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ACME Food & Beverage Co.  Call (919) 929-ACME
A smoke free restaurant offering food, lunch, dinner, wine, beverage, acme, carrboro and more. Check out website for drink list, wine list, catering and dinner and lunch time. Choose top ten taste in south by southern living.
East Main Street, Carrboro,NC 27510   (103)

Cake Shop  Call 0191 281 7721
The Home of Fresh Baking – Your local Bread Bakery and Cake shop and pick a great deal on sandwiches, cakes and snacks including our legendary sausage roll.
Fernwood House, Clayton Road, Jesmond, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE2 1TL, UK   (7171)

Chan's Yum Cha  Call +61 3 9793 4828
Yum cha, Dumplings, Hargow, Prawns! Try Chan's Yum Cha at Home today, and experience the delights of Yum Cha for yourself.
Chenco Foods 1366 Heatherton Road, Dandenong, Vic, Australia 3175   (7352)

Fresh Bread From Gold Coast Bakeries  Call 07 5594 9966
Australian food company offering a full range of bread, flat breads, gluten-free breads, organic breads, bread rolls, and other European style bread products to families and friends from Lismore to the Sunshine Coast.
Contact Gold Coast Bakeries, 16 Production Avenue, Molendinar, QLD, 4214   (6025)

Italian Pizza Franchise   Call 818 712 0290
Leading edge Fast Casual Pizza and Italian food concept in America. Get the Italian Pizza Franchise today.
Karl D. Martin, Director of Franchise Growth, Ameci Pizza Kitchen, 6603 Independence Ave, STEB Canoga Park, CA 91303, USA   (6974)

San Miguel Corporation  Call Toll free 011-800-8-888-7621
Company from the country of Philippines offering a wide range of food and beverage products like Hormel Black Label Bacon, Magnolia Chicken Classics, wine etc and also provide all types of packaging. See site for more products.
40 San Miguel Avenue, Mandaluyong City, 1550 Metro Manila, Philippines   (28)

Snack Vending Machines  Call 421493400
SVA Vending is one of the leading vending machine and food equipment suppliers in Australia. Supply all types of vending machines, including drink and coffee machines, coin operated machines and snack machines. Also offer free installation.
9 Gurners Lane, Taylors Hill, Vic 3037, Australia   (6142)

Business Information: A guide to Food And Beverage Business

Invest In Organic Food And Beverage Business

We are living in synthetic world and we all can sense fears of global warming, chemical preparations and genetically mutated food. So people look for natural relief and if you truly wish to offer them this relief, invest in organic food and herbal beverages. The concept of canned frozen food is existent and food industry has already become very competitive. In other words we can say that big investors have sort of monotony in this business. If you are seriously planning to put a foot forward in this field then probably organic food is a great choice.

How can you get to organic foods? If you are aware of surroundings you will notice that there is different section in stores that have foods stored in small cans with specification of organic honey, beef or organic mushrooms specifically mentioned against them. You can easily have access to the wholesalers or organic farmers for supplies through internet. And if you wish to indulge in high cost measures for business you can even go for having your own organic farm on country side. Whether you plan to retail them at your grocery store or sell them on line make sure they are of great quality and at reasonably fair price. If anything is selling hot today it is definitely organic foods!

Other than this you can also invest in organic beverages as they are prepared with care and have no preservatives added to them. We have heard of drinks with pesticides, color flavors and harmful toxins yet people consume them. However people have shifted their taste to juices, natural drinks and herbal preparations so to make of this opportunity you can invest in organic beverages like tea, coffee and milk. These are just few to mention but one could be amazed to find the huge list of organic food and beverage in demand.

We can assure this as profitable investment yet an investor would have to do some research at personal level to track demand and supply situation around him. We would also like to mention here that these foods are prices little higher than normal category hence investing in them would imply a little more finances. Organic food industry came into existence just two-three years ago and with its fast spreading craze it would soon take over the food industry. Perhaps another benefit of investing in organic industry is offering health to a person which is a good reason to invest in this category. You can also indulge in herbal drinks to add naturalistic effect to your products like tea; coffee, aloe Vera juice etc. and get flyers printed listing health benefits of the drinks so health conscious people would feel urged to purchase them against other available beverages.

