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Animal Healthcare Products Inc.  Call 1-800-689-7601
Established in the year 1985, provider of quality and innovative services and products to improve the quality of animal health care. Products include best selling foaling predictor kit in America, Predict-A-Foal™, and more.
P.O. Box 917, Williston, VT, 05495   (110)

Cardinal Health  Call 800.234.8701
International company providing complete range of health care services and products including hospital pharmacy management, medical products distribution, specialty pharmaceutical products distribution, nuclear pharmacy services, medical products manufacturing and more.
7000 Cardinal Place, Dublin, Ohio 43017   (825)

Cascade HealthCare Products, Inc.,  Call 800-443-9942
Provider of medical equipment and natural health care products since the year 1979 including products like blood pressure cuffs, eye charts, antiseptics, germicides, tape and bandages, pharmaseuticals and much more.
1826 NW 18th Avenue Portland, Oregon 97209   (108)

Flora Inc.: Natural Health Products  Call 1-800-446-2110
Manufacturers and distributors of natural health products in Canada, USA and worldwide including herbal teas, fresh pressed oils, supplements and vitamins and more. Also have a online store for purchasing the health products.
Post Office Box 73, 805 E. Badger Road, Lynden, Washington, USA.   (29)

Johnson & Johnson  Call (732) 524-0400
Multi-national company based in New Jersey, USA manufacturing health care products including surgical, pharmaceutical, diagnostic, personal hygiene, baby care, skin and hair care, dental care, vision care, diabetes care and many other products in different categories.
New Brunswick, NJ 08933   (691)  Call 021 593 3012 or 084 334 4848
A JSE enlisted health finance company with over 5200 employees offering health plans and medical aid services with full cover for medical specialists.
(021) 593-3012 733 Voortrekker Road Unit 3A Maitland Park Maitland, 7405   (7353)

TransitionAdvantage Post-Discharge Service   Call Only email support
Offer implementation of post-discharge service that is designed to help hospitals reduce preventable 30-day readmissions by addressing multiple common causes of readmissions for patients with diseases like pneumonia, congestive heart failure, or acute myocardial infarction.
Online only   (7355)

Trillium Health Care Products Inc.  Call 905-482-2838
International contract manufacturer in pharmaceutical, health and beauty and OTC products. The company from Canada who combined their experience and skills to expand their offering of innovative products while taking in mind on the highest quality of allied beauty and health professionals.
95 Mural St. Suite 300, Richmond Hill, Ontario, L4B 3G2   (686)

Wyeth  Call 877-552-4744
Company improving lives of millions of people around the world by providing outstanding global brands consumer health care products including women's health and also a leader in pharmaceutical products.
5 Giralda Farms, Madison, NJ 07940   (107)

Business Information: Various Options For Businesses In Health Care Industry

You dont like pain in your body! right? You want to look smart and healthy! right? You need peace of mind and relaxation! right? Then you are looking for good health which is very important for every human being on this earth. Health concern of people have given birth to health industry where people are engaged in manufacturing and selling different health related products and services to make this human being happy. Just think of these young people in the age between 16-35 years who have different dreams. To fulfill their dreams they want themseleves to look fit and smart along with clever mind to compete in every field of life. This gives a good reason to start with health business where you can help these youngsters to provide them with all equipment they need for their body building and physical fitness. And you will need to open a health club or Gym to start with this business. Your Gym or club should be fully equipped with all sophisticated fitness products to provide exclusive health services to these youngsters who expect a lot from you. For your information, you can have equipment like weight lifting accessories, weight racks, excercise bikes, power racks, lifting accessories, heat rate monitors, Pedometers, medicine balls, excercise mats etc so that you can run your fitness business smoothly with complete customer satisfaction.

If you are looking for some royal business in health care industry, you can go with resort spas where you provide health, beauty and fitness services in your resort. People who are away from home for relaxation are very much interested in these services and they are ready to pay any amount for services like massage, facial cleansing with a variety of products, weight loss, medical treatment, nutrition counseling, fitness consultation, beauty etc. If you cannot think that much big, you can start with a day spa which is a business establishment where people visit for professionally administered personal care treatments such as massages and facials.

To look for more options in health business, you can also start with a beauty salon specially when you are a woman. A woman or girl is one who need most beautiful face and ready to spend any amount to look beautiful and healthy. This gives a good reason to jump into beauty salon business where you provide all kinds of services like makeup, hair styling, body treatment, Manicure, Pedicure, treatments such as waxing and threading for hair removal, nail polishing, aesthetics, massage, solarium, etc. Men can start with a hair salon to do the same things for gents. But a salon business can have only limited customers from local areas unlike resort spas where travellers come from different countries to spend their vacations. Limited customers will give only limited income. So your health project has to be big in order to generate more income.

