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A1 Weddingwalla  Call 0116 2610077
Cateringwalla is the specialist in Asian wedding catering services and halal approved caterers and Wedding Stages Decorators, stage decoration, finest indian recipes foodd ingrdients UK. Visit the site for more business information and details. Also shop online.
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Laura Licious  Call (03) 9399 4011
Laura Licious is well known company from the country Australia which is fully dedicated to provide wedding catering services across Melbourne and are also corporate caterers. They provide gourmet sandwiches, finger foods, cocktail party/barbecue catering and a lot more! Visit the site for more information.
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Business Information By Mast Directory : Wedding Catering Business Information And Guide

The food industry is amongst the biggest industries in the consumer section. Food is needed not only at home but in parties too, it’s also an aspect that has to be managed properly be it a party or when being served at a restaurant or for that matter a wedding. The wedding catering business is a professionally managed business where the business owner is responsible for managing all the aspects of food for the wedding. The wedding caterer will create the menu of the food to be served at the wedding; they also prepare the food keeping in mind the theme of the wedding and also the prevailing weather.

Wedding catering business is a business that can be found all over the world and the business models are pretty much the same. If you are looking for business ideas on how to start your own wedding catering business then this article will benefit you a great deal. Before starting a wedding catering business you would need to have a license for the catering business. The catering license has to be obtained from the food and health department. The department will usually do a check of your facilities and see whether or not your premises fulfill the prerequisite of a catering business. You also need to apply for a tax license.

For many a newbie they do not have enough financial strength to invest into the various equipments that are needed to make the food and store groceries in cold storage so that they remain fresh. If you are faced with a similar problem then you need not worry, you can always find these equipments available at a fraction of their price on rent basis. Certainly it’s not possible for every caterer to know how to prepare good food themselves and one person cannot do all the work of wedding catering. Therefore to manage the business properly there has to be a team. A set of people are required who will prepare the food, while people are also needed to take the prepared food to the wedding venue plus marketing the business, etc.

The wedding catering business is one that is mostly immune to economic slowdown as a good economy or bad one will not force a major change in people’s plans to get married and with food no marriage can take place. If you have enough money then you can always enter this business either through a partnership with an existing catering business or buying out the business. Wedding catering is a lot different from home catering in the sense that with home catering you prepare the food few people are delivery it at their door step. But with wedding catering you are preparing food for a hundred people and even more. You have to get the food to the venue at different intervals, the lunch has to reach the venue in time and then again in the evening the dinner has to be made available as per schedule.

Some catering businesses like those in India operate at the wedding venue itself this eases the pressures of logistics on the catering business as they do not have to prepare the food at the base facility and send it to the venue. Hotels too are into the business of wedding catering. Hotels owners find the wedding catering business an organic way to grow their business. Hotels do have capacity to hold wedding reception and they surely know how to prepare great food. It has been seen that even the smallest of part time wedding caterers are known to earn in the range of $15,000 to $20,000 a year. Most caterers including hoteliers also have different kinds of wedding decoration and wedding pop ups. They also tie up with florists and other vendors to offer extra services to the concerned people who are looking for such services.

As mentioned earlier that catering business is a team business but if you are a chef who would like to provide services at a wedding party then too you can do that. There is no doubt that people love food that is prepared well and tastes great. If you are a chef who can prepare specialty cuisines like Thai or Italian Pasta like no one else and would like to start a wedding catering business just by yourself then that would be a great idea to. Many good chefs’ first take job or work as freelance chefs’ at wedding parties. They will make an attractive dish that will win over people’s hearts and stomach. As the word spreads around of your art more people would pay you handsomely to be the star attraction at the wedding.

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