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Artistic Video productions   Call (713) 526-6874
Provider of video production services for TV commercials, training videos, commerical videos, streaming videos, promotional videos which will include the consultation for the script, editing, video streaming with client company logo, off camera narration, storyboard production and also concept development for filmmaking.
9135 Katy Freeway, Suite 204, Houston, TX. 77024   (529)

Eagle Video Productions Inc.   Call 919-779-7891
Provider of training videos, streaming video production, sales and marketing video production and more. Serve the corporate, business and media broadcast customers. Videos are custom made and offer to satisfy the strategies of the clients. Great videos for all entertainment purposes and filmmaking and movies.
2201 Woodnell Drive, Raleigh, NC 27603-5240, USA   (527)

Sencore Video Delivery   Call 605.978.4600.
USA located company engaged in developing video delivery products for cable, satellite and audio/video markets.
3200 W. Sencore Drive, Sioux Falls, SD 57107, USA   (6815)

Skystorm Video Productions   Call Toll Free: 800-783-8508
Skystorm is an Orlando, Florida video production company specializing in commercials, corporate video, infomercials, web commercials, training videos, sales and marketing videos and live event production. Visit the site for more business information and details.
2692 W. Lake Mary Blvd., Ste 1020, Lake Mary , FL 32746   (4642)

Video Production Company   Call +44 (0) 1279 874628
An independent video production company specialising in the production of content rich corporate video at competitive prices. So whether it be internal video, web video, conference video or anything else for that matter, please give the team a call and we'll be more than happy to discuss your project requirements.
Wild Lion Media Limited , Thremhall House, Thremhall Park, Start Hill, Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire   (5746)

Video Production School   Call 1-800-236-4997
Madison Media Institute prepares students for work in career-launching jobs as production assistants, video editors, videographers, and a variety of jobs in film and video production.
2702 Agriculture Drive, Madison , WI 53718   (5913)

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Video production is something that we can all do as this is more or less entertainment. All that is needed is a camcorder or any device that allow video shooting and production. So for those who are looking to make a profession out of the video production business the jump from being an amateur to a professional can be quite an exciting foray.

One could also join an established video production house to gain experience and when you have knowledge of how the video production works you can start your own video production house. More often than not the entertainment production like music and video is seen as a glamorous occupation because most of the high skilled work is done in TV and Movie.

If you would like to make a good living out of the video production business then you would have to turn entrepreneur. You can begin your journey into being a professional video producer by joining someone else. But eventually when you are your own boss then you can earn decently enough the video production business.

Understandably the Untied States of America remains the single largest market for the entertainment production . This business in categorized under the Motion Picture and Video Production head as per the Economic Census Industry Series Report published in 2002.

The U.S. Census Bureau describes this industry, as one that “comprises establishments primarily engaged in producing, or producing and distributing motion pictures, videos, television programs, or television and video commercials.”

As a whole there are some 19,101 establishments based in the U.S. that are engaged in the business of Motion picture and video industries with revenues worth 35 billion dollar making it the world’s largest video production business destination. The film and video production business in United States gives employment to 59,128 people. The major production houses are Time Warner Inc, The Walt Disney Company, Fox Entertainment Group, Inc, Viacom and Sony Pictures of America.

In Canada businesses classified to the TV, Films and video production industry earned $3.3 billion in operating revenues and generated an operating profit margin of 2.3% in 2006. Television productions (56%) accounted for the majority of production revenues, next was commercials with 22% share of entertainment production revenues and feature films garnered 15% share of production revenues.

According to IBIS World the other major market for video entertainment production business in the world happens to be Australia. In 2008 the industry revenue of the film and video production business in Australia stood at 2,187 million dollars. This represents a revenue growth of 7.8% over the previous year. There are a total of 2,201 establishments in involved in the film and video production business in Australia and it employees 20,817 people in its various production houses. As per statistics made available in the IBIS World report exports from Australia to the world stood at 92 million dollars while imports accounted for 133 million dollars.

Film and Video Production and Distribution, a publication that reports on the Australian entertainment production business has revealed that for the year 1999-2000 Aussie film and video production businesses recorded operating profit of $77 million as against an operating loss of $77 million recorded in 1996-97. During the same period Australia's film & video distribution industry made an OPBT (operating profit before tax) of $104m. This represents a good increase on $3m recorded in 1996-97.

As of 2006/07 there are 2,492 establishments that are engaged in film and video production and post-production services industry in Australia. All together these establishments generated an overall income of $2,028.1 million in 2006-2007. This represents an increase of 22.3% from 2002-2003 when overall income recorded was $1,658.2 million. The Australian Bureau of Statistics Service Industry Survey has made this information available.

Once you have decided that you would like to enter the video production business then you would be required to go shopping. You would be to buy at least the basic equipment to get your business started or even if you would like to shoot home videos.

You can buy equipment such as camcorders, lens, lights, batteries, camera lenses, bulbs, gloves, and even power equipment. You must also keep with you interactive Corel video studio software to edit raw videos creatively. This may also help in your business. It is also important that you select the correct brand for your video production business. So more often than not video production equipment purchasing all about knowing what equipment you need to get yourself started.

Video production equipment purchasing is a lengthy affair so you will be well advised to create a products list before you reach the market. Make sure you take advise from someone already owning or running a video production business. This will help you remain on track of your requirement without making any wrong decisions and will help you maintain your goodwill in the entertainment industry.

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