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Front Street  Call Toll Free: (866) 933-7668
Investment management firm with strictly fee-only approach and provide deep commitment to achieving consistent and superior long-term investment results for their clients. Manage security portfolios on a fully discretionary basis and choose to invest in individually researched securities that is being determine to be undervalued by the market.
Jason P. Tank, CFA, John W. Gudritz, CFA, 400 W. Front Street, Suite 206, Traverse City, MI 49684   (2170)

Hanson Investment Management, Inc.  Call 802.658.2668
Company build and manage customized portfolios of stocks and bonds according to the client’s needs for businesses, individuals and family groups and foundations and endowments. Fees are based on assets under management. Also consult on financial issues on an hourly basis.
431 Pine Street, Burlington, VT 05401   (2169)

ING Investment Management  Call 212-309-8200
Company commited to provide client oriented investment solutions with the help of their investment professionals who have the capability to produce exceptional long-term performance. Services include managed accounts, mutual funds, real estate finance with different investment capabilities such as fixed income, fundamental equity and more.
230 Park Avenue, New York, NY 10169   (2166)

Morgan Stanley  Call 1-888-880-MSIM
Global company having offices worldwide and providing investment management services including over 100 globally diversified investment strategies, including equities, fixed income and alternative investments and offer services to a diverse client base which includes governments, institutions, corporations and individuals.
P.O. Box 940, Jersey City, NJ 07303   (2167)

New York Life Investment Management LLC.  Call 800-MAINSTAY
A premier institutional investment management firm. NYLIM is an integrated asset management enterprise serving a variety of sectors—namely retail, institutional, bundled defined contribution and defined benefit, and guaranteed products. Visit site for more details.
51 Madison Avenue, New York, New York 10010   (2171)

Payden & Rygel  Call 213 625-1900
Leader in the active management of equity and fixed-income portfolios for a diversified client base including pension plans, corporations, foundations and endowments, public funds, and individual investors helping on their overall investment strategies. Visit site for more information.
Online Support   (2168)

Business Information By Mast Directory : Investment Management Business

Most of us have money but only a few know how to manage it. Money needs to be managed nonetheless and those who can’t need help in managing it. Owing to investment management firms anybody today can invest money irrespective of his financial expertise. The investment management companies have simplified operation to such an extent that the only requirement from your side is to have money to invest. All other operations are handled by investment management firm. One can sit back and earn regular returns while their money is managed by some best financial brains in the business. Investment management today is a well organized business handling transactions worth millions each day.

Investment management business has to invest money on investor’s behalf in plans that ensure a guaranteed return to its investors. It is worthless to say that the success of this business depends on the ability to give highest return to the customers on their investment compared to the competitors. This requires very careful planning and decision making with regards to investment. One wrong decision can result in huge losses for all the customers whose money is invested. Managing other people’s money is never easy and loosing them will only make it worse. It needs thorough knowledge of all financial aspects coupled with considerable experience to survive this double edged investment management business.

Investment management depends on market conditions. The markets conditions are highly unpredictable. This makes the investment management business very risky. In order to attract investors one has to guarantee a minimum return on the invested money. The return also has to be equal if not more than the competitive firms. These days there is even a penalty or interest on money to be paid to investor in the condition of lower returns than guaranteed. No investor is happy to loose his money and it is a tightrope walk each day for the investment management firms. However over the years many have learned the tricks of the trade and companies like Franklin Templeton have created a niche for themselves in the investment management business. Systematic and distributed investments can lower risks and absorb market uncertainly.

Achieving credibility is very important in investment management business. People will trust you with their money only if you are worthy and reliable. One must have a clean track record with no financial scams or irregularity. There are many fraudulent investment management firms who launch schemes promising high returns, collect money and vanish overnight. Such firms have already wakened the confidence of investors over investment management firms. An investor will check credibility of a firm many times through several sources before establishing an association. It is important to pass this acid test of investors to win over their confidence and their money.

There are many irregular investment modes that can give you high returns for a while. However such methods are illegal and always get caught. With computerization of markets it’s easy to trace all transactions and it is foolish to take any chance against it. The penalties for financial irregularities are extremely severe with heavy fines and imprisonment. There are several case studies pertaining to investment management firms that cheated on investor’s money. Several scams surface even today indicating that miscreants still exist in this business. It is important to make sure not to get involved with such firms in any manner or invest money in such schemes. One should maintain high ethical standards. Do not boast of unrealistic returns. It will only affect your credibility in market. It is better to guarantee low returns and deliver it than unfulfilling false promises.

Investment management is an extremely sensitive business involving great risk. One has to keep a constant update of financial conditions and make decisions within fraction of seconds. Honesty should not be compromised at any cost as reputation matter more compared to any other business. A right decision at right time is what investment management business is all about.

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