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ETF  Call 1-866-909-WISE (9473)
Offer exchange traded funds so that you can add flexibility, ease and liquidity while trading in stocks or so called shares.
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Investment Ideas   Call 1-855-58-MOTIF (66843)
Motif Investing is a company providing an investment platform that helps individuals to invest in ideas such as domestic oil exploration, tablet computing, housing recovery, and solar energy.
Motif Investing, Inc., P.O. Box 3548, Rancho Cordova, CA 95741, USA   (7269)

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Money is good. More money is even better. Most of our efforts are directed towards earning money and accumulate it. Saving was what people did with there money a few years back. But with liberalization business and industries were freed from financial control of governments thereby opening new avenues for investments. The basic difference between saving and investing is that you money grows with the period of time unlike saving where more or less the money remains constant. No doubt after saving money to cover risks people today are investing money into various investment tools that are available today. These investments are carried out through firms providing investment services.

Investment services facilitate and simplify investment activities for the customers. It involves all activities related to investment from suggesting investment tools to managing portfolios. Investment needs regular monitoring and decision making. Not everyone who invests is a financial expert and needs help in the process of investments. Investment services come to the rescue of such people who are very large in number. They provide a big customer base for investment services business.

Investment consultancy is the most important segment of investment services business. With so many investment options available in market even those with good financial aptitude get confused. Many investment firms are boasting performances and returns to trap ignorant customers. Investments needs differ from person to person. It depends on various factors like age, risk taking ability, returns over a given period etc. estimating returns over a particular investment is not a simple algebraic equation but needs years of performance monitoring coupled with business experience. This is beyond the scope of average investors and demands extra time and labor in their already busy lives and hectic schedules. In comparison it is of much convenience to seek advice of financial experts providing such investment services. Such services advice on choosing appropriate investment options that fulfill the investorÂ’s requirements.

They suggest the best stocks to invest in to a young professional who wants to make some quick money or suggest a mutual fund to a family that will give good returns over regular intervals. The investors are looking for growth and a good track record of positive results is a must for in this investment service business. This service involves great knowledge of financial domain and is a skill based sector. The characteristics that the investment market is associated with are uncertainty. The market changes every second and so does the investment advice. It is the most challenging sector of investment services business. People trust your word with their money and it is the word of mouth they spread about your expertise that helps you in establishing your name in this crowded financial market.

Share broking is another important form in investment services business. It facilitates actual transactions of money in and out of an investment. To have a check on illegal routing of money financial regulating bodies world over have made it mandatory to make investments through recognized brokers. Broking firms do the actual buying and selling of stocks or funds for a small percentage of invested amount. They also help with allied activities like documentation or opening of DEMAT accounts. One has to get their broking firm recognized in order to carry out transactions. There are many broking firms available and there is big competition to attract investors. Apart from regular operations these firms are providing various value added services such as providing regular market updates to retain customers in the business. It is the quality of service that matters in this investment service.

With Internet becoming more secure on line services have become popular even in investment business. One can carry out all investment related activities from submitting information to making transactions using Internet. Investment services are catching up fast with this new trend and many new portals are daily created to providing investment services. The financial awareness that has been created today has resulted in growth of investment services business providing good returns on investment.

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