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Corporate Entertainment UK  Call 08456 890 256
The CEP is the ultimate UK corporate entertainment company. With celebrity look a-likes, stilt walkers, casino tables and much much more the Corporate Entertainment Professional with provide a fantastic experience for your business.
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http://corporateentertainmentprofessionals.co.uk   (7211)

Entertainment Business & Technology  Call Toll Free 888-667-8574
Offers entertainment booking software having features like printing of cover letters, wedding questionnaires, external artist functions, keep track of projects and more.
PO Box 821026, North Richland Hills, TX 76182
http://www.ebt.net/   (25)

Sony Entertainment Television  Call +91 22 6708 1111
Entertainment channel dominating indian television since long and well known for broadcasting many television shows like Indian Idol, Buggie Wuggie, comedy circus, Ek safar aisa, Meet mila de rabba and many more. Give a look to company website for complete business information and details and for advertising enquiries.
3rd Floor, Interface, Building No. 7, Off Malad Link Road, Malad (W), Mumbai - 400 064 India
http://www.setindia.com/   (3471)

Star Plus  Call +91 (022) 6630 5996
STAR PLUS is a leading media and entertainment company in Asia. STAR broadcasts over 60 television services in nine languages to more than 300 million viewers across 53 Asian countries. STAR channels cover all genres including general entertainment, sports, movies, music, and news and current affairs. Visit site for complete business details and information and for advertising.
Online email and form support
http://www.starplus.in/   (3472)

A guide to Entertainment Business

Are You Familiar With Entertainment Business?

Today, we all look forward to entertainment in life. But here we are talking about entertainment in commercial aspect where you can also cash in your effort to entertain others. Whether its movie actors, television or stage plays all of them are making their best efforts to survive in competitive world. Recently entertainment has evolved another definition where it involves parties, events and weddings perhaps it would be good to call them some entertaining events one can organize as his business. If you are creative and love to move around a lot then entertainment business is the right venture for you.

Before we move on to more details one must remember three things related to this business- patience, creativity and perfection. Entertainment is not a toy you would buy and present in front of people who in return will pay you cost for it. It’s a concept you gradually begin and work on all facets including details like décor, music, food and so on. This arena is gaining momentum commercially as people ask for more perfection and creativity in their leisure ventures. So exactly how one can start in this field and to what extend he can grow?

This is very motivating field for people who want to achieve something in life with both financial and fame. This sort of business does not entail any specific skills yet one can con being professional through his efficient organization. As we mentioned patience is the first word a person should follow in this business. You are new in the field so you will need contacts, work and people. Hence invest time in people listening to their expectations and specifications so you could organize things accordingly. We mentioned creativity because one will need to be creative to look unusual from others in the field. In the end we will say that one need to be perfect in this business because a single flaw will spoil your aura, goodwill and your client too. The business would not be in fixed hours initially but once you gain enough recognition you can hire assistance and manage things from a distance.

What makes this business inspiring is that you can even start from home and with a little event. And then if one is not interested in indulging into high profile entertaining events he can settle for light events like baby showers, kid’s parties and birthdays. You can invest some dough on inflated play equipments and rent them on for parties along with a host for games and fun. If one is considering zero investment even then he can use his contacts to try a hand in organizing some amusement in a charitable event. Free organization at such events will let people see your work and save you money required to be spent on advertisement. Hence it’s your effort and entirely your efficiency that can take you to good heights in this business.

This is just one face of the multifaceted entertainment industry and sky is the limit for those who wish to touch it. Organizing fashion events, stage shows or performing arts are all part of entertainment ventures. With busy lifestyles on a rise entertainment has become a profound necessity for people and if you can run it with alert mind the fame and gains are waiting for you!

Another Guide By Mohit

Entertainment business is unlike many other businesses, with businesses like selling cars or even toys you are selling a product but with the entertainment business you are selling a product of a completely different kind which is entertainment itself. Entertainment business has been in the world for a couple of centuries but like most other businesses the complexion of entertainment business has over gone a sea change in the past 30 years. Long ago entertainment was not as commercial as it is today but businesses all over the world are of course not complaining in fact the entertainment business is today the livelihood of various people in different forms. There are artist, craftsmen, technicians, investors, cinema hall owners, marketing and publicity companies and even the hotel and tourism industry that draws revenues from the entertainment business in a big way.

The entertainment business is not limited to just movies, theater, dance performances, TV soaps, sports, music industry and even children’s parties are today categorized as entertainment business. The idea behind an entertainment business is to always sell entertainment in such a format that people would enjoy it and pay to view such performances. For instance a music concert for a well known artist attracts thousands of fans that converge in a large stadium to listen to the artists and for complete entertainment. The entertainment business worldwide is worth billions of dollar and Hollywood studios spend some $20 to $40 million dollars on making of some of the high budget movie featuring A list actors. A record company will pay a music artist millions of dollars just for a single album whereas professional wrestlers are too paid high amounts of money for featuring in the highly popular WWE. Thus if you think that an entertainment business can be profitable business then there is no denying this fact. If you are looking on ways to enter or start an entertainment business then we have some recommendations for you.

In this article we speak about the different entertainment business models you can use to start or enter an entertainment business. A simple low investment entertainment business can be started by opening a record selling music store. Music is one thing that people simply love listening to; there are so many kinds of music jazz, classical, country music, reggae, pop, rock and others. People love listening to Michael Jackson and Jennifer Lopez and the Pussycat Dolls. There are music CDs, movie DVDs and music videos amongst the other products you can sell from your music store. If you have any thoughts on why a music retail store business would work in an age where there are many online music websites that allow music download then take note of this. An increasing number of record companies are moving towards reducing their exposure to music download sites also just a couple of the album songs are usually available online while if you want to listen to the entire album you are going to have to buy it. What more music companies cannot see revenues dwindle and the interest of music companies remains vested in sales of music CDs. Thus it is safe to say that the business of selling music CDs and other related products will be a profitable business.

Another business option for you entertainment business can be that of selling tickets. People love watching live entertainment it could be anything for fashion shows, sports like soccer and cricket, a theater performance or any event organized by an event management company. The entertainment ticket booking and selling business is a highly profitable business. In case of a music concert tickets can be priced starting at anywhere from $100 dollar up to $2000. The event management company will surely give you a handsome margin for handing all the work related to booking and selling of tickets. On your part you will have to prove that you have the management and capabilities to offer such services and handle the huge demand for tickets properly. Usually for soccer match there are some 5000 seats in the stadium but the demand for tickets outnumbers the availability. Whatever your rules for allotting tickets are they should be clear, either you are selling tickets on a first come first serve basis or through bidding or auctioning method where tickets are sold to the highest bidder going toward the lowest bidder with tickets left.

The movies business is another of the big entertainment businesses with each week a number of movies releasing at the box office there are many business options related to the movies business. If you are a very rich person and would like to produce or finance a movie then that’s not a business that everyone can do neither is this business for the light hearted people. Another business can be the distribution of movie prints or the movie reels as some would term it. Every new release is screened in a theater and film distribution companies are the ones that send the movie prints to all the various film screening centers in a particular country so that audiences can watch the movie. A film distribution companies usually ties up with a film production company and will charge the company fee so that the film print will reach the film screening center on time for screening of the movie.

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