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Advanced Cosmeceuticals   Call (08) 9388 3011
Popular company from Australia acquired an excellent reputation and is one of the fastest growing and largest brands internationally and known to be world leader of Vitamin-C skin care products.
15 Oxford Close, Leederville, Western Australia 6007   (718)

Bon Santé Corporation   Call (541) 284-4444
Manufacturer of organic and natural beauty and skin care products made from organic fresh fruit, healthy vegetables, exclusive and proprietary blend of organic anti-oxidants, essential oils, and rich botanical extracts. Visit the site for more details and for private label dealership.
P.O. Box 40906 Eugene, Oregon 97404   (717)

Daxal Cosmetics Private Limited   Call +(91)- (2717)-329809
Wholesale dealer of skin care and beauty products from India including private labelled moisturizing cold cream, face wash, Hand Wash with Aloe Vera, Herbal Complexion Mask, body lotion, fairness cream and more. Visit the site to enquiry about the products and packaging details.
347, Mahagujarat Industrial Estate, Sarkhej Bawla Road,N.H. 8A, Moraiya, Sanand, Ahmedabad-380 054   (712)

Golden Butterfly Company   Call 214.514.6967
Private label skin care products manufacturer from Dallas in Texas, USA offering organic herbal remedies and organic natural products for for dry skin and anti-aging. The products also include natural bath and body products, natural hair care, natural skin care ingredients and more.
101 N. Greenville Ave., PMB31, Allen, TX 75002   (713)

HoneyMed International Limited   Call not provided
Company from New Zealand providing an exciting new range of high quality skincare products in wholesale based on the amazing Manuka (Leptospermum) plant and the world renowned Manuka Honey. The products include golden manuka hand cream, manuka vitamin cream, facial moisterizing cream and more for beauty and good health. Becoma a distributor.
Company located in Newzealand   (715)

Kutol   Call 513-527-5500, or 1-800-543-4641
Manufacturing company from USA for all kinds of skin care products including general purpose hand soaps, antibacterial hand soaps, showers and shampoo for hair health, skin cleaner lotions and more types of beauty products for men, women and children with private labelling.
7650 Camargo Rd., Cincinnati, 45243-3108, USA   (714)

Md Skin Care Products   Call 888 299 3481
Offer best Skin Lightening and Whitening Ingredients that are proven to work to lighten and whiten skin as well as scars. Visit the site for online shopping.
Denver Colorado 45223   (5215)

Business Information By Mast Directory: A Guide To Skin Care Products Business

Skin products business can be classified into two group’s prescription and over the counter products. Profitability for this business is reasonable and attractive. This business is in the category of fast moving consumer health products category. Products present in this category sell out fast and they are used by consumers for everyday application. Skin care and beauty products in medical category are profitable because of the basic fact that they should be prescribed by a doctor and they are not fast moving. Products in over the counter section sell out fast and profitability is lower compared to products in the medical category.

There are different brands in the market which have captured a reasonable share in the consumer market. Products with leading brand names such as Nivea, Vaseline, etc have considerable size in skin care products. There are other companies such as Johnson and Johnson, Procter and gamble, etc which have established presence in baby skin care. There are many small scale companies which have established market presence in skin care products. These companies operate on local level (domestic level) and they don’t have overseas market presence. There are certain companies which have established base in overseas market as part of manufacturing tie ups with multinational companies. They don’t market products but they manufacture health and beauty products for multinational companies.

Skin care products businesses are outsourcing manufacturing contracts to third world countries such as China and India. China has a leading advantage in manufacturing sector than India. Products get manufactured and shipped out to different parts of the world bearing the label manufactured in China. Relatively cheap labour is offering good competitive edge to these outsourcing contracts. Companies which manufacture for other international companies had steady growth in the past and in some countries they have been listed publicly. There are various different products, brands which are hugely popular in local market but these products do not have international exposure. Marketing of these products in international markets may offer bottom line profits.

Marketing is another very profitable vertical in this business. Marketing companies command sizeable percentage of the overall price primarily it being an extensive labour industry and requires considerable capital investment initially. Marketing companies need to build image for the product through various campaigns. Distribution is a capital rich business because initial investment is very much required in purchasing vehicles, ware houses or storage houses, etc. Distribution is a labour extensive business and it needs considerable working capital funds. With ever fluctuating oil prices profitability may impact the distribution and marketing companies. Consumers are increasingly becoming health conscious due to increase in knowledge about chemicals and their effects on the skin. Health and beauty products business is offering new opportunities to business that have missed out in cashing the boom of FMCG contracts. Health products are manufactured by many local and international companies such as Himalaya, Aloe, etc. Significant tie ups can provide good business opportunities for health companies. Profitability is reasonable and growth is steady.

Baby skin care and beauty products are very much in demand in third world countries due to large population. Also significant presence of young population in third world countries can give good demand boost for baby skin products. Baby skin products have steady or constant growth due to ever increasing population.

Skin care products business gives you flexibility in choosing products and marketing strategy. Skin care products have significant profits and gives capital rotation to the enterprenuer. There are banks, financial institutions and venture capitalists who may give you finance in setting up your business. Obtaining finance becomes much simpler if you can give them proof of tie ups and marketing research which shows demand for your product.

There are various government aids for new entrepreneurs depending on the country which you are staying. Countries such as Australia give you initial seed and support (knowledge) for setting up your business and generally banks in developed world provide you tools and resources by which you can set up your business.

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