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Astra-Lite  Call Toll Free 800-368-5483
Manufacturer of patented, unique aluminum leg designed massage, bodywork and chiropractic tables. Push button adjustment legs. Starting at 19 pounds. Designed for Reiki, Lomi Lomi, Swedish, Zero Balancing and Chiropractic. Equipment with complete satisfaction guarantee.
120 Manfre Road, Watsonville, CA 95076, USA   (709)

Habys incorporation  Call 013 44 627 88
Massage equipments such as stationary massage tables, equipment for the treatment rooms, hygienic pads and massage cosmetics are manufactured by the company. The products are all at an affordable price that will be ranged at a low cost. The main advantages of the massage equipments are that they are completely portable which involve screens, chairs and stools.
Przemyslowa 1, 38-200 Jaslo   (708)

Shanghai Lungdian Electric Equipment Co., Ltd.  Call 021-64110534
Well known company from China engaged in manufacturing of quality massage equipment like massage chairs in different designs and size. Available for export to any country of the world including USA, India, UK and Australia.
279# Xingda Road,Minhang Distr Shanghai   (710)

Business Information By Mast Directory: A Guide To Massage Equipment Business

The change in the trends of the world, latest technologies and the change in the attitude of people have led to the stressful and strenuous kind of life styles and routines in our work, home, financial and social lives. This situation is affecting the physical and emotional health of people all over the world. To over come such an undesired condition, the people are opting for different methods one among them being the massage therapy. The number of parlors and the therapists is increasing day by day due to the inclination and concern of people towards their health aspects. The massage equipment business can meet the needs of people who have home based clubs or those who run a spa. For the home based parlor, a massage chair, table with cushion, oil, cream, lotions, towels etc are very essential. These products must ensure that they are of good quality and the furniture must be very sturdy to hold and endure a variety of weights. The chair used in this therapy helps a therapist to proceed with the back and neck massage. The oils and lotions needed for this purpose are available in the market and they can be chosen by the therapists based on their customersÂ’ preferences.

These equipment are bought by the therapists keeping in mind the comfort of the clients and durability and portability of these products. Then this business is sure to see a promising light ahead in the future. Many of these therapists attend the house calls of the clients who prefer privacy while they undergo this process. Thus the clients too show an interest in buying these equipment to use at home for promoting their health conditions. The therapists must use clean and well laundered towels for each client to ensure them that they are concerned about the hygiene. They must also consider that the type of massages that are preferred by the clients and according to such needs they have to buy the necessary equipment. The therapists may be contended with their devices and accessories but this is not enough. The clients who come for the therapy must also be satisfied with these products and this enhances the assurance of a promising business.

The foot massage has become the favorite of the clients which help them to keep cool and diminish the stress levels to the maximum extent. Hence the need for foot tubs is also growing to enable this procedure to move on smoothly. The therapists are invited by many corporate and other organizations to reduce the stress of the employees and employers which miraculously increases the health levels and the ability to manage tasks thus promoting the productivity and profits to an incredulous level. These people are very much welcomed by the sports personalities and athletes to get well from the injuries and also to keep themselves free of any stress due to their pressing career schedules.

Many of the doctors are referring their patients who are suffering from many illnesses that increase their mental stress, to these therapists. Observing all these requirements of people in various fields, one can predict very well that this business will skyrocket very soon. Every device and other accessories have specified functioning and requirements. Hence the selection of these equipment must be made depending on their specific functions. The accessories used in this therapy may include face rest covers, sheet sets, anatomical charts, arm rests, bolsters, guides, foot rests and pads, stools, clip boards and so on. So the therapists and the spa organizers are sure to collect the necessary items for their health clubs.

The researches and surveys have confirmed that the body gets detoxified due to this massage and has great therapeutic benefits that make the body and mind very soothing and energetic. This procedure also promotes the health consciousness among the people. It is the best way to pamper and relax the body and mind. Thus more number of people is approaching these therapists thus making these equipment get sold like hot cakes.

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