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Financial Software Innovations, Inc.   Call Toll-free: 800-969-7979
Company serving the finance industry since 1985 and providing the insurance industry with annual statement software for practical solutions in any corporate setting, including both large and small companies to meet their needs by providing better access to financial information, resulting in smarter decision making and improved results. Go to site for more business information and details.
3102 Bee Caves Rd., Suite 200, Austin, TX 78746, USA   (3228)

FIS Software LTD.   Call 44 29 2044 8600/1
Company highly dedicated to financial services needs and fully engaged in developing and providing packaged-based global insurance software solutions that enable life insurance, pensions and investment companies to run their businesses more efficiently, and respond to territorial legislation and regulations. Give a look to site for more business information.
Caspian Point, Pier Head St. Cardiff Bay, Cardiff CF10 4DQ, United Kingdom   (3226)

IDIT Technologies   Call +972-3-625 0951
Company dedicated to help customers from around the world to a single end-to-end component-based integrated solution that manages all financial insurance products globally and also integrates all front office and back office processes, including insurance product design, underwriting, call center, remote users and partners, backed by fully secured internet-based capabilities. Give a look to site for further business information.
Online form and email support   (3230)

Insurance Technologies Corporation   Call (800) 383-3482 (toll free)
Well known company making their business by helping financial service providers with quality, comprehensive and affordable software solution for the Property and Casualty Insurance Industry. Exceeding the clients expectations through excellent service and innovative solutions which are designed to the exact specifications and meet the underwriting needs. Give a look to site for further business information and details.
1335 Valwood Parkway, Suite 108, Carrollton, TX 75006, USA   (3227)

Sapiens Americas   Call 1 919 405 1500
Global provider of innovative and cost-effective financial business solutions that automate business processes and provide insurance organizations fully functional insurance policy administration solution that significantly improves business productivity for carriers, supporting underwriting and operational services for brokers and agents and in turn motivating additional premium to your company.
4000 CentreGreen Way, Suite 150, Cary, NC 27513, USA   (3229)

Business Information By Mast Directory: Insurance Software Business Information

In recent years the insurance industry has made their transactions more complicated and also there is increase in the number of these transactions. There have been many changes in the insurance policies, which has resulted in demand for new software for the industry. To meet this demand of the clientele many engineers are coming forwards to develop new accounting and other related programs for the industry. The business of developing various programs for the insurance agencies is gaining market and if you are an efficient coder you can use your skills to make money from this industry.

The software package you design should possess the ability to improve the efficiency and profitability of the insurance agencies. It should be simple, easy to learn and use and must also be available at affordable prices to the agencies. There are many companies in this business of software development and hence it is quite possible that you will have a face tough competition in the field. Your success in the industry would depend greatly on your skills to provide extra and simple but useful features in your program.

The insurance business is a big industry and has a varied client base for its different products. It has number of different tasks for which it would need software solutions. For they might need it for handling accounting, managing client database, for insuring titles and many other countless tasks. The knowledge of tasks involved in this industry would help you to develop a package that would best meet their needs. To obtain this knowledge you would need to spend a considerable time doing research of the field.

The software solutions developed making use of the business intelligence, data mining and techniques such as ANN are proving very useful to the insurance industry and are gaining popularity. With the aids of such packages they are able to handle large volumes of complex computations with ease. A user-friendly software providing excellent service is always first priority of the customer who is interested in buying it.

While purchasing the software, the client will ask you number of question. What they might be looking for is the trainings for using the software or after sale assistance for all the technical aspects associated with the program. They would also like to make sure that the package they are buying for increasing the efficiency of their business is worth the money they are paying for it. If any clients say that the price that you have quoted is not within their budget you can offer them the tailor made software eliminating the features they do not require. Customer service is very important aspect, which generates you with future leads for to new clients.

The clients have many options in market to get the software that best meets the requirements of their business. With proper research of the problems that they want solutions for you would be able to provide them a variety in solutions to choose from and they can decide on one of them. They would not look for another software designer if they were confident of getting the range in product that serves to meet their different need and that too within their budget.

This is the business, which would require skills or software designing and marketing more than it would need capital investment. You can start working alone or can work stating a company hiring few software engineers. You can also be a distributor or vendor for the software designed by other companies who have program development skills but lack in marketing skills. You can also perform these sales through online market. There are already many dealers selling number of different insurance software packages on Internet and are getting good profits.

So if you have a product or software package specially designed to meet the need of insurance industry then you have a good opportunity to promote the product through Internet. With proper promotional and marketing techniques you can attract many clients and earn profit from your business.

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