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Captools Company   Call 425.391.4250
Offer portfolio management software meant for investment advisors, investment firms, family offices, fund managers and for others entrusted with managing significant investment assets and for investment record keeping, performance measurement and reporting. Visit site for more details.
P.O. Box 9, Issaquah, WA 98027   (2174)

PerTrac Financial Solutions   Call 212.661.6050 Phone
Offer suite of software solutions for investment professionals which is a most complete array of statistical measurements available, combined with portfolio construction, efficient frontier, optimization, retirement planning, peer and style analysis, and Monte Carlo simulation capabilities.
58 West 40th Street, 4th Floor, New York, NY 10018   (2173)

Plain Language Solutions   Call 02 6284 2260
Offer an Australia portfolio management software which is a complete records management system that lets you fully understand the value of your portfolio and allows you to organise and maintain your portfolio's sale, purchase, income and other records. It is a valuable recording program designed to help you manage your portfolio effectively.
PO Box 299, QUEANBEYAN NSW 2620   (2175)

SimCorp A/S   Call +45 35 44 88 00
Company develops and globally markets an integrated investment management system that helps customers perform the many tasks needed to stay ahead in today's international financial markets helping with implementation of the solution, product development or overall corporate support.
Oslo Plads 12, DK-2100 Copenhagen O, Denmark   (2176)

Business Information By Mast Directory : Investment Management Software Business Information And Guide

The concept of investment is nothing new to the market. The most fool proof methodologies adopted today to gain a bagful of profit is to invest in the financial domain. However taking a correct investment decision is not a cake walk. One needs to have sufficient expertise in the financial sector to choose a right investment path. Much help in making these correct decisions is provided by an Investment Management Software, which is used my many big giants in the industry. The necessity of this software is opening up new business opportunities in this sector.

Today many small and big firms are looking for more and more accurate Investment Management Software so as to negate the chances of flaws in their financial companies are ready to pay a filthy amount to the vendors of these investment management software which proves to be favorable for the growth of this business.

This software not only provides with the basic financial analysis but also help in asset selection, stock selection, plan implementation and ongoing monitoring of investments of the organization. Hence the vendors of these application need to target their market more towards the major business houses who not only keep millions of rupees reserved for these kinds of software investments but also make zillions of money out of their financial chain. Ignoring small organizations as customers will be a big mistake as they too need this software to increase productivity.

The companies who are into investment software development should focus on these major aspects: If targeting a mediocre company, then the cost of the application should be competitive. The financial activities in these organizations are very limited and are mostly common. They usually do not prefer software due to their high prices. One can generate a new customer base by developing simple software for these companies comprising of common features involved in any business. With prices coming down considerably these organizations will not have any reason of not purchasing this software.

Accuracy is the most important feature expected of any investment management software. Business decisions are mainly based on analysis of data obtained from the software. Even a small error can severely affect the business goals. The software must be reliable and trustworthy. Recommendations of previous clients will help a lot to establish this trust. It is a good idea to get your software tested and certified for various quality standards. In case an error is detected immediate patches must be provided to all the customers using that software. People understand that software does have errors but it is the prompt after sales service that makes your software better than others. One should not become complacent over sales of few hundred copies. Even a small error can lead to heavy cancellations and claims for damages. It is important to retain existing customers by good after sales service to bring stability into business.

User friendliness is a major feature that the customers look for while purchasing these software. Financial activities are much complex in nature and non friendly software can further complicate things. On other hand good software can simplify things to a large extent. Complex software also involves training for employees which further add to the operation cost of business. Developing simple easy to use yet powerful software is the key to promote sales in this sector.

The business of IMS (Investment management software) is the safest and one of the most profitable areas of software business. In the era of financial crisis, where the application software projects are diminishing everyday, this application has been least affected by the recession. Rather, this application will provide better means of adopting a safe investment channel to retain a stable place in the market. Hence all those vendors who are already into this business have a secured business cycle in upcoming years and those who want to enter into this new venture can safely enter into the huge domain of investment management software business.

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