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Anthem Inc.   Call 1-866-293-2892
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700 Broadway, Denver, CO 80273, Colorado, USA   (4613)

eHealthInsurance Services, Inc.   Call Toll-free 1-800-977-8860
The leading online source of health insurance for individuals, families and small businesses. Visit the site for more information and details.
11919 Foundation Pl, Gold River, CA 95670, USA   (4612)

Business Information By Mast Directory : Health Insurance Business Information And Guide

Today more than ever people realize that the consequences of our lifestyle hazards mean that our health is under serious threat. We do many things to take care of our health but at the same time there is need for health insurance. Health insurance business is a huge business one which needs millions and billions of dollars of capital investment. Since health insurance is needed by people from all walks of life it is one of the most sought after businesses all over the world. There are many people who want to make money from the health insurance business but at the same time it must be said that since such a business requires millions of dollars in financial investment the health insurance business remains in the hands of just a few of the biggest financial companies around the world.

Yet there are ways in which a health insurance business can be done by people who are interested in the business. If you have the financial muscle to inject millions of dollars into health insurance bushiness then that is one way of doing this business. Some of the biggest names in this business like New York Life Insurance, Aviva Plc, American International Group, AXA Group and Allianz Worldwide are all general insurance companies that also offer health insurance plans. American International Group is the market leader in terms of market capital worth $172.24 billion followed by AXA group whose market capital stood at $66.12 billion as in 2008.

For anyone looking to enter solely into just the health insurance business would need to have prior knowledge and experience of handling such a business. Government rules and regulation all over the world are very strict as to the procedures and minimum standards that have to be met before one can start this business. You will need to put forward an application requesting for the grant of a license so as to be able to start a health insurance business. The thing to be noted here is that the acceptance of application does not necessarily mean that approval will be granted. The insurance regulatory body of a particular country will then review the application and take a decision as per the guideline. The company is required to make known the assets, liabilities & solvency of insurers.

Another way to have a health insurance business is by the way of a franchise. Though health insurance business has a nation wide and international presence yet their reach is restricted in the sense that they cannot have an office in every city of the country of their operation. To increase their reach and tap all markets possible companies appoint franchises in different cities, towns and suburbs. With a certain amount of capital investment you can take the franchise of a health insurance company and then sell their insurance policies to consumers and you will be paid a commission on each sale. The benefit of this business is that beyond a certain capital investment the risks involved in the business are minimal. The insurance policy that you sell belongs to the company and the payment is made by the consumer to the company directly and you receive commission from the company itself.

Last in the series of our recommendations for a health insurance business is that of an insurance agent. An insurance agent works much like a franchise. A franchise owner can have more than one person working for his company, meeting up with people and selling health insurance policies whereas more often than not an insurance agent is like a freelance businessman. The business of an insurance agent is the step towards starting your own insurance selling company. With a franchise the thing is you have an understanding with the insurance company that you are their appointed agents and will sell their policies exclusively. With your own insurance selling company you are free to sell insurance for all those companies who do not have an exclusive partnership representation.

The market for insurance like life insurance and health insurance will always remain good that is because people understand that insurance helps them protect unforeseen illness and fatal accidents. Selling an insurance policy is much about telling the person that with their health insurance policy the person stands to benefit more than the premium he/she is paying.

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