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Ace Mart Restaurant Supply  Call 1-888-898-8079
Dedicated company fully engaged in supplying with restaurant used products such as refrigerators, ice machines, kitchen supplies, restaurant food equipment, bar equipment, furniture, janitorial cleaning supplies, catering supplies etc. Also offer concession and bar equipment to restaurant chains and home chefs, Visit the site for complete details.
P.O. Box 18100, San Antonio, TX 78218, USA   (3867)

Instawares Restaurant Supplies  Call 1-800-892-3622
Instawares offers commercial restaurant and kitchen supplies. Shop for refrigerators, cutlery, walkin-in freezers , racks, and much more. Instawares offers excellent customer support and can handle any questions you have about the equipment that you purchase.
1305 Chastain Road Northwest, Kennesaw, GA 30114, USA   (7290)

Jean's Restaurant Supply  Call Toll Free: 1-866-618-4999
Professional company making their way into business and helping the food service industry to provide with products used in restaurants such as dishwashers, ice machines, concession equipment, freezers, electric food warmers, stainless steel hand sink and much more. Visit the site for online shopping and for more business information.
426 S. Staples Street, Corpus Christi, TX 78401, USA   (3868)

Business Information By Mast Directory: A Guide To Restaurant Supplies Business

When we say restaurant supplies and equipment it refers to all the products which are used while running a restaurant. For example, chefs in the restaurant prepare the meal and for that they may need cooking utensils, stoves, refrigeration equipment, janitorial supplies, tabletop etc. All these products used by chefs and waiters come under restaurant supplies. Waiters actually serve food to customers and for that they need supplies like trays and crockery. Also restaurant furniture is a part of restaurant supplies. So there is certainly a reason to deal with restaurant supplies and equipment to make it as a money generating business as restaurants will need these products at any cost to get their food service business going.

Now we need to decide if it’s a profitable venture or not. Actually the equipment needed in a restaurant is not of one type. Like a chef needs cooking utensils and he may also need oven for baked goods. You will hardly find any company who manufactures both cooking utensils and an oven togther. And when you also use crockery in a restaurant there is again a totally different kind of restaurant supply you need. So major problem in this business is you cannot be the manufacturer of all restaurant supplies at one place. It’s actually difficult to setup each kind of manufacturing unit for different equipment and supplies needed in a restaurant. This will require lot of investment. So what is the best idea to enter into this business?

According to me selling the restaurant products in retail will be better option. When you will sell in retail you can keep stock of all restaurant supplies at one place after getting them directly from manufacturers. This way you will be recognized as a complete restaurant products supplier and customers who will need kitchen supplies for food service will also come to you as there are similar kind of equipment needed in a restaurant and kitchen. And it’s not a good idea to deal only in restaurant supplies. You will find more local customers visiting your shop who are in need of kitchen products. So either you can do restaurant supplies business as a side business of kitchen supplies or you must do it on large scale.

If you only want to deal with restaurant food service supplies then you must grow this business far and wide with customers from the whole world or at least from all over your own country. This will require lot of hard work in the sense that you will need to move out to make contacts with as many restaurant owners as possible. When you move out to meet different restaurant owners’ important thing is your personality. Your personality, behavior and way of conversation will ultimately decide how much you have been able to impress the customer. If your personality is not good hire someone who is impressive and send him/her to build contacts for your business. Prices are also important. If you have a new business keeps your price lower than your competitors for all your restaurant supplies. That is the only way to find more customers for your business.

If you want that customers should find you and you don’t need to go to them then there is a solution. The solution is intense marketing and advertising. I would recommend creating a site for your business and display all products with complete information. Then find some search engine optimization(SEO) company to get your site higher in search engines like google for your targeted keywords. You can find SEO companies on sites like and .Just post your seo project for free and start receving bids immediately from top seo companies and individuals. They are the only people who can make you rich by getting your site higher in google. You just cannot imagine how your business will grow day by day after having higher ranking in google for your restaurant site. Internet is the only way to find potential customers from all over the world and you cannot afford to miss advertising over internet for any type of food service supplies and equipment. Also you can get your business registered with important sites like for free where you can also find customers coming to your with their messages through email.

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