try and find out a supplier that has reputation and gives you the best deal in terms of variety as well quality and price.

The next important step in this business is to have a team of people who are trained and experienced in the various workout techniques and also in handling the various fitness equipments that are made available to the customers. Such a team of instructors actually form the basis of the service that you provide. Therefore you will need to very carefully select the working team. They should be aware of the different types of health issues and decide the corresponding workout level accordingly.

The advertising and publicity become a very important aspect of the business that you need to work upon. You can select the various forms of advertising like brochures, flyers, vehicle wraps, newspaper and other forms of media to promote your fitness service. You can also conduct small sessions on the importance of exercise in different institutions like corporate organizations, schools, colleges etc where there are chances of getting more customers. You can get more people when you make them aware and conscious about their health.

You can also conduct campaigns and sessions in the malls and other public places. Give them the information about the various health problems that can affect people these especially due to obesity and inactive lifestyle. This will attract more people and also create good publicity of your fitness services in the market. These techniques are the basic in the stage of launching your business. Also put up banners and signage across the city with attractive logos and pictures of men and women with attractive figures. Such tactics tend to bring more people to enroll themselves.

Once you have created publicity and made a place for your business then you will have a good flow of the customers. Depending upon the fitness service that you are providing you will also need to work out the different plans and packages that you will offer and also assign the fees for the same. While deciding the package you should keep in mind the health condition, age, gender, lifestyle and routine of the people. It becomes important to have pre planned basic package ready with you in fixed written and laminated format. This gives a good impression about the professional approach of the company.

with a good planning and the right kin of trained and experienced working team this field of business can be in real sense compared with gold since it really showers good amount of money and helps you in achieving return of investment in no time. All you need to give added attention to is the fitness service and the customers will be ready to shell out good amount to achieve good health and figure.

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