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JMC Recycling Systems Ltd.  Call +44 (0) 115 940 9630
UK based company specialising in metal recycling equipment and machinery including alligator shears, metal balers and cable strippers. A scrap metal recycling service is also available. Visit the site for more business information and details.
Harrimans Lane, Dunkirk, Nottingham, NG7 2SD, UK   (5038)

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Nothing is permanent in life. The only thing that is constant is change. These are probably the inspiring thoughts of all those in the business of recycling equipments. No matter which industry or business we talk about recycling especially of wastes has become an integral part of the processing and manufacturing. This process of recycling plays an important role in contributing to the saving of energy.

There is the law of thermodynamics which forms the base of this recycling equipment business. It states that energy can neither be created nor destroyed it can only be transformed from one form to another. Depending upon the type of industry and the waste to be recycled the equipment type also varies. Certain common type of recycle equipments includes granulator, dehydrator machine, industrial shredder, etc.

Electronics waste has become a major issue in the waste management department of every electronics business. These wastes include used TV, fridges, CDs, computers and its parts, watches, etc. Majority of these cannot be recycled using recycling equipment. Some of them and their assembled parts are recyclable. The major reason behind the difficulty in recycling these wastes is the components and material of which these are made up.

Apart from the constituent materials the toxicity resulting due to these wastes creates a serious threat to the environment. Heavy metal like lead, cadmium, nickel, arsenic, etc are capable of causing deadly health hazards to humans and animals. Keeping this in mind the recycling business has come up with the process of conversion of the wastes to simpler raw material. This also saves the energy in production of certain products again.

Wastes generated from the restaurant business are highly organic in nature and needs immediate attention. The issue is not only limited to the food waste but also the other components which include glass, porcelain, paper, metal containers, etc. These are wastes which can be easily recycled using very simple and common recycling equipments. One such recycling machine is a baler which helps in creating a safe environment for work, provides free space, and also indicates that the business is very nature friendly. They also act as a source of revenue other than just saving energy in their disposal. The rest of the organic waste can easily be composted using very simple equipments and methods. The compost can also have a market value thereby increasing the revenue.

For those companies who are just beginning to start their business in the recycling equipments can look for certain non profit organizations which provide programmes and solutions to help you out. They also advice and guide in the processing your wastes in to useful products for either your own company or generate revenue by selling these wastes to other companies where the product can act as a raw material.

One of the biggest markets created in the recycling equipment business is that for the plastic wastes. A huge variety of waste product is generated as plastic waste which includes water butts, fencing, garden furniture, window and flooring frames, etc. Here the issue is to deal with different types of plastic. In the recent times, the companies in this business have been providing vending machines which are completely automated. These machines are capable of identifying, collecting, sorting, processing and recycling the various types of plastics like cups, bottles, etc. They are efficient not only in terms of energy consumption but also time and expenditure. Apart from these, the crusher also plays a basic and vital role in plastic recycling. There is a good scope in the retail and supply of plastic recycling equipments.

Also, another important fact is that the waste produced from one factory can be utilized as raw material for another industry. For instance, the metal wastes from any background can be crushed and re- used in automobile industry. The ultimate aim of any recycling equipment business is to minimize the waste production and save the energy utilized in disposal. If a particular waste can be studied and converted into a reusable form for the same manufacturing process, then use of new raw material can be avoided. There is a new avenue opening up in the form of waste management which can be very well gelled with the recycling equipment business.

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