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Blue Cross Laboratories   Call not provided
Manufacturer and supplier of health and beauty products to dollar supermarkets, stores, drug stores, mass merchants as well as the wholesalers serving these customers. Products include body wash and lotions, shampoo and conditioners etc.
20950 Centre Pointe Pwky, Santa Clarita, CA. 91350   (685)

Bpi Labs   Call not provided
Company engaged in making formula and than manufacturing and filling all types of customized products including skin care, hair care, nail care, and many other health and beauty aid products including creams, shampoos, gels, nail lacquers, semi solids, salts, powders, pastes, lip balm and more. The company go through complete in-house lab services, researches and complete procurement of raw materials and components.
97 S. Red Willow Rd., Evanston, WY 82930   (690)

Lucky Industrial (H.K) Limited   Call 852-23419023
Manufacturer and exporter of hair and bath beauty products from Hong Kong including hair brush and comb, hair roller, bath accessories, plastic and wooden massager, bath sponge, hair color tool and many other related products.
head office is located in Hong Kong   (692)

Teamedics   Call 852-2690 3689
Company based in Hong Kong specializing in marketing and manufacturing of a wide range of beauty and health products. Owner of self production facilities in Shenzhen and Tai Shan, the company has its own research and development and engineering teams for product development who are also well experienced in the development of OEM preojects for many well known brand names.
22/F., Block A, Corporation Park, 11 On Lai Street, Siu Lek Yuen, N.T., Hong Kong   (687)

Vi-Jon   Call 314.427.1000
Manufacturer of beauty and health care private label products including after shave lotions, body wash, mouthwash, light body oil, shampoo and conditioners, shower poweder, deodorants, nail polish remover and many more products. Visit the site for more details.
8515 Page Ave. Saint Louis Missouri 63114   (689)

Business Information: A Guide to Beauty Products Business

Almost every woman considers beauty as a priority. Enhancing the correct look begins with bringing out natural features, beginning with the use of beauty products. Understanding the beauty products business is the beginning to providing the right types of products to those who are looking into beauty and health. The combination of available options for women who are interested in beauty begins with understanding the types of products available.

The beauty products business is not limited to beauty as a priority among women. In this are several sectors within the industry that focuses on various parts of beauty and what is needed to enhance every woman's look. This includes skin and hair care, cosmetics, fragrance, men's grooming, deodorants, dental care, sun and nail care and bath products. The most in demand of these are skin care, which has a demand of almost 35% of the market. Behind this is hair care which adds up to almost 30% of the market. The other products make up between 5 – 20% of the market, depending on the changing demands.

With these specific items in demand, are growing consumer demands for different products. On average, the U.S. beauty products industry brings in a revenue of $50 million per year. In the past year, this has brought in a growth of 2.1%. This particular growth is one that is expected to grow, with consumers not only turning to basic beauty products areas, but also looking for alternatives for getting the right health needs met from the business.

The revenue that is being added as a focus for the beauty care industry includes several branches of beauty and health care that is available through alternate sources. In recent studies, it was shown that beauty products, specifically with a focus on health, have one of the best chances to continue to grow and succeed in the market. With this, is a focus on health products that have extra vitamins and nutrients to help replenish the body. This is seen with the 2003 statistics of 1.7 million consumers who look for beauty products online, with an increase in 2004 to 4.5 million e-shoppers. It is expected that this will continue to rise with the demands in beauty products and health being a focal point .

With the different industry focuses, are several that are looking into alternative cosmetic options for their needs. While traditional options offer care products at store fronts, many are now finding different mixtures that fit better. This has led to a divide in the beauty products business, one that contains chemical ingredients, while the other is completely organic. More then this, many are finding the best options for organic materials to be available through different regions and company brands, offering more choices and value to what is ordered.

This particular concept is leading several who are interested in beauty products to move into alternatives for finding products they need. According to some statistics, the most common way to find the products through reviews and word of mouth, with over 83% of consumers finding their products through other references. With this, are specific brands individuals stay with over longer periods of time, especially when relating to needs with health. These two demands for the beauty products business is the main focus of those who want to find alternatives for their health or for beauty.

For anyone who is interested in helping others with health and beauty, are specific concept that is a part of the beauty products business. Through this sector of the market, are several that are finding the best alternatives for assisting with health, rejuvenation and complete beauty. Through the growing demands within this industry, are several ways in which beauty is helping the market to expand.

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