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What is wind? Wind is when air is in motion. And you can ask how does air move, well air moves when some parts of the earth gets heat up while some other parts of the earth are facing cold temperatures. In such a situation the warm air usually found over landmasses while cold air circulating over the water bodies will move in certain directions. As a consequence when large parts of the land get heated air will on its own start moving rapidly in a direction. Wind moving rapidly in any direction will carry power with it and such wind power can be used to create energy.

Wind energy has always been there and we have learnt to capture that power to generate energy from that. The demand for electricity is growing by the day and as conventional sources of producing energy are depleting we are faced with a situation where we need to reduce our dependence on such sources and look to tap renewable sources of energy. Solar energy and wind energy are 2 of the most widely and freely available sources of energy that we can use as much as we want to for our energy needs.

Wind energy is a huge business today and companies have invested billions of dollars in different parts of the world to generate power from wind energy to fulfill the growing demand for energy. Before we come to how to do wind energy business we should know how wind energy is created. Firstly wind itself is a kinetic energy and wind turbines are used to capture, store and turn this power into mechanical form. This mechanical energy can then be used to pump water into irrigation field saving the farmer on water pump electricity costs. The same mechanical energy can be stored and then sent to power grids and relayed to home, offices, industries that need electricity.

Wind turbines are installed in high altitude where the wind speed is optimum for wind power generation or at such places where wind power generation is possible. Wind turbines by the numbers are installed at a small distance from one and another and are connected to a base like terminal, which will store all the power that the wind turbines generate from the movement of its rotator blades.

Coming to the business aspect of wind energy the one biggest plus point of a wind energy business is that wind is freely available so there is no raw material cost. One the other hand if you are thinking of starting a wind energy business then you have to take into consideration the high cost of wind power technology. Surely the cost of wind power technology has reduced significantly over the past decade yet it forms nearly 80% of the total project cost while the remaining 20% cost is in the form of land for wind power generation, site preparation and installation of wind turbines. In comparison to this fossil fuel power generation is much cheaper as in project cost investment.

Having said that if the cost per life cycle is taken into consideration then wind energy business requires less operation costs as against fossil fuel business. Another plus point for those looking to enter wind energy business is that such businesses are supported by the national governments. Means you can expect a slue of rebates and tax sops for your business. Also in some countries the import duty on import of wind turbines and other machinery required for the business is reduced or exempted. So you not only save on operations cost but also on investment costs.

The reason why government in most countries offer rebates and tax sops to wind energy business is because there are growing fears about the impact of harnessing conventional energy resource on the environment. So in a bid to support renewable energy business and stop conventional polluting methods such steps are initiated.

Wind energy power generation business is one, which requires millions of dollars worth of investment. So you would have to think of alternate businesses if you really want to enter the wind energy business. A major challenge for owners of wind energy business is the transportation of wind turbines and other equipment to the actual site. So if you are in the shipping and transportation business you can associate your company with such a project.

Also if you can gain the technology to manufacture wind turbines that are used in the making of wind energy. If you have the capital required for such a business and the technical know how then this could be a long-term business model for you. There are basically 2 kinds of wind turbines sold all over the world. One that’s the conventional one is the horizontal-axis make that has always been used in farm windmills to pump water into the plough field. The other one is the vertical-axis make, its design is one of a eggbeater-style Darrieus model.

Apart from owning a wind energy generation company or designing wind turbines you can also be a company that oversees the installation and working of wind power generation plant. Really in today’s world no business is impossible if you dream you can do it.

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