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Advantage Music Production   Call 615.429.3786
Company helping clients to produce quality music by using their vast experience and talented pool of studio musicians, recording engineers, and recording studios who are professional, gracious, and passionate about music entertainment. Visit the site for complete details about the company.
587 Huntington Pkwy, Nashville, TN 37211   (2107)

Apples & Oranges Music   Call (818) 789-0335
Production music company of the highest caliber whose music has appeared in major motion pictures and film trailers and offering custom scoring as well as sync-licensable tracks in a wide variety of styles, pre-edited to suit just about any kind of production. Authenticity is what sets them apart.
13952 Peach Grove Street, Sherman Oaks, CA 91423   (2108)

Bathysphere   Call +44 (0)116 270 8956
An artist-lead music company specializing in producing electro-acoustic and electronic music using a hybrid of existing and custom-built instruments and equipment. Also produce, release and promote new music by working collaboratively with many well known artists.
120a Hartopp Road, Leicester, LE2 1WF   (2106)

Eric Harry Music   Call 416.955-9030
Original music production company jingles for TV and radio commercials ads and retail radio production and jingles spots ad music production companies and composers writers for comedy radio producer and production. Having ISDN recording studio in Toronto Canada. Visit site for further details.
88 sherbourne street, toronto on, m5a 2r1, Canada   (2105)

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Music is in many ways the essence of life, we listen to music just not for the sake of entertainment but we relate to music as an expression of joy and in times when we are sad. But have you ever thought what goes into producing music in this age of modern technology. Music Technology and Music Production are deemed to be emerging occupations. This is a fact that has the endorsement of the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. According to the agency the music production business is will grow by nearly eighteen percent throughout the US till 2014.

If you are excited by this and at the same time feel that you have now knowledge or training in music entertainment production then do not lose heart because if you have a flair for music then there are many college not only in the United States but all over the world that offer music production certificate programs. You can also join online courses which allow you to take lessons online with an option of studying at the university for one semester. There are courses like the a Maters Certificate in Music Production where students are taught producing with pro tools, mixing and mastering with pro tools, critical listening, producing live music, sampling and audio production plus course includes sessions on music production and technology.

Now indeed equipment for hi-tech music production is what you might think is the primary need for entering into the entertainment production business. But I beg to disagree, here is how one can start their own music production business. Straight to the point – all you need is a computer and recording equipment. Today’s computer are so powerfully designed that they are capable of replacing any medium sized recording studio and with the right mixing and recording equipment you could give a recording a run for its money. Even when you are out for music production shopping software packages are affordably prices at less than a couple of 100 dollars where music production shopping for professional-quality audio interfaces can be purchased at less than $100. So in no mean terms owning a recording studio at your home is not a huge ask at all.

Some of the big names in the audio recording field are Cubase, ProTools, Sonar and Sound Forge. Each of these Digital Audio Workstations (DAWs) can be used for multi-track recording and editing and have the ability to combine recordings with “virtual instruments”.

Now let’s have a look at the market for music production in the world as this will give us a larger picture of the world entertainment production business. This is where we can start categorizing music production. Music production business can be categorized into album/CD production, Original Music Production, Commercial Spot Production, Duplication Services, Audio Format Conversion and Live Recording Services. All these services put together make up the music industry. In 2008 the US music industry was worth 762 million US dollars and registered companies, firms, establishments paid 233.8 million US dollars in wages to 12,173 employees. According to the RIAA the world music market is estimated at $40 billion.

The United States of America is the world’s largest by value of sales, it commands 30-35 percent of total music sales worldwide. In 2005 Universal Music Group held 31% market share, Sony BMG held 25.61%, Warner Music Group 15%, EMI Group 9.55% while independent labels accounted for 18.13% of the US music market. According to US Market Research Firm NPD Group, iTunes recently surpassed Wal-Mart as America's largest music distributor.

Music shopping is something personal and depends on what music one would like to listen to. Pop, rap, R&B, Hip-hop, Jazz, Reggie, Soul and Country music are just some of the music that you will find market. Justin Timberlake, Michael Jackson, Britney Spears are some of the biggest selling artist from the pop scene. Beyonce and her husband are widely regarded as best R&B singers of today.

Shopping for latest albums is a business mainly driven by the choice of the young generation. The next time you are thinking of music shopping or entering the music production business then just keep this figure in front of your eyes, physical retail sales of CD in the US was recorded at 300 million units in 2005 which was equal to 4783 million US dollar. Yes that is a staggering figure and that’s why the music production business is a lucrative business because people just love shopping for their favorite music.

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