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When planning a party, wedding, or any event, one of the most important elements is the Entertainment. An Arizona Disc Jockey can be one of the best ways to entertain your guests. Visit the site for more information.
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Wedding, it is that time in a person’s life when you leave bachelorhood and enter marriage. It signals the time to start your own family. Wedding traditions and rituals are different everywhere and they vary because of difference in ethnic groups, cultures, religions, social classes and countries. Every girl dreams about walking down the isle and exchanging vows with her dream man. But before the D-day arrives there are lots many preparations that need to be done in order to smoothly conduct a wedding.

Now usually in western countries you will find that a bride wears a white dress. And exchanging of rings symbolizes exchanging of vows. In the Muslim community wedding vows are exchanged by the priest sitting between the groom and the bride and reads out extracts from the Koran. Similarly in the Hindu community extracts from the Geeta are read out while the bride and groom tie the knot. For the entire music is a form of entertainment that is usually associated with celebration and the same goes for wedding.

Organizing a wedding reception is an unbelievably humongous task and involved detailed planning and execution. Wedding is today a multi-billion dollar industry in itself and there are various small enterprises that are involved in the planning and execution of a wedding entertainment. From caterers, wedding consultants/planners, dresses, various beauty suppliers (hair, makeup), photographers, gifts, wedding DJ music, honeymoon packages, etc. Let us have a broad look at the wedding business industry; as per the Association of Bridal Consultants people in America spend a staggering $33bn each year on weddings. The average spending by Americans is little over $20,000 and this statistic belongs 1999.

Wedding in all its forms is a celebration of a one time in life ritual that you expect shall be the only time you will see yourself dressed for the occasion. To ring in the celebrations from start to finish and to make people feel they are a part of the festivities you need to do something. Music plays that role, if you plan well then music can during the entire wedding make all of your family members, friends and guest feel a lot more involved. And this is where you will feel that a music DJ shall be the right person to do the job for you.

To be able to have a wedding DJ business you first need to be a disc jockey (DJ) by profession. But you can also do that if you have flair for music and get yourself a computer with huge amounts of HD space and some good sound mixing software plus speakers should be outstanding to relay perfect sound quality. You should have a registered DJ business name and file it with the County Clerks’ office. You will also need a Tax ID number additionally get a Home Occupation Permit or else you can even choice a license hanging service to hang your license and lastly a local business address so that a business license can be issued.

You can then start by playing at local weddings and probably other events to get recognized for such services. There after you can build a catalog of wedding songs that are popularly played at weddings in your region or country. Some popular Western numbers commonly played at weddings are “Bridal Chorus” from Lohengrin by Richard Wagner, this is also called "Here Comes the Bride" and is a processional song. The Chicken Dance is popular reception dance music. You can specialize in a particular wedding DJ format like maybe Techno or play a wide selection of popular music to so that you can appeal to a larger potential audience.

Since the overall wedding DJ and entertainment business is an intense market it might take sometime for you to establish your credentials but there is a decent profit that you can make at each outing. You can also contact a wedding coordinator who charges nearly $15,000 to manage a single wedding. You can negotiate with him and decide on a falt fee of 10-15 percent per assignment. That would work out to be 1,500 to 2,000 per wedding for you. The other way to start your own wedding DJ business is that you can charge hourly rates. This way you can initially offer hourly services which people might really find convenient. You can quote an hourly rate from $50 to $150 per hour.

Music is a great form of entertainment and during a wedding foot tapping music can rock the dance floor and change the entire mood and complexion of the wedding. If you enjoy making people dance and sing to your beats then a wedding DJ business is what you can opt for.

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