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Solar pool heaters are used to warm pool water to a desired temperature. It consists of many parts like pump, piping, collectors, solar panels and mountings to be installed at pools. The entire assembly accounts to be a solar pool heating system. Giving installation contracts is a good way for shopping solar systems as all installation services offer solar heating systems at prices which are lower than market price. As installation services have an understanding with solar heating system suppliers it is possible for them to offer units at a lower rate. This also helps the installation service business to attract more orders making this venture mutually beneficial to both installation and supply business in solar pool heating system.

It is proving to be the best alternative in pool heating systems over those fueled by electricity, gas and oil. Much awareness has been spread about disadvantages of these fuels. The biggest amongst these are the high operating costs and increasing pollution levels. Also there is a big risk of accidents, shocks and fire associated with such power sources. There is a slow decline in shopping for such systems and customers are in search of new greener and cleaner alternatives. Any environment friendly business venture is guaranteed to get good support of consumers.

There is more than one reason that works in favor of solar pool heating systems business. As the name suggests these heating systems work on solar energy which is available naturally from sun. Sun's energy can be used for most part of the year. Even when the atmosphere is dark or cloudy solar heaters are operational to some extent. For countries with dark atmospheres solar pool heating systems are used with a combination of electric or gas heating system. As solar systems do the initial pre-heating less energy is required by conventional heating systems to raise water temperature to the required. Solar heating systems being useful in both cases attract good business.

Solar heating systems leave all competitors behind when it comes to performance. Solar pool heating systems are the most durable in business with its life estimated anywhere between twenty to thirty years. There is virtually no operating cost as it uses sun's energy. This is the highlight of this system as it saves heavy electricity bills for the shopping customers. With no operating cost pay back period is achieved as quickly as three years for the solar heating system. Solar pool heating systems are very simple in construction and do not have complicated parts. This results in smooth and noiseless operations. Also less maintenance is required to maintain solar pool heating systems. As solar pool heating saves money at all stages from purchase, operation to maintenance it has been able to acquire trust of its customers in solar pool heating system business.

Consumers today are more aware when it comes to shopping for engineering products. Specifications have gained significance in making buying decisions. Products without specifications are considered to be sub standard or dangerous. Provide specifications like efficiency, power input, safe working temperature etc for solar pool heating system to depict professionalism in this business.

Safety is a prime concern in pool heating systems business. Electric heating systems are not only expensive but also are of great risk. There always exist chances of water getting electrocuted. This can be dangerous to people stepping into pools without checking. It creates a fear amongst customers and prevents them from enjoying a relaxing time in pools. Using solar pool heating systems are not only harmless to humans but also to environment. By shopping pool solar heating systems one can forget all worries and have a great time in pool. This can prove to be an important feature to promote solar pool heating systems business.

The present day solar pool heating systems are well equipped with technology. The use of thermostats facilitates feature like automatic temperature control for solar pool. Once water attains a set temperature solar valves get automatically closed. The use of technology has made these systems very user friendly. Customers are increasingly shopping for solar heating systems that come with such features. One has to adopt technology in business to keep pace with changing markets.

There are many types of activities and adventure sports that the nature has provided us with. Many water sports are hot favorite amongst people across the world. It is not always possible to have access on the water bodies and find them clean and safe enough for such sports. Therefore we humans have created pool of water artificially to suit the needs of the people as per their convenience without having to travel places. The water tends to becoming very cold due to the dip in the temperature. This can be controlled by installing solar heating systems. The business of this product is very good option keeping in mind the demand of the product.

Those people willing to venture in this field should know the basic of the product and its working. The heating of the water is quite costly since the quantity is large. This cost can be easily cut down by using the solar pool heating systems. Even in comparison to the rest of the heaters like heat and gas based products to maintain the temperature at a higher level, this product is much more effective and less costly. The cost of operating it annually is quite minimal therefore making it a very good and sensible option. Hence the business also has a strong base for the set up.

The best part about this product is that it utilizes the energy from the sun which is free of cost. It entraps this energy and converts it into heat energy with the help of semiconductors and diodes in the solar panel. Due to the easy availability of the raw material and energy form the investment in this section of the manufacturing of the heating systems is very less. As a result its dependency upon electricity is also not applicable. This makes it even more popular amongst people owning swimming pools. All these features make is very easy to for any newcomer to get a good market for the product in this business.

Another important aspect here is to clearly demarcate the industries where you can promote your product and at the same time you will have a good market as well. An effective market research will help you in understanding the sectors that you should be approaching. Careful analysis of the market will reveal that all the hotels, resorts, restaurants, swimming coaching centers, clubs, etc form a very good market for this product. All these people will require the solar heating systems. Therefore get the list of al the existing business groups involving the utilization of pools and contact them. Another important fact that you need to keep in mind before setting up your business is the climate and location. Solar pool heating systems depend upon the availability of the sunrays in order to capture the energy of the sun. This is possible only in places where there is good amount of sunlight received during majority of the year. However the geographical distribution of the earth doesn’t allow this. There are many colder countries where this product may not be of much use since the sunlight duration and intensity is very low and hardly during some part of the year.

Starting up your business is such locations will fetch you no profit. You will simply be wasting your investment in the production and marketing of the solar pool heating systems. It therefore is very important to do s study done about the locations and the climate that affect your business. With the advent and new developments of the technology it has become possible to use the product for even cooling the water during the summers. This can be done by letting the water circulate at night from the pool to the collector. This added feature will increase the sales as well as demand or your product even during the off seasons.

This system also consists of filter. This helps in separating the dirt from the water before it can be pumped further towards the rest of the solar heating system. The collection of the dirt and unwanted matter is necessary regularly to get clear pool water. After a period of time the filter will get dirty and need a change. Therefore in this business you should provide the facility of changing and replacing the filter on the customer’s request or as per the manual’s instructions. This added service will create a good rapport with the customers as well as your reputation in the market. Keep a stock of such filters available and you can even give the first replacement free of cost to regain your customers.

You can also provide the facility of free installation and demonstration to the customers especially in the initial stage of the business. You should have a separate team that is experienced in the installation of the solar pool heating system. This kind of service will also help you in establishing in the market. Such a systematic approach will take your company to the apex of the market in no time.

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