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Body Massage Wellness Spa   Call 303-893-2543
Helping people to improve the quality of life through relaxation and therapeutic body massage which comes from healthy hands, skin, feet and beauty treatment. Services include speciality massages, corporate massage and more.
1616 Welton Street, Denver, CO 80202,   (681)

Essential Massage Services   Call 207-310-8952
Offers complete therapeutic massages using Swedish, Deep Tissue and Connective Tissue massage techniques in a private clinical office setting. Visit the site for rates and hours and know more about the qualification of the massage therapist. Located in Maine, USA.
2 Basin Road, Windham, Maine 04062,   (680)

European Theraputic Massage Center   Call 713 784 9400 or 1-800-814-8273
Massage center in Texas providing the type of massage therapy which includes sports injury rehabilitation, neuromuscular release therapy, repetitive motion injury, medical massage, reiki and more improving health of millions of people in USA.
2620 Fountainview, Suite 240, Houston, Texas 77057   (679)

Klinik Sports & Remedial Therapy   Call 020 73771819
Massage Clinic located in Square Mile in London offering individually tailored and high quality massage treatments for people in bad health or recovering from illness or just for relaxation of the body. Tretaments include Sports Massage to Hot Stone massage to Acupuncture and more.
16 Devonshire Row, London, EC2M 4RH   (678)

Business Information By Mast Directory: An Overview of the Massage Services Business

Massage therapy happens to be a scientific way of body treatment. The aim is to restore normalcy back to the soft tissues. The method is to apply fixed or movable pressure over the body. Massage aids blood circulation in the body and with the help of massage body treatment some stiff parts of the body are relieved of stiffness helping in improved health. Massage also reduces muscular tension, enhance tissue healing and affect the nervous system through stimulation or sedation. Massage therapy is a kind of practice via performance through which one can strength one’s own muscles. The results will not come overnight, regular performance is needed. Massaging can also be termed as body treatment. Many massage therapy or body treatment schools teach body mechanics.

There are massage services schools, training course are also available at various massage centers but you would do well to opt for a course where they provide an accredited certification on successful completion of the course. If the body treatment course you have undertaken is not accredited then you will have a hard time finding a job with a reputable salon or spa within the massage services business. Massage courses impart knowledge and techniques on how to going about giving a person a body treatment.

Massage therapy schools will impart lessons on using your own body weight to apply pressure rather than simply applying muscular strength. This is an important aspect of the massage therapist’s job. While there are some circumstances in which physical strength is important, such as working on muscular men or doing certain forms of deep work. To become a massage therapist you first underline your goal. You want the minimum training to get started or adequate education to master the discipline. Second, reflect on the health educational requirements, if any, where you intend to practice of cities or states as thirty states in the US have massage licensing laws. If you live in a state that regulates massage licensing laws, the state requirements set your minimum health care education.

You can also start your own massage services business. Once you have attained a certificate from an accredited institution or recognized school you can open a massage services health care center. But there are many steps involved in setting up such a business. Before you actually start providing services to would need a business license from the local authority and also register the name and address of your business. The name will be the identity of your business thus the word massage center or body treatment or a swanky name will help get required attention for your new business. Also you would do well if you can furnish your body treatment center aesthetically as per business requirements. You can create a sauna bathroom within your center and also have comfortable massage beds and may be a private room so that clients feel at complete ease while under going massage therapy.

Another aspect of your business is marketing. Body treatment is common with people and they are spoilt for choice. So how to you fight the stiff competition, well there are many ways to do that. One cost effective way to market your massage services business is to hold a couple of free seminars where you can invite people to hear you over. Try and get hold of a list of people who would be interested in body treatment and send them a free invitation and add that you shall be distributing gift hampers to all those who attend your seminar. This way people who are really interested will make it a note to attend your seminar. Once you have concluded the seminar make a return call and ask the attendees if they would like to try your health services. I’m sure there will be quite a few who would visit your body treatment center.

Another business option is that you too could offer massage services training courses to students who want to enter the business the same way as you have. But to be able to provide such courses you would need to have affiliation with a training school that is already offering such courses. You can work part time with them offering your knowledge to budding massage therapist. Beyond this you can use the Internet to promote and spread your business. There are many people who look for such services over the Internet and you could find lots of potential customers for your massage services business online.

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