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Computer Recycling  Call 0870 3000905
Offer recycling services like data destruction, telecom recycling, computer monitor reuse and much more.
Unit 5, Lakeside Business units, Block Fen, Mepal, Cambridge, CB6 2AY, UK   (7216)

Creative Recycling Systems  Call 813.621.2319
Provide an exceptionally efficient and cost-effective way to recycle waste like electronic equipment and computers to companies, local, state and federal government and institutions to keep the environment clean. Visit the site to get more information about this energy recycling business.
The company has facilities in Tampa, Miami and Tallahassee etc.   (4367)

Intercon Solutions  Call Toll Free: 888-452-5642
The company recycle a large amount of consumer and corporate electronic scrap and equipment, including waste telephone switches, typewriters, telephones, audiovisual equipment and cable television products or byproducts. But focusing more on computer recycling and electronic recycling to keep the environment clean. Visit the site for more business information.
1001-59 Washington, 11th and Washington, Chicago Heights, IL 60411, USA   (4368)

PC Disposal  Call 1-877-244-0250
Helping customers with the removal and recycling of obsolete computers and equipment waste with nationwide service. Rcycle outdated hardware, donate computers to charity, refurbish and upgrade computer systems for redeployment and facilitate employee purchase programs. Visit the site for more information and details.
900 E. Loula, Olathe, Kansas 66061, USA   (4369)

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We all are aware how important are the computers in the lives of the entire humanity. What we don’t really know about the computers and other electronic widgets like cell phone or mp3 player, is that this kind of apparatus are produced with the costs of destroying the environment. The production of computers is very bad for the ecology because of the radiations emitted by the electric circuits. That is why the authorities highly recommend us to practice the computer recycling.

How can computer recycling turn into a good business for you? Believe it or not, but the waste remaining from a computer is quite important for the construction of the future computers, saving in that way, as much as we can, the planet from its imminent destruction. There are a lot of old computers still vegetating in the homes of their owners, so collecting this kind of waste isn’t such an easy task for anybody. But with the time passing and with the using of some brilliant, efficient methods, we can turn this real problem of the modern society into a business in the end.

From some reason, everybody is thinking that America is the biggest assembly line for the computer industry. But they are so wrong! The computer recycling process is made in less developed countries and where the work hand is a lot cheaper than in US. In countries like India, people are virtually risking their lives working in far less proper condition that any decent man can imagine. The need for money push them to do so, in that way assuring the continuity of some materials used for the manufacturing of this machines. From this production point, the recycled material is send to countries like China, where the whole process of turning the waste into a actual computer is coming to an end. From this point, the products are shipped to other countries under the names of big companies across the globe.

So, this is the way the big companies decided to proceed in order to protect their business plans. Sure they are helping the less fortunate countries, but in a tricky way, they are benefiting from the fact that in this places is found a cheaper work hands and gain larger profits from that. This is the best idea on how to gain the maximum profit if you work in this kind of business. Even if it is more convenient for you to use these barbaric methods, you should better provide the proper conditions and salaries to your workers. The business made in that way would provide less profit for your company, but in exchange, you can gain some recognition as a fair employer respecting your people along the protecting of the environment from the process of turning the waste into an actual computer in the recycling process.

In the more developed states, running a computer recycling business may not lead to the kind of profits that the work with a less expensive work hand does. Here, there are a lot of high standards imposed by the government and which must be respected in order to function legally. Every state must support recycling as this is the right thing to do. In order to have success in the computer waste recycling business, you will have to do certain things. First of all, it is imperative to launch national campaigns, preferably in partnerships with the state or the city hall (depending of the area where you are working), that will raise awareness about the importance of computer recycling. After that, there comes the proper recycling process. The old products are transported in collection trucks to the warehouses and from this point the process of disjointing the actual products in order to obtain the raw materials for the later use begins.

With the kind of money and care for the environment, is our duty to start involving in a computer recycling business. The profits obtained from this kind of affair are really important, but the main thing that is gained here comes in the form of a healthy habitat for the future children of the world.

If you are looking for more information on recycling visit this Recycling It blog.

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