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Lola Event Productions   Call 773.942.6172
Full service event company specializing in weddings and corporate events. Design, coordinate and implement your corporate event whether it be a holiday party, fund-raiser, marketing event, seminar, off-site meeting, shopping event, concert or fashion show. Visit the site for more information.
1616 North Damen Avenue, Suite #301, Chicago, IL 60647, USA
http://www.lolaeventproductions.com/   (4438)

Nottingham Stag Weekends   Call 0844 826 3119
The Stag company is UK's largest stag weekend organiser and has been in operation since 2002. Arrange everything from JCB driving to bob sleigh racing. Get in touch today !
4th Floor Hanover House, 118 Queens Road,Brighton,East Sussex, BN1 3XG
http://www.thestagcompany.com/nottingham-stag-weekends/   (5012)

Weekends for Stag and Hen Parties   Call 0844 804 5370
Plan your stag night or hen party with one of the many weekends on offer. All package weekends include an exciting day activity, nightlife and quality hotel but if you don't want to book a full package you can book just the activities.
15 Underleaf Way, Peasedown St. John, Bath, Somerset, Ba2 8SR, UK
http://www.thestagandhencompany.co.uk/   (6368)

Business Information By Mast Directory : Event Production Business Information And Guide

In this corporate world of money making people are coming up with new ideas every day to generate more and more revenue. One of the most leading businesses out of all these new ideas is that of entertainment. People today are ready to shell out good sums of money for entertaining themselves to get some respite from the tedious work routine. And therefore the growing popularity of various entertainment related events is not a thing to wonder. And this evolves a very demanding as well as a very rewarding event production business.

The most important thing on which a new event production company can be successful is networking. You will get events to produce only if people know that your business exists. Make a reputation of being the most entertaining and the most happening entertainment event production business. You can start by promoting local parties and events. This will help you gain an identity and you can build on your entertainment event production business from there on. Be patient. Remember that a good entertainment event production company doesn’t happen overnight. You must spent quality time to understand the needs of the creator of the events and also what will sell according to the target audience. Also it takes some time to nurture relationships with the existing and new media related organizations.

Throughout the building process of your entertainment event production business, you must keep making contacts with major venue owners. Without having good relations with venue owners, promotion of events to be held at their venue can be very difficult. Also you must maintain relationships with all kind of venue owners. For example, you might need a stadium or an arena for an event but for some other event you might just need a small club. Try to maintain relationship with various artists’ management. The artists should be vary carefully handled and their needs should be fulfilled by giving them proper spotlight and attention. Such tasks can be accomplished by banners, radio spots and street team flyers that will end up building a buzz around particular event.

Creating a market plan is very important for any event. It is advisable that you make templates of your entertainment event production business plan. The template should include print, television and the internet. This template can be used as a tool that can be implemented for various different events and thus will save time and energy in making them separately for each and every event.

The best way to grow your business once you set it up is by making it look as professional as possible. Especially, in an event producing business as it deals with celebrities and entertainment. The more professional it looks the more people will like it and the more it will grow. You can make it look more professional by starting your own web site which provides information about your event production business. You can put information about the previous entertainment related work that you have carried out on the website for people to see or you can take help of web design companies to do the web designing work for you. This might get you some more customers, provided if they like your work. You can also put up clippings of the previous work you have organized as this will add up to your credibility and make you look like a genuine entertainment event production business. Also information about the celebrities you have contacts with, for some celebrity related events will help you get business from people who want those celebrities in their events.

Next important thing to do after setting up your website is to make people see it. And for that your website should be listed higher on the search engines so that people can know about it. To make this happen you must use various search engine optimization or so called SEO techniques. You can also hire somebody else to this task for you. Once your website is listed higher on those search engines you get better business which can boom your entertainment event production business.

Today is the generation of work hard and party harder. People are ready to slog the whole week just to cherish the weekend entertainment. Similarly, the grand parties, weddings as well as birthday parties have adapted a very different mould today. People want to cherish and celebrate every big occasion of their lives in a grand manner. Every one wants to capture these occasions, big or small, for a lifetime. Therefore it has become very essential that each and every aspect in the event responds just at the right time. Many a times it is handled by the party people them selves, however, it’s deviating towards a new culture giving rise to a new era called as the business of event production.

All those people who are planning to come up with a business in this entertainment field will need to first understand a few basic concepts. You should specialize in various areas like production of corporate and sales meetings, grand corporate concerts, business meets, franchisee seminars, product launch, product marketing and various corporate level programs. This kind of thing will help in understanding the know how of the field and things related to it. At the same time it will also make the organization a recognized one even in the formal sector of events.

Every one needs to find out and follow the prerequisites of every field before stepping into it. Any company that is placing an event production order will always look for some body who is experienced and financially well equipped in this entertainment related business field. Hence you will need to make the basic funding area very strong. Even though you will need to do a strong and heavy initial investment for this purpose you will regain everything within a small span of time once you start getting more orders.

You should never be under the impression that things will sort and will get planned as things happen. Never leave the planning phase after you get an order in this business. Always keep budget well in advance and then go ahead with the deal/project. Also, keep a rough estimate of the possible spending and then allot the whole entertainment planning and project to the project management team. This kind of division of work and systematic planning will help you in getting more orders at the same time will help you creating a good reputation in the event production market.

In the initial stages, you should always try and be in touch with all major information technology companies as well as other companies and groups as every now an then they have to come up with some events, meeting or seminar or campaign or other forms of entertainment program in different cities or even a different country sometimes. Hence you need to expand your horizon in order to get better business opportunities. Therefore, better expansion and touching multiple locations is a must in this field in order to achieve the heights of success.

There are many situations where the work deadline creates issues. For instance, there are many a times cases with government organizations, it becomes difficult to meet the deadlines throughout the year. Hence the seniors in the government fraternity allot this work to the personal assistant and other employees responsible for such organizations of entertainment or program arrangement. Most of the times, a separate budget is kept for these types of activities. So, fill a tender or approach the government directly and take contract so as to stabilize the earning from the event production order as well as the business proceedings.

Once you are more or less settled in this production business keep separate divisions for formal and informal events. As the company will grow, you will require more and more specialized employees with different types of skill related to the entertainment as well as corporate kind of party planning. To make that happen, you can open a training center and train the employees and place them in your own company. This kind of training school will fetch some real handsome money and will help you in further growth of your company. There are many big and small companies that are following this trend.

You should remember that your business deals with entertainment and event production therefore try and be as creative as possible with you planning without forgetting and losing the basic fundamental and purpose of the program that is being planned and organized. If you can succeed in providing the clients fun and entertainment along with the systematic formal approach, you will be able to mark a very good position for your company and be able to get many more such production orders in the future. A good brand name always adds to the reputation and the profits of the company.

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