Setting up a business is not difficult once have the plan. This planning about products, researching, purchasing, retailing, supplying and availability are all crucial to investing in business. If you are decide on organic food and beverage as your investment, and then we would advise you to make quick decisions as this market are also gaining momentum and there is not much time before someone takes over you.

More business information on Food And Beverage Business - By Deepak, Mumbai

In the food and beverages business all companies are involved in processing raw food materials, packaging, and distributing them. This business includes fresh, prepared foods as well as processed and packaged foods, and non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages. Any product that is meant for human consumption, other than pharmaceutical drugs, is considered to be a part of this industry. Majority of the business market for the alcoholic beverages consists of wine and spirits, beer, cider, other flavored alcoholic beverages. Soft drinks belong to the category of non-alcoholic segment. Soft drinks are sold more if we compare it with tea, coffee, juice or water. This field is considered as a mature industry. Advertising is key method for creating value for the brand names because this field exhibits a high level of competition.

The food and beverage industry used to be considered the production of food, but now agriculture is considered as a separate industry altogether. The concentration of this business is mainly on mechanical manipulation and technology of raw materials and that is how it creates more value-added food products. The dependency of food and beverage business on the transport has increased majorly since the demand of the products has spread over the globe with many new companies becoming a part of this huge business.

The era of franchised restaurants began in the early 1950s and 60s. This made it possible for other businessmen to expand their business with limited capital investment. McDonalds, currently is leader in the world’s largest chain of fast food restaurants. Later in the 1980’s many companies came together and merged as a single company. The active buying and selling of brands is a trend observed even today. Some of the industry’s biggest growth thrusts have come from huge-mergers between different food industry giants. Two major mergers that took place were General Mills and Pillsbury, Kraft Foods and Nabisco.

Diversification has been the key factor which has ensured future growth in the food and beverages business, even though the diversification may have been into many different types of food or beverage or into different preparations. Many big names like Nestle, which is the largest food and beverage company globally, in this field has diversified and performed well, thus becoming leaders in this market. Coca-cola company has been the leader of the non-alcoholic beverage segment, with Cadbury Schweppes and PepsiCo following. Among alcoholic beverage producers, the leading name is that of Diageo.

In the recent years many companies have spent a lot of money researching preferences and eating habits of the consumers. Statistics show that the dining out culture has increased tremendously, and food and beverage devote more attention to products which are more suitable for vending machines, restaurants and other foodservice providing business. This surely is a bad news for the already suffering grocery retailers who are struggling hard to fight for their existence in the dominating world of supermarkets.

A new trend in the food and beverage business has been the inclusion of health foods, especially those containing lesser calories or less trans-fat, or those consisting only organic ingredients, specially attracting the younger and the health conscious consumers. Bottled water has become one of the most established in the market as many beverage companies have come up with the concept of pure water specially attracting the crowd keeping in mind the number of water borne health diseases. Water containing vitamins and other supplements is also gaining popularity in the market.

The ever increasing costs of petroleum have increased the cost for companies in the food industry. This has become a major issue in the food and beverage industry. Since the costs have increased at the agriculture end, the raw materials costs have also risen. It becomes difficult for these companies to raise their prices since this is a very competitive industry. Problem of chemical and bacterial contamination along with introduction of new food-borne pathogens have resulted in the adoption of food safety programs for public health concern. Lack of time and the need of everything even food and drinks in a jiffy, has boosted the business. Consumers are trying to look for more and more such products with new qualities and are even ready to shell out more money on such items thereby increasing the competition. This has caused increase in demands of the packaged and processed food items and many countries have experienced a major increase in the profit levels. Coffee machines and grinders in food and beverage industry is another top class business to enter into. Related directory categories

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