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Music is a key form of entertainment and anywhere you go today music is a potboiler all over. A small example is the numerous music mobile phones that have hit the market in the past few years and there’s no denying that the iPod just took music to another level. You want to carry you favorite music wherever you go. Exactly wherever you go you would like your favorite music to be with you. That’s also the case with weddings, when you are celebrating your wedding then music is one form of entertainment that rejuvenate the crowd as if there is a beach party in progress.

Music and Disco are an important part of any wedding and more often then not wedding music is organized and planned weeks or even a month before the actually wedding date. People would plan meticulously for their wedding dress, look all over for the most picturesque setting as the backdrop for the wedding party, order the most exquisite wedding cake in town but none of it is complete without good elegant wedding music.

Wedding is today a multi-billion dollar industry in itself and there are various small enterprises that are involved in the planning and execution of a wedding. From caterers, wedding consultants/planners, dresses, various beauty suppliers (hair, makeup), photographers, gifts, wedding DJ music, honeymoon packages, etc. Let us have a broad look at the wedding business industry; as per the Association of Bridal Consultants people in America spend a staggering $33bn each year on weddings. The average spending by Americans is little over $20,000 as in 1999. It is not surprise that wedding planned are expected to showcase a $15,000 wedding as if thousands extra were spent on a lavish wedding. That’s what music and disco could do, make a wedding seem regal and grandeur.

According to wedding industry statistics on an average some $750 to $2,500 are spent of music and disco entertainment at weddings in the US. So let’s have a peep into what a person will have to do to start a wedding music business. To start a wedding music business you should have a flair good smoothing music yourself, you should be able to choose between the ordinary and the good music. To put it simply you should be able to gauge the mood of the people and play music accordingly that’s the easiest way to become a successful wedding music businessperson. Some of the most widely played wedding songs are Dreaming With My Eyes Wide Open written by Gloria Sklerov and Jim Stewart, Forgive Me For Dreaming, Here in My Heart, If This Isn’t Love and Anywhere You Go by Gordon Pogoda and Tom Daniels.

What you can do is that you contact a wedding coordinator who charges nearly $15,000 to manage a single wedding. You can negotiate with him and decide on a flat fee of 10-15 percent per assignment. That would work out to be 1,500 to 2,000 per wedding for you. The other way to start your own wedding music business is that you can charge hourly rates. This way you can initially offer hourly services which people might really find convenient. You can quote an hourly rate from $50 to $150 per hour.

To create a niche for yourself in the wedding music and entertainment business always tell the client that you are willing to give a presentation or rehearsal of what you intend to play during the wedding day. This gives your client extra confidence of not just your abilities but also that you know what you are doing.

Alternatively to promote your wedding entertainment business you can create your own online wedding music business site. You can put detailed summary of all the services you provide and a couple of wedding music recording showing you playing at a wedding previously. You can also list services like a live pianist, guitar man and perhaps a violinist shall be performing live as part of your wedding music package. Surely all of this is part of the entertainment package that you will offer as your wedding music business.

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