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Leander International Pet Foods Ltd.   Call 01273 833390
Arden Grange offer nutritionally complete dry pet food range for cats and dogs formulated by leading nutritionists to extraordinary standards, to help with optimum pet nutrition. The products are available from a range of stockists in the UK. Products include adult dog & cat food, puppy and kitten food, senior dog food, high protein performance dog food and premium dog food for working dogs and lactating and pregnant bitches. Visit the site for more information.
Arden Grange, London Road, Albourne, Nr Hassocks, West Sussex , BN6 9BJ, UK   (4484)

Royal Canin USA, Inc.   Call (800) 592-6687
Company fully engaged in the production of dog and cat food for different age groups. Also offer Puppy Food for Large-Breed Puppies. Visit the site for more information and details.
500 Fountain Lakes Blvd, Suite 100, St. Charles, MO 63301 USA   (4483)

Business Information By Mast Directory : Dog Food Business Information And Guide

Pets are just as family as we are to our family; pet owners consider pets like dogs, birds, cats very much as their family members and love them and treat them with a great deal of affection. As humans consume food so do dogs. Dog food is that food which pet owners will buy from the market particularly as dog food and not what dogs would choose themselves. The dog food business though it caters to the niche market of dog food and the food requirement of dog owners but it really a large market because pet owners want to have good quality food given to their dogs. The fact that dog owners would do dog food shopping very frequently means this is a healthy market one where the dog owner cannot skip the dog’s food so he/she will keep shopping for dog food till the time he/she is owner of the dog.

The dog food business is in many ways different from the home food business. There are many kinds of food that humans consume from vegetables and fruits to pluses and cooking oil etc and though there are not such great varieties in dog food still there are enough choices to spoil your dog. For someone who would like to start a dog food business then there are a few business models that if successfully built can become profitable and a good income source. Dog food manufacturing is always an option for people looking to enter the dog food business. Many people who happen to the dog lovers open up dog food retail stores, this allows them to remain close to something they love doing and make a living out of it. Also a dog food internet business can be a nice option as you can market and sell your products or products of other companies all over the world.

So let us get straight to the point of how one can start one’s own dog food business. In the series of recommendation for a dog food business is dog food retailing. Owners of dogs need to have adequate dog food for their pet’s meal and though some food can always be given from the home to meet the dog’s nutrition requirement and protein needs specialized dog food is needed. Dog owners understand this and that is the reason why they will do dog food shopping. Retail store for dog food will get their business from such people. There are mainly 2 kinds of dog food, one being dry food that is inexpensive and can be given to the dog over several days and second is canned food is rich in nutrition and protein but can get spoiled rather soon.

There are many companies involved in making dog food and retailers can choose which products they want to stock. Having a retail store in the heart of the city will be better for the business as most people looking to do dog food shopping usually visit places where dog food is easily available. Before you start the dog food business it would argue well for the business if you would read some books about the right kinds of dog food and also search information about dog food. Once you have the right information about what kind of dog food is demanded by those shopping for dog food then you have a better idea of the kind of dog food that sells.

In our series of dog food business model recommendations is that of manufacturing of dog food. It would be evident that there is a great demand for dog food from dog owners. Manufacturers of dog food need to first study the market as to what products are being liked by those shopping for dog food. Basically dry food is basically pellets of food termed as kibble that is made by either baking or extrusion. The process of extrusion involves cutting and chopping dry dog food material and then heated and hot water added. When allowed to dry up the outcome is dry pellets something similar to pop corns. Thereafter the food is sprayed with vitamins and other contents. Wet dog food is canned food and has high moisture content. Once the food is canned is it sterilized and fats, proteins and oil are added to the food. Manufacturing of dog food means capital infusion into raw material, plant and packing so you have to take such things into consideration before starting such a business model.

Another business in the dog food business is having an online dog food business. An increasing number of people on prefer to do dog food shopping online as it gives them a wide variety of choice. You can start a website with a good attractive name what will draw people to you website. You can keep stock of all the different kinds of dog food and from different dog food manufacturers. Make sure you have a shopping cart and a payment gate so that those doing online shopping can pay for that product and make a purchase. Add a little description about that product and if you have a discount offer for a product do highlight it so that consumers can make a note of it.

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