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007 Disco Service  Call +44 (0) 2920 813 812
Australian company supplying Karaoke and Disco's in the South Wales area to pubs clubs and corporate events in and around the Cardiff and south Wales valleys.
Australia Road, Gabalsa, Cardiff, CF14 3BZ   (1197)

Big Entertainment  Call 0151-521-1173
Provide music and disco services for children parties, weddings, special occasions like birthday parties with music of your choice. Take a look at the site for more details.
Not provided   (1198)

Bop Till You Drop  Call 1300 13 03 13
Entertainment company entertaining children since 1996 offering disco and karaoke parties, programs for school holidays, pop music classes by professional entertainers and child care workers. Visit site for detailed information and to contact them.
Online support   (1195)

Revival Disco Services  Call 01264-354820
Offer professional DJs and discos to suit all budgets for different occasions like weddings, birthday parties, kids parties, schools, pubs and clubs. Also offer Karaoke.
Bartholomew, St Newbury   (1196)

Silent Events  Call 44 (0) 844 414 23 05
Silent Arena can provide Silent Events of all sizes for all different types of client. The company also hires equipment if you would prefer to take control of your party!
SilentArena Ltd, R2 Capitol Point,Wentloog,Cardiff,CF3 2PU, UK   (6420)

WESSEX STAR DISCO  Call 07749 712 793
the home to all your disco and disco party needs - whatever the occasion, we have it covered, from crystal clear speakers and soundsystem to the newest lighting and laser technology and of course a vast range and selection of all your favorite songs.
Lyme Regis, Dorset, UK   (1199)

Business Information By Mast Directory: Music And Disco Services Business Information And Guide

Music had always occupied an important place in the entertainment industry. With the time passing, the changes in the music business slowly became more obvious. It has become a real industry, where producers are concerned in making more profits, determining in that way the trends concerning the materials that the artists from the mainstream are creating and promoting.

Logically, investing in the music and disco services business can be the right thing to do for the people that are passionate and professional in all the actions that they are achieving. The kinds of money that are won every day in the entertainment business are the right excuse for every person to create a company that with the right turn of events would turn into a success story. Investing in a music and disco services business can be very successful, but there are the same chances to end up in a failure. So, taking care of some details that can bring profits for your business should be very important if you are interested to play an important role on the market.

One of the first methods that you can use in order to make profits from the music and disco services business is to create a shop, dedicated to the selling of products that are specialized in the music and disco services area. You can create a stock of different products that can be used in a usual disco party, as different types of fluorescent lamps, hats, t-shirts, disco spheres, or any other related products that can be used for entertainment. Knowing where there is the most possibility to have more clients is essential. That is the reason why you will need to make a market study in order to have success with your music and disco services business. It is a difference between the persons that are shopping for this kind of products in Amsterdam and Vatican for example. In other words, knowledge means power.

Another good idea for surviving in the music and disco services business is to try to speculate from the many events that are being organized quite often in the entertainment business. It can prove to be a real business opportunity, that will bring substantial profits to you, the opening of a mobile section in your company, that will have as objective the possibility of build mobile shops that can be used when participating on several festivals and before every big concert in your country. The period when the selling using this method is very short, but the profits that can be used on such an event can easily go higher than the winnings that can be made on a traditional shop in the period of an entire month. Also the efforts of organizing a publicity campaign that is mandatory in the battle of surviving on the market using the traditional way. So, with the many events that are happening virtually every summer especially and several times per year, you will need to really consider such a possibility.

Promoting a certain brand it is also very important when providing this kind of services. It is really easy to understand that some customers can be convinced more easily to buy from a product and use some kind of services if there are being offered from an accomplished brand. The concerns from this point are keeping a high reputation and number of people that will know about the music and disco services business you are running. The way to do the advertising campaigns on this market is by sponsoring different events or concerts that are happening in the entertainment industry, or even paying the DJs for promoting your brand in their concerts or even placing posters on this kind of events.

So you have learned that promoting yourself, learning the lessons that can be gathered from the selling and entertainment industries and being a good manager are some of the directions on that you need to focus in order to build a success company.

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