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ASDA Financial Services  Call 0845 602 0198
Company from UK offering financial services in the form of home loans, personal loans, travel insurance, pet insurance, mortgage life insurance, unsecured personal loans and more. Get a quote on their website.
The Connect Centre, Kingston Crescent, Portsmouth, PO2 8QL   (101)

Blue Financial Services  Call +2712 990 8400
Micro finance institution operating in 8 countries in South Africa having around 150 branches with a staff of 800 employees providing innovative and ethical credit solutions to formally employed but unbanked and underserved employees. Check website for latest news on finance.
PO Box 72041, Lynnwood Ridge, Pretoria, 0040, South Africa   (104)

Business Finance   Call 01234 240155
Nationwide Corporate Finance provides business loans from 3% flat to UK companies. Their corporate finance options enable businesses to get the funding they need to buy the essential equipment for their company.
The Works, West Street, Olney, Bucks, MK46 5HR, UK   (7146)

Business Funding  Call 0800 4334 808
Are you looking for business funding or a small business loan? UK Business Funding Solutions provides finance for small businesses in the United Kingdom. Visit the site for more details.
First Floor Offices, 119 Station Road, Nailsea, Bristol BS48 1TA, UK   (7296)

NZ Tax Refunds  Call (+64) 03 982 9504
Offering services to New Zealanders to get the tax they’ve overpaid back by helping with filing the refund application and other formalities.
1 Durham St, Sydenham, Christchurch, NZ   (7399)

Raymond James Financial, Inc.  Call 727-567-1000, 800-248-8863
Diversified financial services holding company having more than 4640 financial advisors and having 1.6 million accounts with subsidiaries engaged primarily in investment and financial planning, in addition to investment banking and asset management. Visit the site for more information.
880 Carillon Parkway, St. Petersburg, FL 33716   (105)

Reliance Capital  Call +91 22 3032 7000
One of India's leading and fastest growing private sector financial services companies having interests in asset management and mutual funds, private equity and proprietary investments, life and general insurance, depository services, stock broking, distribution of financial products, consumer finance and other activities.
'H' Block,1st Floor, Dhirubhai Ambani Knowledge City, Navi Mumbai – 400 710   (2191)

Swaps Mis Selling  Call 02380 837 775
Lamport Bassitt are leading Solicitors in interest rate swap mis-selling, if you believe you have been mis-sold interest rate swaps you may be entitled to make a claim against the bank.
46 The Avenue Southampton SO17 1AX UK   (7385)

Unsecured Financing For Businesses  Call 1-888-878-6250
Offer unsecured business loans as an alternative finance option. Visit the site for more information and details.
1360 Clifton Ave.,Suite 193, Clifton, NJ 07012, USA   (4947)

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A Guide To Diverse Facets Of Financial Services Business

With economy growing wider in all aspects we have financial industry spreading with an equal pace. If you happen to have problem dealing with funds they offer services to aid you in managing your money. The financial services business has spread like a fashion in vogue that adapts itself to any body you decide to drape it around. However this business is not restricted to one stream yet there are sharks who can take all in their stride. We shall discuss distinct streams in the business so if one plans to initiate with one facet he can gradually move on to include other and grow his business prospects.

Amongst the very first organization in this business are banks. People trust them and in turn banks offer them security by guarding their money, offering loan against an asset, e-banking facility, debit cards and credit cards. There are few banks that offer financial services to large groups and companies and help them hoist money by giving out bond and stocks. Apart from these there are some private banks that offer their services only to selected and elite clientele. Services like money withdrawal at odd hours through ATM makes them most accessible in the business for any customer. Then there are capital market banks that endorse debts and equities as they lend a hand to companies in counseling service and reorganize their debts into planned investment goods.

Next in row would be investment services. These could be either in the form of asset management where companies run a collective fund investment. In this kind of service business they would invest in large amounts through collective efforts (mutual funds) of several people and display huge profits from them assuring good profit for investor. Hedge fund investment also offers their brokerage services to banks to execute their trade. Other than investment services insurance financial business involves each and every man on the road. They offer them service via providing insurance through agents for assets like house, property, health, life and so many others. This includes insurance underwriting and reinsurance too.

