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Evanger's Dog & Cat Food Company, Inc.  Call Toll Free: 1-800-288-6796
Company into business since long and offer 100% meat varieties to supplement and mix with your dry dog food Super Premium Dinners including Super Premium 100% Meat, Super Premium Game Meats, Super Premium Dry Dog Food. Offer delicious gourmet dinners made from innovative recipes, as well as traditional formulas. Go to site for more details.
221 S. Wheeling Road, Wheeling , IL 60090   (2889)

NestlĂ© Purina PetCare Company  Call (314) 982-1000
Purina pet food is premium quality dog and cat food for happy, healthy pets. Company uses its knowledge and expertise to give clients the pet food, tools and advice they need to make their pets lives healthy and rich. Take some of your time to give a look to the site for further information and complete details about the products.
Checkerboard Square, St. Louis, Missouri 63164, USA   (2888)

Nutro Products, Inc.  Call 800-833-5330
Company having more than 80 years of experience in producing the finest quality and premium pet foods made from quality ingredients for every life stage. Having distributors worldwide for selling the products and can be bought from 12,000 pet food stores, feed stores and pet supply stores. Give your eyes a look to site for details.
445 Wilson Way, City of Industry, CA 91744   (2887)

Oscar Pet Foods  Call 0800 195 8000
Company growing their business with the help of their talented Nutritional Advisors who are smart enough to listen, help and deliver direct to your door for all pet food requirement while they carefully provide the right ingredients with ranges to suit all digestions and age groups helping combat skin irritation, poor coat, allergies, digestion and obesity. Visit the site for more information and details about the various products.
Bannister Hall Mill, Higher Walton, Preston, Lancashire, PR5 4DB   (2891)

Roger Skinner Limited  Call +44 (0)1379 384247
Company spreading their business worldwide and offering food and beverage products specifically formulated to meet the nutritional requirements of puppies and young working dogs during their first and most crucial stages of development. Browse through the site for complete information and details.
The Mills, Stradbroke, Eye, Suffolk, IP21 5HL   (2890)

The Blue Buffalo Co.  Call (800) 919-2833
Company whose stores are located in different cities of United States for providing dog and cat food formulas with all natural, healthy and organic ingredients. Company dont compromise on quality and offer natural, healthy pet foods with real meat, fish or poultry as the first ingredient, plus wholesome whole grains, garden vegetables and healthy fruit. Give a look to site for further details.
P.O. Box 770, Wilton, CT 06897   (2886)

Business Information By Mast Directory: A Guide To the Pet Food Business

If you are an animal lover, specifically with a love for cats, dogs or even sheep, then understanding the world of pet food is essential for pet health. The pet food business provides the best ways to keep your pet happy and healthy for years to come, combined with capacities to offer only the best mixtures for your cat. Behind the assistance with pet food, are business options and concepts that allow different responses to pet food.

It has been noted that the pet food business is based on trends in the economy. Those who have animals are known to take care of the pets based on the current conditions with finances. If the financial economy is higher, then families and households are likely to buy a pet to keep. This is combined with single person households owning more pets then those that have families, with demographics pointing to young professionals, empty nests, divorce es and the elderly having the most number of pets, mostly related to the psychology and desire to have a companion in the household.

With the trends in owning pets, are specific food brands that offer individuals more assistance with their pets. The food industry is divided into two types of business. The first is cattle feed and includes everything from hay to pellets farm animals need. Even though this name implies only the care for cattle, it also includes farm animals such as goats, sheep and other forms of livestock. The second category includes pet foods and is defined by any household pet, such as dogs or cats.

The average revenue in the overall industry for the year 2008 was at an average of $36 million. This included a 1.4% increase for pet foods. Cattle feed was the larger market of the two, taking an average of 60% of the market with pet foods holding an average of 40% of the market. This division shows that, while there was an increase, it was not based on household pets, but instead on farm animals and livestock that were a part of households .

Within the arena of pet food, are different procedures that are used to provide pets with the right alternatives. The mixture of ingredients is based off the need for animals to have a certain number of proteins, with direct proportions linked to meats and vegetables that are a part of the diet. These are regulated through the FDA, which measures in the amount of nutrients in pet food. This is further administered by state owned areas, which consists of measuring the value in the foods, combined with the ability to define what type of food is being offered to the market.

With the measurements needed for foods are owners that are cautious of spending for their animals in this arena, with the main trend focused on helping animals to stay healthy and to have high quality food. The industry is divided into 'wet' foods that offer a mixture which combines gravy and meats for better food with 'dry' foods which have processed foods. For cattle feed, the food is divided into 'fresh' foods, which consists of hays that are taken from farms. There are also 'dry' foods which include pellets and dry vegetables used as a secondary supplement.

These two areas of health for animals have led pet owners into a main focus with pet foods for health and keeping their animals healthy. On average, 44% of spending for animals is on finding the right foods. The other part of spending is based on general care as well as miscellaneous products, such as toys. This shows that, the emphasis within the market is a main consideration for pet owners. It is also expected to continue to stay at this level, with possibilities for an increase by the number of individuals who are interested in owning an animal .

For anyone that loves cats, dogs or even cows, is the need to understand the industry of pet food. This particular business involves specific demands, trends as well as options for animals to stay at their healthiest. The result is the capacity to understand the process of getting pet food as well as finding the best options for keeping your pet smiling through the years.

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