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Recycling bins are containers that store waste material temporarily which can be recycled or sent to the recycling centers. These are of different sizes and for various places like offices, various educational and other institutes and even home. Recyclable material include paper, plastic or glass bottles, cans etc. so for different type of waste a different and exclusive container is provide in the business of recycling bins. Generally these bins are manufactured in a specific manner so that they can identify easily. They also have slogans marked on them which promote recycling.

Recycling is a process of converting the waste material into something useful again by using various types of technology, machines and processes. This conversion helps in reducing the overall load of huge amount of waste collected everyday. The more the discarded material is considered as waste the more it is produced again utilizing energy in this period of energy crisis in the world. The recycling bin business ensures that these wastes are collected and reach the right place for further processing.

In the business of recycling bins one has to know the norms set by the government for instance separate colors are allotted for the bins and the waste that is to be collected in them. Green color is meant for paper while blue is meant for plastics and metal. In this wake of saving energy and keeping the environment clean private and municipal organizations are creating awareness. They are also distributing bins to ensure and encourage participation of the common man. These organizations are the major customers in this business.

With the growing concern and consciousness for the environment and energy saving this business of recycling bins has a very good scope to flourish in the current time and near future. Recycling reduces the waste, pollution, and helps in conserving the natural resources since landfill etc makes us lose valuable space. Another business involved with this is the business of selling the waste material to the recycling units and instead get paid by the recyclers. Bins are very specifically useful for such companies or institutes which produce a large amount of paper or metal waste on a weekly basis. This is otherwise difficult store in local containers. Now-a-days companies themselves reward the employees who ensure energy saving and proper collection of recyclable waste. This instills enthusiasm in the employee and helps the business follow the norms too.

Waste prevention is the key reason behind the business of recycling bins. We will not be cribbing or going through energy crisis if we produce less waste in the first place and secondly by recycling the waste and minimize the quantity.

The recycling bin business can further franchise by letting companies buy the recyclable waste which may be of use to them or sell if vice versa. This closes the loop of recycling and extends the business and market too.

When in this business of recycling bins buying or selling, one must have the complete knowledge of what waste can be and what cannot be recycled. Also the bins which are supplied are generally preferred to be of such material which environment friendly yet spacious. When waste is collected and dumped without any segregation, they are generally burnt or left as it is polluting the environment. This leads to production of green house gases like methane from the waste. They contribute to global warming. When waste is recycled it saves the energy to make the same things over again.

The recycling bin business will definitely do extremely well as the awareness is increasing and spreading globally. All factories, industries are given strict rules and regulations to follow for waste management and recycling of wastes. The industries also try to save energy by re-utilizing the waste product which they recycle. It not only adds economically to the industry but also the entire nation and ultimately the world. This benefit is for our economy as well as environment that we live in.

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