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Ant Films   Call +86 21 69196272
China based company offering its international clients with a full range of production support for all their production needs in China, including Film Processing, Telecine, Post Production, Equipment Hiring, Casting for Chinese and foreign talents, Translating services and much more.
Room 101, Unit 32, 1493 Meichuan Road, Shanghai, China 201824   (2118)   Call 01904 699544
An innovative, full service, film production company based in the UK delivering cutting edge, media-rich content to the corporate and broadcast markets worldwide covering everything from all aspects of high definition video, motion graphics, broadcast, content, animation, streaming and delivery.
The Blue Door, Studio 4, Green Lane Trading Estate, North Yorkshire, YO30 5PY   (2121)

Cine Dreams Film Corporation   Call 0091-982-123-1394
Indian Company which is the maker and total production service provider, to international film makers, for television series, films, live event coverage, TV commercials, corporate and industrial films, music videos, fashion and product photography and more. Visit site for more details.
Online Support   (2117)

Image Quilt Productions   Call 518-478-2208
An Independent Feature Film and Commercial Television Production Company in New York State. Also offering professional quality corporate promotional videos, PSA’s, and family portraits.
Albany, New York, USA   (2116)

Wailing Banshee Ltd   Call +44 01256 893 343
Award winning company having a dedicated and experienced team of producers, directors, editors, film crew and designers for the film and video production and motion graphics.
4 Winchester St, Whitchurch. Hampshire RG28 7AL   (2119)

Zanzibar Films   Call +353 1 671 9480
One of Ireland's most promising and exciting film and television production company having mission to produce quality, entertaining projects with a main criteria being working with emerging talent who share the Zanzibar sense of dedication, enthusiasm, love of film and life in general.
9 Appian Way, Ranelagh, Dublin 6, Ireland   (2120)

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Film production is what film making is all about. Film production involves all aspects of filmmaking such as development, pre-production, production, post-production and finally sales and distribution. Development refers to writing a script and turning it into blueprint for a film. Pre-production is the stage where casting and crew hiring is done also locales and sets are built. Then come the production part where all plans are put into action and scenes for the film is recorded. Post-production involves editing, sound mixing, sound production thereafter special effects are added to create a visual treat. Sales, promotional activities and distribution are the final stages of a film production business for giving complete entertainment to general public.

The film production business is a part of the huge entertainment industry. The entertainment industry can be TV shows, music industry, music gigs, stage shows, performing artists and much more. Producing films involves a lot work by different people from different fields. Apart from actors there are script writers, screenplay writers, dialogue writer, chorographer, video & sound editors, technicians, costume designers and not to mention the producers and director.

The biggest film in the world in terms of ticket sales and movies produced is India whereas the United States is the undisputed king in terms of sheer revenues. Currently Indian film industry is worth 230 billion rupees or $5.5 billion. In total some 800 movies are produced every year this includes Hindi film made by film production houses in Bollywood and other regional language films like Telugu, Tamil, Kanada etc. But the biggest gain of the film production business in India is that it provides work to nearly 2.5 million people.

There is more encouraging news related the film production business in India. It is estimated that Indian domestic film industry will by 2010 be worth 400 billion rupees or 8.5 billion U.S. dollars as per current forex rates. According to Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India (Assocham) the Indian film industry already earns 100 million U.S. dollars in foreign exchange. With the growing number of multiplexes sprouting in almost every B class city in India ticket sales have been increasing steadily. The trend is expected to continue over the next decade or so.

Hong Kong is the film making destination for Chinese language films. The Chinese population is spread all over the world and hence Chinese language films do brisk business wherever the Chinese diasporas are present. East Asia is its most natural market. The Chinese film market was valued at $495 million in 2004. In 2005 there were better results from the film production business in China which reported a profit of $250 million and some analyst says that by 2010 profits for the Chinese film industry could be worth $900 million by 2010 and almost $2 billion by 2015. China with its huge population has the potential to outgrow Hollywood itself.

But China also happens to be amongst the biggest piracy markets in the entertainment world. In recent times the Chinese government has taken various steps to clamp down of Hollywood DVD piracy but China sharing borders with many countries the results have not yielded expected results. China has also at times invited foreign media & journalist to oversee such initiatives.

But the world most happening film making is done in Hollywood located in Los Angeles, California, USA. The US film production business is a 35 billion US dollar market. The film and video production business in United States gives employment to 59,128 people. The major production houses are Time Warner Inc, The Walt Disney Company, Fox Entertainment Group, Inc, Viacom and Sony Pictures of America.

As per data released by IBIS World the other major market for film production business in the world is Australia. Industry revenue as of 2008 was valued at 2,187 million dollars in Australia. This represents a revenue growth of 7.8% over the previous year. There are a total of 2,201 establishments in involved in the film and video production business in Australia and it employees 20,817 people in its various production houses. As per statistics made available in the IBIS World report exports from Australia to the world stood at 92 million dollars while imports accounted for 133 million dollars.

The film and entertainment production business in the US is the one that bears’ the maximum burnt of losses due to video piracy. In 2005 alone video piracy of Hollywood movies illegally recorded and distributed in Mexico cost Hollywood studios $483 million. Thus piracy is one of the biggest issues that film production houses all over the world is faced with, not to mention copyright infringement.

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