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Cheap Skip Hire in Birmingham  Call 0845 4638 437
AMA offer excellent, competitive rates on all types of all types of waste management and site services including skip hire, removal and clearance of waste, aggregates, storage containers, recycling, portable toilet hire and much more. Our top quality services are offered throughout Birmingham and the surrounding areas.
The Old Stables, White Lion Court, Kings Lynn, PE30 1QP.
http://www.amaskiphiremidlands.co.uk/skip-hire/birmingham.php   (7238)

Grundon  Call 0870 443 8278
Largest privately owned waste management company in UK helping to protect and make environment safer by offering services like waste minimisation consultancy advice, collection of waste from industrial and commercial developments and local authorities, carrying our processes like recycling, composting and recovery and then help with disposal of residuals via treatment, landfill or energy from waste facilities. Give a look to site for further business information.
Goulds Grove, Ewelme, Wallingford, Oxfordshire, UK OX10 6PJ
http://www.grundon.com/   (3185)

IWMS Ltd  Call 44 (0) 1604 808 703
UK based company offering daily waste management services helping businesses to take control and transparency they need over their services allowing them to focus on their core activities. The company also give training to the relevant members of staff and produce personalised ecoPacks to educate about the new environment and energy management systems. Give a look to site for detailed information.
Unit 3, Innovation Studios, 4 Long Street, London, E2 8HS, UK
http://www.iwmsuk.com/   (3187)

Sita UK Ltd.  Call 0870 421 1122
UK based waste management and recycling company, generating environmental value, social value and economic value from the nation’s waste. Dedicated to deliver environmentally responsible and increasingly innovative solutions for the local government, general public, industry and commerce, enabling the clients to reduce their impact on the environment and producing energy from waste. More business information can be found on the site.
SITA House, Grenfell Road, Maidenhead SL6 1ES, UK
http://www.sita.co.uk/   (3188)

Skip Hire Melbourne  Call 0409 531 084
Offer skip hire services which is suited to builders with competitive rates for longer time onsite hire.
Online only
http://www.skipaway.com.au/   (7047)

Veolia Environmental Services  Call 02 8571 0000
Australia's leading environmental services company having brance offices in Tasmania, Queensland, South Australia, Western Australia, Victoria etc providing industrial services and waste management services for communities of Australia for better environment and cleaning.
Level 4, 65 Pirrama Rd, Pyrmont NSW 2009,
http://www.collex.com.au/   (69)

Waste Management  Call 02920 664023
Established in 1998, Enviroquip are a UK based company offering and all inclusive Waste Management Services (such as Waste Compactors) and Recycling solutions (such as Cardboard Balers) to businesses of all sizes and stature throughout the United Kingdom.
Anchor Industrial Estate, Dumballs Road, Cardiff, CF10 5FF
http://www.enviroquip.co.uk/   (4810)

Waste Recycling Company  Call 029 2066 4023
Cardiff based Forward Waste Management is a professional waste management and waste recycling service company providing a "one stop" service to waste producing organisations nationwide.
Unit 2 Anchor Industrial Estate, Dumballs Road, Cardiff CF10 5FF
http://www.forwardwastemanagement.co.uk   (5184)

Waste Recycling Group Limited  Call 01604 826200
One of the leading waste management company in UK which provides a range of cost and environmentally effective processing, recycling, disposal and energy recovery services for local authority and private commercial customers. Recycle and dispose of 13 million tonnes of household, commercial and industrial waste each year to generate energy from waste. Visit site for more business information.
Ground Floor West, 900 Pavilion Drive, Northampton Business Park, Northampton, NN4 7RG
http://www.wrg.co.uk/   (3184)

Wastewater Treatment Company  Call 03707 800 100
Goldcrest Chemicals is a UK located registered company known to be one of the leading water treatment and waste water treatment specialists.
Goldcrest Chemicals Ltd., Dodworth Business Park, Dodworth,Barnsley, S75 3SP
http://www.goldcrestchemicals.co.uk/   (6033)

Business Information By Mast Directory: A Guide To Waste Management Business

Ban plastic bags! Save fuel! Use less electricity! Conserve energy! What do we understand by all these slogans? Are they mere words to impress people? Perhaps you haven’t been thinking about our future. These slogans are implying at measures through which we can conserve our environment. But what sort of waste we are talking about? Well, there is much to be explained in few words but for hint we would say industrial waste, electronic waste, agricultural waste, metal waste just to mention a few. It is needless to add that these wastes are further creating several sort of pollution in environment. Perhaps the matter of fact is that when energy is produced for any sort of industrial purpose or electricity it truly affects our environment the most. Here we are not discussing the issue of global warming instead we are talking business here that is profitable and aid in saving worldly environment.

We shall first explain a little about waste management. The term has emerged for dealing with waste produced perhaps it would be better if we say that accumulating it and further processing it to dispose it in an efficient way. Now there are distinct sort of wastes like few can be recycled with approparite equipment whilst other like food waste requires to be disposed anaerobically. The wastes that cannot be recycled and cause pollution has become matter of concern for environment yet people running industries or even government clearing lands to build houses are just playing it on. Little do these industries try to save on energy or discard their waste aptly. And here arises an opportunity for a business prospect and that is waste mangement.

This business had all prospects of being a hit with humanity, environment and works great for energy too. For this business you would need some waste mangement equipment like trash compacters, incinerators or for recycling the waste.now there are streams in this business like one way is you can install your waste management equipment at industrial wastage locations and cahrge them accordlingly for the service. Well, the other way is renting the equipment to treat the wastage when required and vice –versa. These options are eagerly accepted by industries and manufacturers who are usually associated with metal wastage and energy related businesses like nuclear plants.

Apart from this educating and creating waste mangement programe could also be a great business opportunity. For instance you can held workshops to create awareness about waste mangement equipments, how the waste can be transformed into energy via heating and further can be utilized to produce electricity, sell people waste mangement software and offer their staff training to handle the same. Few interesting aspects of your training could include tips to produce less waste hence spending little cost and time to dispose it off, utilizing eco-friendly raw material and creating minimum litter to harm environment.

What for you in this business today? Tell us one thing honestly, aren’t you worried about energy wastage or polluted environment? Well, this could be a great business for people who feel urged to save environment. Hence instead of offering suggestions in blogs about saving energy or clear pollution, put your belief and thoughts in action with this business. The fact is large industries and units find it difficult to handle waste as the measures are little expensive for them. However with your solution oriented approach they can benefit from your service and you can protect your environment and earn money too. This might not be simple and naïve business but it certainly does a lot for our surroundings and offers novice opportunities with little competition.

With business opportunities spreading its arms globally you don’t even have to advertise your services as registering in an online services directory would be suffice. Just keep repeating the fundamental of reducing the wastage, recycling it and then reusing it in your business. You simply have to earn then and let your thoughts peak!

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