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Beautishape Corporation   Call (905) 564-5267
Canada based company manufacturing all kinds of salon equipments and accessories including Nails set and bar, defilation equipment, skin magnifiers, Ladies styling chairs, hair curling rods, hair styling clippers and combs, Hydrotherapy Tubs, Styling Stations, Portable Massage Beds and much more.
6790 Davand Drive, Unit # 11, Mississauga, Ontario, L5T 2G5   (700)

Beauty Salon Equipment And Furniture   Call 954-981-0403 or 800-226-0430
Manufacturer of beauty salon equipments like chairs, reception desks, facial and massage beds, facial equiment, salon stations, carts, shampoo cabs, pedicure and manicure, stools, sanitizing and more with quality guarantee.
5819 Rodman Street, Hollywood FL 33023 USA   (684)

Beauty Salon Equipment Specialist   Call (562)601-8112
Manufacturer and supplier of all kinds of beauty salon equipments like styling stations, reception desk, retail displays and seating, barber chair and equipment, shampoo cabinet and bowls, stools, accessories and more.
13223 Paramount Blvd., CA - South Gate (90280)   (699)

Global Upholstery Co. Inc.   Call (416) 661-3660
Manufacturer of spa equipment, spa furniture, salon equipment, salon furniture, beauty salon furniture, barber chair, beauty salon equipment, contemporary hair styling chair, manicure table, cosmetics equipment, esthetics equipment, spa accessories and more.
1350 Flint Rd., Downsview, Ontario, M3J 2J7   (697)

Jacko Beauty Solutions   Call 91-11-27316190
Company from New Delhi, India well known to be a leading manufacturer of salon equipments, salon furniture, accessories and Cosmetics to meet the requirement of the health and beauty sector inventing and preparing result and medical oriented equipments and cosmetics.
13, Vaishali, Metro Road Pitampura, Delhi-110088   (698)

Business Information: A Guide To Salon Equipment Business

The best place for anyone to take care of their beauty needs are with the professional help of a salon. If you want to provide assistance to those who are able to assist with beauty, then considering the option of opening a salon is the beginning. However, to better guide your needs, is also the ability to get the salon equipment that is needed for your specific area of expertise. The business that is involved with this is the beginning to getting the correct equipment for your needs.

Beauty salons and spas are a popular option for various beauty needs of individuals. Specifically, this includes an average of $45 million in yearly revenue that is a part of beauty salons. 2008 saw a decrease in this of 2.2%; however, there are still a wide range of establishments, mostly with small businesses and individuals who are interested in offering care to others. Within the salon industry, hair care is at the highest, with a demand of over 85% of the market. Nail salons and barber shops make up a part of this as well, each taking an average of 5-10% of the market .

With the three main markets of hair, nails and barber shops, are various types of equipment that is also in demand with those that are in the business. The most common pieces of equipment are the barber chairs. These are different then other types of chairs because they have the option of raising and lowering and can swivel in various ways to make hair cutting easier. Other types of furniture that is common for a salon is manicure tables to provide nail services. Pedicure tubs and spas, backwash chairs and salon stools are also needed for most areas. These have the same basis as other types of salon equipment, with a focus on being able to maneuver so customers can sit in the correct way for better comfort and so services can be provided to them in the correct way.

The next sets of salon equipment provided by businesses are based on specific tools needed to help with beauty. Bowls, hair dryers and irons, for instance, may be used for hair needs. This is combined with basic combs, barber scissors, curlers, straighteners and other specifics for the salon. If you are also specializing in nails or spa solutions, then adding in facial tables, styling stations and other pedicure and manicure options can provide even better options through health tools needed within the beauty salon business.

With the different furniture and fixtures that are needed for different salons, is also a set of demands that most salon areas have. With most of the chairs and furniture that is needed, is an expectancy for these to last for longer time frames because of how they are placed in the salon. Because of this, most salon equipment business areas combine custom designs with newer innovations and trends that are a part of the industry. Adding this into other options helps business owners of salons to have alternatives when they are looking into salon equipment that enhances their area of business.

Most salon equipment businesses combine this with different brands that are available. For instance, Italica and REM are two of the common types of salon equipment which provides different salons with high quality equipment. Others will look into alternatives such as contemporary furnishings, European imported solutions and newer designs. With this, is a focus on how the different types of furniture can move while providing comfort to customers who are interested in re-defining their health and beauty care. Many of the latest styles also add in specific designs so the salon environment can be enhanced.

For anyone who is interested in a salon service, is also the need to combine the salon equipment into the area. Understanding the business of salon equipment, combined with the types of products that are needed in different areas, is the beginning to helping others to enhance their beauty, health and look.

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