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Lions Futures  Call (800) 222-6736
Company is an alternative investments brokerage specializing in hedge funds and managed futures which are increasingly being considered to help investors obtain non-correlated diversification in markets around the globe. Visit site for further details and to obtain more information.
7120 Hayvenhurst Ave., Ste 315, Van Nuys, CA 91406   (2157)

Optimus Capital Management  Call 305-772-8077
An alternative investment manager, registered with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission and a member of the National Futures Association, specializing in Managed Futures programs for qualified individuals and institutional investors seeking opportunities through a complete spectrum of global investment vehicles in commodity futures contracts and options.
2701 NW 2nd Ave., Suite 211, Boca Raton, Fl 33431   (2159)

Price Asset Management  Call Toll Free: 800.769.7021
Company being registered with the CFTC and the NFA as a recommending Commodity Trading Advisor providing individuals and institutions with portfolio diversification, construction and to introduce them to alternative investments such as funds, fund of funds and limited partnerships.
141 West Jackson Blvd., Suite 1340A, Chicago, IL 60604   (2161)

TraderView  Call Toll-Free in the U.S. 800.253.7689
An independent financial firm that specializes in the design and management of custom tailored alternative investments utilizing professionally managed futures and foreign exchange.
223 West Jackson Blvd, Suite 725, Chicago, IL 60606, USA   (2158)

Tuckerbrook Alternative Investments, L.P  Call 617-946-5800
Investment management firm focusing exclusively on alternative investments and strive to bring discipline and institutional standards to alternative investing with clear and understandable fund objectives, professional risk management, portfolio transparency, and quality reporting.
America's Cup Building, 30 Doaks Lane, Marblehead, MA 01945   (2165)

Worldwide Futures Systems  Call 888-989-9937
Specialist in the use of commodity futures trading systems as an alternative investment strategy to the standard stock and bond portfolio. Develops diversified alternative investment portfolios with low correlation to traditional investments. Visit site for more details and to open an account.
15188 Brolio Way, Naples, FL 34110   (2164)

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The investment industry takes place in a period of rapid change. More than a decade of economic growth and an abundance of institutional money seeking a home have left many financial investors facing historically at low risk premiums in many classes of capital. In the investment business, the number of instruments competing for investors' money has increased considerably in the traditional and alternative.

Institutional clients become more demanding and more aware about the separation of alpha (a reward for the skill) and beta (a reward for the exhibition of the market), while focusing on the need to control the risks of their brochure. At the same time, demand from alternative markets has increased, and has accumulated expertise in new areas previously considered inaccessible or too expensive to enter.

Few things to know

Controlling risk

There has been much discussion in the press about the "surrender" of the arrangement of the traditional defined benefit pension (DB) and we are now beginning to see the impact of this assignment in the data difficult. In a survey recent pan-European capital allocation, less than a third of all arrangements BRITISH DB company were open to newcomers. In addition, just over 10% of businesses have continued to allow members to increase other benefits. The overall effect of these changes is to reduce significantly the average percentage of active members in DB arrangements.

This change of stage of maturity is reflected across Europe and is one of the factors that contribute to growing a home on the risk by placing the financial investment strategy. This focus on the risk of driving a greater desire to diversify investment opportunities and, more importantly, an increasing use of liability driven investment.

Increasing demand for alternative investments

We see alternative investments used by a range of institutional investors, including foundations, charities and of sovereign wealth funds to help achieve two main objectives:

Diversification of equity - while the financial stock market businesses become more global securities highly correlated, investors employing alternative classes of capital to diversify the risk of equity in their brochures while still trying to maintain a good level of real return.

Stable returns - while investors become more sophisticated approach to liability-driven investment becomes increasingly complex, with plots increasingly recoveries using exchange or a combination of exhibitions in slavery clutch and synthetic responsibilities for long-term match. As the use of these techniques increases, institutional investors effectively remove the interest rate and the long-term risk of inflation and replace it with the risks associated with the change in lending rate in the short term. A brochure diversified capital-return research, including alternatives, can provide both profitability of capital employed and relatively stable rates payable above margin.

The alternatives that we consider in this paper are:

Investment land
Infrastructure in emerging businesses
Disaster Links

These three strategies are positioned to exploit economic opportunities and thus very different should improve the diversification of an existing brochure or increase the stability of returns in an absolute return strategy. Farmland combine the stable, albeit low-relate with the opportunity to benefit from capital appreciation in the land itself and the ongoing demand of products soft. The infrastructure of emerging financial market sector on the economic growth of emerging market economies, while catastrophe bonds provide a source of paste-like returns that are non-correlated with most other classes of capital.

However each of the three strategies is relatively new to institutional investors and, although rising, these markets are still developing and the liquidity and capacity is often reduced compared to other traditional financial assets.

There are many alternative investments heterogeneous and there is no clear classification of what constitutes an investment alternative. However, alternative investment strategies are defined to include:

1) Private investment and non-liquid assets such as distressed debt (which is available to businesses for lack of payments or bankruptcy procedures), equity and emerging market debt, the international private equity, redemption powerful (RES ), secondary financing, oil and gas, real estate, timberland, and the risk capital.
2) Investments liquid dynamics involving non-traditional values, derived from medical tests on liquid markets, such as the future, currency or hedge funds controlled.
3) Involve investment longs, shorts and power

Short sale

Short selling involves selling shares that the seller has borrowed or shares it owns but does not, in the hope that the price of the share drop. So vendors sell high and buy low instead of buying high and low sales, which are referred to as going long.

Redemption powerful (RES)

The RES is an acquisition strategy in which borrowed capital is used to place a large part of a purchase. The hope is that business financial income will repay the principal and interest. LBOs are often used to enable the directors of a subsidiary of a company to buy the subsidiary and therefore, the repurchase program also maintenance (management by objectives).

Future controlled

The future is controlled investment tools set that can invest in cash, concrete markets (price of delivery on futures contracts) and the derivatives markets and have the ability to use power. It is actively controlled and often structured as limited partnerships are open to institutional and individuals with high net worth.

Secondary financing

The secondary financing plays a central aisle between the position of equity and debt agreements. It ranks above equity in the process of liquidation, because it is debt, and below (or elder) of conventional debt, because it is subordinated to the debt agreement. In other words, creditors with subordinated debt will not be paid until after the media priority debt is paid in full. Accordingly, the subordinated debt is more risky.

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