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Offers a huge selection of hard to find tickets to sold out concerts, sporting and theatrical events across Canada and the US. Visit the site for more information and details.
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Ticketmaster Entertainment, Inc  Call 0845 0942 896
Company serving more than 10,000 customers worldwide across multiple event categories, providing exclusive ticketing services for college sports teams, leading arenas, stadiums, professional sports franchises and leagues, performing arts venues, museums, and theaters. Visit the site for complete information.
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Business Information By Mast Directory : Entertainment Tickets Business Information And Guide

Entertainment ticket business is a niche business within the entertainment business. People from all walks of life need some kind of entertainment so that they can keep aside their tensions and work pressures and enjoy life. Entertainment business is not like what it used to be, today entertainment has many forms and formats. Entertainment can be witnessed in the form of stage shows, viewing sports at stadiums and other events. To view these events you require buying tickets so that you are allowed inside the venue where the event is taking place. Sports fans are known to buy tickets and travel to various destinations to watch live action. Another high action sports is that of wrestling which is highly popular in the US and people buy tickets to watch these matches.

The business of entertainment tickets stems from the desire of people to watch national and international events. If you want to have such a business then there are various business models to start such a business. If you have an event management company then entertainment ticket business can be a part of your overall business. Since you already have expertise in managing an event you will have know how regarding ticket business. The other way of having an entertainment ticket business is through the way of an online ticket selling website. Also you can have a contract with the stadium management to sell tickets at the stadium itself.

Lets elaborate the various business models so you can understand how to do entertainment ticket business better. There are many great stadiums and auditoriums around the world that play host to the biggest and best entertainment event around the year. The stadium or auditorium management obviously needs to sell tickets so as to generate profits from organizing that event. From time to time management of such place call for bids for companies that will manage everything required in entertainment tickets business, from printing of tickets, to selling them and box office collections. You need to have a professionally managed company to handle such a business. Over the years people have traveled across the world to witness the best events and travel companies will contact you for purchase of tickets for their clients.

The other business model for entertainment tickets business is through the way of an event management company. Event management companies are the ones that organize events, from music concerts to WWE events, boxing matches, celebrity events and parties etc. They pay big money to their clients for such events and they will recover their costs by selling tickets. Tickets can be prices from $50 for entrance tickets to $2000 for front row seat at major events like the Super Bowl. Event management companies have their own entertainment tickets business subsidiary. So basically they organize the event and sell tickets too making profits on both accounts. If you are interested in entertainment tickets business then this business model can be your choice.

Another of the business models that can be successfully applied for the entertainment tickets business is that of online tickets sales. This method is the most successful business model today. There exist many businesses with the online tickets sales business. eBay happens to be amongst the most successful website selling event and entertainment tickets online, there are also registered buyers who buy tickets and then become resellers making a profit in the process. This can be a business idea that you can implement too. You need to create a website of your own and then contact some of the biggest event management companies and stadiums and also companies organizing events such as the commonwealth games, Olympics, World Champions etc. You will need to investment money into buying those tickets and then selling them on your website. This will not be easy because admittedly there are many frauds and scams that take place with online tickets sales. You will have to display a certificate or some kind of authentic proof that you are the seller of genuine tickets. You can also make arrangements and deals with travel companies as they would want to buy tickets to such prestigious events from you. You can have different rates for bulk bookings and retail bookings.

For such a business to succeed you also need to market your website aggressively. You can use search engine optimization or so called SEO methods to promote your website and increase the page rank of your website on different popular search engines like Yahoo, Google and MSN. Getting higher in google for targeted keywords can give natural traffic which can greatly increase sales in your business.

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