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Solar Power And Pump Co.  Call Toll Free: 1-866-246-7652
Offer solar pump solutions at affordable prices. Other products to offer include solar attic fans, battery powered backpack sprayers, sunrotor and suncentric solar pumps, sprayer pumps and more. Visit the site for more information about this energy business.
301 West 12th Street l Elk City, Oklahoma 73644   (4401)

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If there is a source of power that has always amazed man it is the power of the sun. The single and cheapest source of energy lies in the sun and there has always been trouble that people have had with energy and if the power of the sun is harnessed to full effect there would be no discussions on shortage of energy since this is a renewable source of energy too.

In this article on solar pumps business we will look at how a solar pump can be used to make you rich. This is not a product that people go shopping about on a weekend, on most cases it is just a one time installation and if used properly it lasts for a decade. A solar pump is very simple device unlike the technical name that the device sounds. Normal water pumps use internal combustion engines where the rotational energy of the motor is converted into the sectional energy which is used for drawing water. Now for the internal combustion engine to work it needs another source of energy which in most cases would be electrical energy. So in the case of solar pumps the function of the pump would essentially remain the same, however the input source of power will not be electrical energy but rather solar energy.

Now what is needed for setting up a solar pumps business? There would be capital investment for which the government would be very eager to provide subsidiaries. So the capital cost will be pretty well covered. But still there would be certain purchasing for which you need to go shopping. Such as the solar cells that make up the panels of the solar pumps, the units that actually form the supply source. These products can either be purchased after assembly or if you have the basic technical knowhow these can be assembled at your own location. For the solar pumps business however one area where the people face issues are the transportation of these panels and units. Since the panels have to be transparent for absorbing light the panels in most cases would be made of glass, and as glass is a very brittle material there have been numerous cases of breakage for which the supplier would become accountable for and this would mean that in addition to the delays caused in your product delivery and service there would be additional cost and rework that will be involved.

However if there is a good packaging process in place, it would be worth for you to go shopping on a transport vehicle that your business can own. Alternately if the capital investment is a difficult thing to cope up with in the initial phase of the business, the vehicles can be rented on a need basis which might work out cheaper till your solar pumps business has stabilized. One major difference that the solar pumps business has to the solar heaters is the cleaning of the panels which carry the water. In the case of the heaters the very panels that carry the water will be subject to corrosion owing to the salinity of the water, this is one problem that you would not be facing as part of the solar pumps.

Once you set up the basic framework for your business it is necessary to ensure that your business is strategically located, since not all people going on shopping will be looking out for this business. One way to boost your business will be is by branding your business as a service more than just another vendor trying to sell their product. The best way is to have field agents go on a direct selling which covers the area of your operation primarily. In places like shopping malls, have your brand posted so that people take a notice for the service which is offered. A simple way of branding your business could be to be in partnership with businesses that offer with similar solutions. Though this business is not strictly seasonal during the rainy seasons the sales are likely to dip since people would not want to invest in a product at a time they know the source of energy is not going to be present for half the time. If you are looking to have something set up in a line where you have already established a base such as a plumbing line then this is the direction that you have be heading.

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