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Creative Recycling  Call 800.797.2061
USA located company offering an exceptionally efficient, cost-effective way to recycle electronic equipment and computers. Visit the site for more business information and details.
1429, Donelson Pike, Nashville TN, 37217, USA
http://www.crserecycling.com/   (4462)

Extreme Recycling Inc.  Call 785-267-1700
Provider of remarketing, refurbishing, and recycling of your electronics including computer, telecom, and networking E-Waste to keep the environment clean. Visit the site for more information.
7215 SW Topeka Blvd 3-C, Topeka, KS 66619, USA
http://extremerecyclinginc.com/   (4463)

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There has been a lot of hue and cry world over that the developing countries or otherwise called emerging economies have become the target location where the used electronic articles are dumped. Countries like India and China have become the locations where the products related to electronics and computers are dumped. The very first question that will come to our mind is why are these locations targeted and what happens after the articles are dumped. This would be a key area that our article on electronics recycling business will visit.

The dumping of the electronic waste in these developing countries has a significant impact on the environment as well the energy consumption in these countries. Organizations operating out of developed countries have strong rules that they have to comply with for continuing their operations. One such rule is to have proper recycling of their products or disposal of the products. But in most cases neither of the above happens. The organizations on order to save their costs use a more simple option to bypass the laws, which involves in mass dumping of electronic waste in the developing countries. The gain that organizations gain from this is two fold, the first involves in having their waste dumped into a neighbor’s yard and the other part involves in actually selling these waste to the developing countries through illegal agents who would purchase them and sell them at half their price though ideally these products should not be sold. Energy and Environment take a huge toll in the developing countries since these products would not be disposed off properly after the re-use. Since the process involved for recycling or disposing these products is slightly different from that involving products like paper.

However the electronics recycling business has enormous scope for profit irrespective of whether it is in the developing countries or the developed countries. From the environment point because these products would be carefully treated their would be proper disposal of these products and in most cases since these electronic products can be recycled the amount of energy saved in making new products will be minimized. This is in stark contrast to setting up the electronics recycling business done in an illegal way. Here just like any other company you will be recycling the products and at the same time be in harmony with the environment. A person cannot draw energy from the nature with greed and selfish motive for too long a time. It is not incorrect to sell used products, however there has to be accountability and responsibility undertaken for their recycling as well.

If you set up an electronics recycling business, the recycling operation can be undertaken on a large scale as the raw materials required for these would be readily available and companies to be in compliance with environment policies will be eager to hand their obsolete products to you or have an outsourcing agreement made with you for handling their products which would save them a lot of cost and energy by this means. The number of companies doing this electronics recycling business is very low and so the scope for your business sky rocketing within 6 months to a year is very high. There is a definite possibility that beyond a specific point you will find that the orders are flowing in from all quarters of the world and you just do not have the time to implement them all. There are several ways to make money, some through legitimate means and some immoral. In this article we have seen both and we have also seen the one which is permanent both in terms of prosperity and happiness. This business provides the potential to make your life and the lives of others better and at the same time being in unity with nature. The waste cannot be brought to zero at any point, but just imagine how beautiful this world would be if just these products can be recycled and reused.

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