There are advisory services that indulge in selling and trading shares. Loan services also form a very significant part of financial business as people usually access them for desired target and pay off through EMI. Perhaps angel investing services also come handy for people asking for personal business financial assistance. These services offered individually leaves space for numerous financial services industries yet few that offers all these services under one name are known as conglomerates. They offer their service in insurance, investment, trading etc at the same time and offer online trading portals for client’s convenience hence assisting them to manage money from their house. This includes advisory tips and recommendations to create stock portfolio.

One might feel frightened to observe so many facets of financial services business but the fact is consistent because these services are offered and taken usually around us. We might recognize them with other names but offered services are familiar in one way or other. Before one plan to move in this business please bear in mind that any of services in this business require large firm set up and office space with specialized staff to achieve success in this business.

Every industry, every work, every field, every project depends and revolves around the pillar. This pillar is money. It is a fact that for any small work or project also one needs to first see the financial situation and source. Every project must have a well planned strategy to use the investment money in a wise manner. Not every one who has a company or starts with a new one will have an idea how to categorize and plan out things for the company. This is where you realize the need of financial services which are offered by companies in this business. They are always in demand and play a very crucial role in every kind of enterprise that is emerging or stabilizing. Therefore this is a good option to try your luck.

In this field you need to have a very strong team to handle the necessary deals. Therefore in the starting phase of your company you need to hire a good set of skilled employees who are trained specifically for the financial field and are well qualified to handle the various projects that keep coming to your company. The financial services that you provide your clients should be well planned. All the strategies and important issues should be covered in order to give them a complete package. Your business will grow and get benefits from such a methodological and systematic service. Also, in the initial phase you need to have a strong a foundation and monitory plan for your own company. This will form a strong plinth for your company.

Initially it was believed that such kind of financial services and planning is only limited to the bigger organizations. This concept has now completely changed. In this field you need to realize the power and importance of smaller business. This will help you in deciding a good target market for yourself. Getting the share of market which has the big companies may prove to be difficult for you. Since you are in the initial phase of the company you should try and capture the emerging companies that are smaller. This way you will be able to start your company with good projects. So concentrate on these and kick start your business. To understand the scenario of the market and the demands you will need get an effective survey done and analyze it thoroughly. This way you will mark a position also and generate revenue also.

Next step in this field is to plan out the various schemes and financial services you’re your company will offer and the assign price for it as well. Even for this purpose you will need to find out and research on the already existing plans and offers that are being offered in this business. Understand the marketing strategy and offers of the competitors in the market. You can modify and change you services accordingly if required. Also you should try and provide the customers some schemes and discounts which the others are not. Make your offers strong and attractive so that they choose your company over the others. Although this may take a little time but will definitely help you in establishing yourself.

You can provide the entrepreneurs lending, insurance, banking, leasing, and retirement schemes. You can not only provide good schemes for the company but also plan good package and schemes for their employees. The main thing for any emerging enterprise is to have a well planned idea to invest the money in the company. You will have to sell the best possible methods for the investment so that they can a get a good return of investment. There other important financial services also that you can provide. These include the retirement plans, voluntary retirement schemes etc for the employees. A very important aspect is planning the taxes. You should be able to guide you customers about the additional deductions and also alert them regarding the same. This will boost you company working techniques and create a reputation of your business in the market.

There are many planners and such institutions who claim to be dealing with finance and planning. You will need to ensure that your company has all the necessary certifications and documents from the authorities before you start. You will need to go through the procedures and routine of the license acquiring. For these you can prepare your self in advance and keep such details ready. This will help in quick access to the certificate and begin you business timely. Through outsourcing and business development methods you can promote your financial services and schemes to various customers. This will create good promotion and publicity of your services and help you in getting more business. Ultimately your quality of work and strategies will bring you success and fame in this field.

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