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Quizzes have always been a fun way of passing the time – going back through the ages quizzes have provided a good option for testing the general knowledge of a person on any topic imaginable from history, maths ,music, art, showbiz, and a whole lot more. Quizzes can be used for entertainment and educational purposes in the form of tests and exams to gauge a level of intelligence for individuals – for instance the IQ test is a form of quiz to judge an individual’s overall level of intelligence. Other quizzes or tests can be of a listening nature whereby the participant has to answer questions on an audio clip they have just listened to or they may be asked to perform a written test. The aim of the game with tests, exams and quizzes is to always try and score the highest points possible by answering the most amount of questions correctly.

The rise of the pub quiz over the past 20 years or more has seen quizzes take on dizzying new heights of popularity with most pubs providing a pub quiz night for entertainment purposes. As pub quizzes are so popular and have been running for such a long time, the pressure is on for pubs and quiz night hosts to find new quizzes, but not only do they have to find new quizzes they also have to find good quality quizzes with lots of fun and interesting questions. To have a successful quiz night it is also important for the questions to take on different formats, for instance, rather than just asking questions the quiz has to keep people’s attention by providing picture quizzes or music clip quizzes to provide varied and fun options.

Taking things to another level once more, the internet age has provided another outlet for quizzes to take place in the form of the online quiz. Online quizzes allow people to compete against other competitors all over the country or, indeed, all over the world from the comfort of their living room and behind their computer screens. The internet provides a huge amount of resources for those who prefer to partake in an online quiz, rather than the more social route of the traditional pub quiz. It is fair to say that whatever method is chosen to partake in a quiz, whether it be online, in the pub or with close friends and family at home, the quiz is a very fun and enjoyable way to pass time and increase your knowledge base at the same time.

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