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Nepenthe Restaurant   Call (831) 667-2345
A restaurant offering lunch, breakfast and dinner to visitors with menu containing food like ground steak sandwich, garbanzo-kidney bean salad, crunchy coleslaw or tossed green salad, Grilled Portobello mushroom and more.
48510 Highway One, Big Sur, California   (3865)

Restaurant Menu Covers   Call 888-777-4522
MenuCoverMan delivers quality menu covers fast, with knock-your-socks off low pricing, and exemplary customer service. Visit the site for more details.
819 Carpenter Plaza Philadelphia, PA 19119   (6015)

Business Information By Mast Directory: A Guide To Opening A Restaurant Business

What if you cannot prepare food at your home for some reasons? May be your wife is not at home or it may be that you are out of station and somewhere on the way you start feeling hungry. Where would you go to satisfy your hunger? Certainly you would look for some place where someone could serve you your breakfast, lunch or dinner. Such a place is often called a restaurant where meals are prepared, served and eaten on premises for some fixed price. A restaurant differs from a hotel in the sense that a hotel also provide a room for the customer to stay. While in a restaurant a customer stays only for a time period till he finishes taking his meal. So there is a reason for people to open a restaurant and make it as a business while they fulfill the food service needs of customers to make some money from them.

Are you planning to open a restaurant? Is it profitable? Let’s say on average you have 100 new customers daily who visit in your restaurant. Assume each of them spend $10 on average. So you can have 100 * $10 = $1000 daily in your pocket which will be $30,000 per month. But that will not be the net profit. Net profit will depend on your monthly expenses in your business. You may need to pay rent for the restaurant if you are not the owner of it. You need to pay to chefs who prepare meals. Also you need to pay to waiters who server the food to customers. Plus there are expenses like you will need uniforms for chefs and waiters. All the food served will have some cost. You will also be having crockery expenses for serving the meals. You will also need to setup your restaurant furniture. Furniture cost will be more or less one time investment in your business unless you need some repairs or need to add extra tables and chairs for additional customers. But of course you will need to change your restaurant furniture after every one or two years.

It’s better to have some quality furniture made from laminate wood so that you don’t need to change your furniture even after 2-3 years. Apart from furniture other expenses incurred while setting up a restaurant will be for kitchen utensils, refrigerators, ovens, range hood etc. Chances are that 50% of your gross income will go into expenses for every month. So you can save only $15000 per month out of $30,000 as stated earlier. I would say it’s a good profit in a restaurant business. You may say how would you find 100 customers daily for your restaurant? That is quite easy if your restaurant is located at some popular spot. Rent may be higher for such a location but then you can find customers.

Plus you need to provide food services with home delivery. Some customers don’t feel like going out of home or office for their lunch or dinner. So you must have the capability to take orders on phone as well. That way offline customers will also not create rush in your restaurant. After all there is a limited space in every restaurant and the customers may move back seeing the rush. So serving offline customers is also good for your business.

Now a day the trend has become to order food online through a website. Customers place orders via the shopping cart system on the website and the food is delivered at the required destination with fast delivery. There is no risk involved in it as you get advance payment. So creating a website for your restaurant and marketing it over internet is of great value to find offline customers. It’s not a joke and you cannot ignore to promote your business online as this is highly profitable. Suppose your restaurant is located in Vivek Vihar area of Delhi, India. Then you can plan to bring your restaurant website higher in search engines like google for keyword like “restaurant vivek vihar”. If you are successful in doing that man I tell you the customers will grow in your business and may be you will need to expand your restaurant.

And I tell you it’s not difficult to get your site higher in google. You can always find search engine optimization specialist companies on sites like who can easily bring your site higher in google for some cost.