To look for more options, the high generating income in health care industry could be to start with an institute who provide health care education and training to medical students so that they can make their career in different fields like nurses, medical assistant, vocational and registered nurse, medical billing specialist, patient care technician, registered podiatrist, Massage Therapist, pharmacy technician, Anesthesia Technologist and much more. Get your institute accredited and government recognized and you will be ready to make a big business under your belt.

Another option could be to have your own pharmacy on local street to sell medicine or drugs in retail. But again this is limited income business and you also need to be qualified for that as a degree holder. To become a doctor you will need to pass MBBS examination and this is one of the most reputed profession in health industry. But unless you are highly talented and have good memory it will be very difficult to pass the medical examination to become a doctor. The subject of Biology is very difficult to grasp.

I have noticed a lot of people are engaged in selling products over internet for sexual power like penis enlargement which is proving to be highly profitable but I would say its not a genuine business. Better than that is to sell alternative health products like Nutritional Supplements which does not have any side effect over human body. Yet another professional business in health industry could be to provide with medical transport services where you should have different options like specialized mode of transportation to suit the client's level of mobility, whether ambulatory, wheelchair-bound or bed-confined based on the level of disability and urgency required, ranging from Medi-Van Driver, EMT or Paramedic and other types of vehicles for all emergency health care needs.

With the introduction a fast moving life we have introduce ourselves to all kinds of tension and worries. The addition of vehicles has gifted us with the lifetime problem of air and noise pollution. There are so many forms of other factors that have become the reason behind the different types of diseases and health problems that we are facing today. The humans have started getting entangled in the web of these diseases even though the technology has improved in the last few decades. This has given rise to the field of business where the prime concern is the health care of the people.

With so many issues and cases being observed every now and then this business has become a very strong option for those who are coming up with a new enterprise. The very first and important thing to that one need to work at in this field is the study of the market. A good and effective market research is one of the most important factors that you will have to conduct. This will include the research of the various and current market scenario regarding the changes and developments that are taking place in the health care field.

In this business, one has to keep himself updated about the happenings and advancement in the technology. The developments have to be studied and understood in order to be able to use it further in the industry of health care. For this purpose you can hire a team of experts that can deal with the research and development of the technology. This will help you in keeping a track on the latest improvements and additions in the various technological aspects that influence all the activities of this industry.

Another very important aspect that you will need to study is the research of the medical field. There have been many changes and additions in the techniques of treatments of various diseases. There were times when certain common and simple diseases were incurable. The medical advancement has made it possible to conquer almost every possible disease and there is continuous research going on in order to be able to cover all the other forms of health problems. Therefore in this business you will also need to take care of the medical changes and improvements and apply them in this industry.

With the introduction and usage of computers almost every field has become some way or the other dependent upon them. The medical field has also seen developments like addition of software that are used to diagnose the disease in a better way. As a result of this, many kinds of health ailments are now being understood and solutions are being found. This takes care of a big portion of the medical treatment. Therefore in this business you should also keep yourself updated about the different software that is being launched. You will have to get a licensed of copy of these available with you. You can then approach various medical centers and sell your product.

You also need to remember in this business that finance is also a very important segment of the health care field. The life is uncertain and there is no guarantee of survival. This has made people invest in solutions that take responsibility of monitory conditions and supply of the people in such unfortunate situations. There is a major boom in the field of insurance cover and policies. Therefore you should keep a close watch on the changing trends in the financial field. You can get into the sector of selling insurance policies. For his purpose you can get in touch with the major banks across the country that offers these solutions. As a matter of fact you can also get a tie up with the banks to carry on the same function. This way you will get a trusted name of the bank associated with your company.

This field of business is not merely business but it also deals with the social welfare of the society. Since you are also working for the improvement of the society and welfare you can approach the government for certain assistance. The government has a separate field of ministry that deals with health care and all the related issues of the country. It has many departments that continuously work on the research and development of the medical and technological fields. You can therefore get collaborated with these departments. This will help you in getting financial assistance from the government for conducting the research work and its application in the true sense. This way your investments in the initial phase are also minimized.

It becomes very essential to work on the promotion of the product separately since this field is different form the regular products and business. Here the different aspects that you are covering with different products deal with the welfare of the society. It therefore becomes very important to treat promotional activities differently. You should conduct campaigns creating awareness amongst people about the health conditions and the need of the hour. Also conduct sessions and seminars in organizations and institutes in order to make them understand the value of industry and how it takes care of the medical problems that people face.

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