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Aramark  Call 215-238-3000
An international company considered to be a global leader in professional services, providing award-winning food, facility management services, hospitality services and high quality work apparel and uniforms.
1101 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107, US   (531)

Gordon Food Service  Call 616-530-7000
Family owned regional food service distributor committed to its customers and employees to provide with over 16,000 national brand and private label food products with ontime delievery. Serving Canada and USA.
PO Box 1787, 333 50th Street SW, Grand Rapids, MI 49501   (530)

Reinhart Food Service  Call Toll Free: 800.422.9024
Considered to be the number three privately held foodservice distributor in United States serving more than 14,000 food products and beverage including seafood, fresh poultry, seafood, dairy, glassware, produce, coffee, foodservice equipment, juices, paper, disposables, chemicals, dry groceries, deli and bakery supplies and exclusive National Brands.
100 Doris Williams Industrial Blvd, Villa Rica, Georgia 30180   (533)

Schwan's Food Service, Inc.  Call 1-877-302-7426
Marketing food service company engaged in distribution of many known branded frozen food products and meal to colleges, schools, universities, chain resturants, hospitals etc throughout United States. Products include crusts, pizzas, desserts, snacks, asian products, beverage and more.
115 West College Drive, Marshall, MN 56258   (534)

Tabasco Food Service  Call (734) 207-5390
Wholesale speciality food service company leads the hot sauce food trend. Tabasco food service company has the hot sauce that is essential recipe ingredient for restaurant menu planning.
P.O. Box 701518, Plymouth MI 48170   (537)

Taher, Inc.  Call (952) 945-0505
International food service management company focused on serving fresh foods expertly prepared by a team of chefs, monitored by a group of seasoned veterans, and delivered at a reasonable price to K-12 school lunch management, senior dining, campus dining, summer camp dining, business dining and catering, and vending and office coffee services to clients in 10 states in US.
5570 Smetana Drive, Minnetonka, Minnesota 55343-9022   (536)

Business Information: A guide to food service business

Human and animals alike all require food, water and air for survival. Food is the basic necessity for human`s survival on this planet. This basic commonsense makes food service business much more attractive than any other business on the planet. With ever increasing population in this world it makes sense to have a food service business. Food service business is gaining popularity due to good margins. Businesses with established name are expanding into food service business.

Food service business has branched out in many different specialties for example health conscious food, diet food, pet food, nutritious food, etc. Mostly humans eat the common form of food which is also known as staple food. Raw ingredients for food are sourced from farms and forests. Staple food forms the chief diet for humans. Food habits vary according to the country and region. Each country has different eating habits for example Koreans eats dried Squid or live Squid, Americans eat pop corn, Indians eat rice and wheat based food, etc. Food service business needs to know the different habits of humans present in a region.

Reasonable margins exist for food service businesses. Margins can be improved when volumes pick up which in turn reduces the cost of their dishes. Major companies order their raw ingredients in bulk quantity which improves their operating profits. Transport cost, price fluctuations, demand and supply surges, etc can be avoided when ordered in bulk. There are established companies which have created enormous amount of wealth to their shareholders. Often these companies have inventory order management process, clean and hygiene process plants, efficient transport models, good retail experience, huge chain of restaurants, good volumes, etc.

There are different kinds of dishes such as Thai, Spanish, Mexican, American, English, French, Indian, Continental, Caribbean, Chinese, Lankan, etc. Before thinking about food service business one needs to select the variety he would be excelling and serving to his or her clients. These different dishes differ in many ways such as texture, mix, composition, taste, appearance, spicy, etc. Remember these varied region dishes contain non vegetarian and vegetarian food and one needs to think about the variety he would be excelling and serving to his clients. Many large restaurants and food service businesses cater both of these varieties vegetarian and non vegetarian.

America is famous because it started the concept of established food chain restaurants and food service business. It was in America that another great concept of drive in restaurants was started. America has some of the finest restaurant chains in food service business such as Mc Donald’s, Burger King, Kentucky fried chicken (KFC), Coffee day, Pizza hut, etc. These companies revolutionized the concept of food service business.

A new entrant into food service business has options such as Catering, Serving through restaurant, serving through drive in restaurant, raw material supplier, processing factory, food service equipment supplier, etc. Here when we speak about catering it covers preparing food for weddings, occasions, parties, etc. Catering business has good margins because it can source contract workers, prepare food in volumes thereby gaining good margins, rising to occasion rather than having established business model, profitable tie ups, etc. One hurdle for catering food service is in sourcing raw materials from market. Drive in and restaurant food service business has good margins but it has to look after its inventory, human resources and establishment costs. This business model has some Fortune 500 companies which have created enormous value to their share holders.

Food service business hasn’t been far from legal charges. Companies such as Mc Donald have paid millions of dollars in out of court settlements. Bad service also has price and in America these companies are listed under BBB (best business bureau). Most of these companies outsource their work to companies so that they stay focused on core group of business. These high profile companies have secret recipes and these recipes make is kept under lock and key to safe guard their Intellectual property rights.

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