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Outdoor Solar Lighting  Call 800-985-4129 retails a wide range of solar lights including solar Christmas lights, lamp post, flood & bright spot lights. Free shipping available for orders over $75.
601 16th Street Suite C260 Golden, CO 80401   (5855)

Solar Christmas Lights  Call 800.985.4129
Offer the best selection of solar Christmas lights online in multiple colors. Visit the site for more details.
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Solar Illuminations  Call Email Support
An independent solar lighting supplier. More than 300 solar powered products listed on the site for online shopping including solar lamps, solar spot lights, solar floodlights, solar Christmas lights and more. Visit the site for more information and products details.
14965, technology court, units 3-6, Fort Myers, Florida, USA   (4245)

Solar Lights  Call 888-860-0552
Clean Energies Store offer wide selection of reliable and affordable outdoor solar lights and lighting solution such as solar powered lights, solar landscape lights and powerful solar spot lights with ultra bright LEDs.
7671 Benton avenue, Westminster, California 92683   (5483)

YCA Solar Light Store  Call 1-888-422-0882
Offer online shopping of solar lighting products such as solar flag lights, solar post lights, solar landscape lights, solar fountains and more. Visit the site for more information.
Online Store   (4246)

Business Information By Mast Directory: A Guide To Solar Lights And Lighting Business

There are many things we use day to day and we never question ourselves what wonderful technologies are in the back of all that, how many stories to be told, and how many to be praised for the invention of such items that we call nowadays: “trivial”. For the invention of the electrical light bulb we have to praise Thomas Edison. His competition in the business against Nicola Tesla led to so many other new ideas, such as the alternative current, electric chair and many other innovations in the field of electricity. Without their contribution, we couldn’t use nowadays things like computer, digital camera, internet, electric lights and other electrical powered tools.

Today, if you go out shopping for a light bulb, you would see that there are a lot of things that have changed in the electrical business. In the years that have passed, the technology concerning the electric bulb had evolved considerably. With a constantly increasing concern over the environment, the industry began a quest for replacing the traditional ways of lighting with other alternatives which are more effective. For example, in the European Union, people aren’t allowed to buy traditional light bulbs nowadays, because of the increased amount of electrical current consumed. The alternative is the economic lighting bulb, which is using other technologies to produce the light with a lot less electrical power needed.

The final goal and the trend that will be in a couple of years are to use alternative power supplies, such as solar or wind energy. These technologies are just in their infancy, but are rapidly growing to maturity. In the present, there’s a lot of money to be made in this business, both in providing the infrastructure needed to create ecological friendly energy and also the tools that are using it. Especially in the European Union states, solar lights and lighting are used for illuminating the parks, in front of the city halls and other important building. They are doing so for both a matter of pride and for economical reasons.

The many advantages that the solar lights have to offer influenced the common people too. These electrical wonders can now be seen in people’s gardens, in front of their homes, as both ornament and illuminating reasons. If we take a look at the increasing shopping rates of solar light devices, and the multiple advantages that they have to offer to a client, I would not only say that this is a good energy business for you, but a real gold mine for the future years. If you want to start a business, now is the moment and there’s what you have to do.

Solar lights are not quite different from the classic ones. The distinct feature is the power supply. Solar energy will never be extinct because it will always be out there and if he will ever disappear, life itself will no longer exist. In that case, we won’t need it. For starting a business in this area, you will need (as usual) some capital. After you do a market study you will see if it is possible to start producing in that area or you have to relocate. Imagine that there is nobody shopping for solar lights in your area. In that case you will be obliged to invest in a complex shipment service which means smaller profit for you, which is bad for a business. You have to rely on a base of clients around your manufacturing unit.

The most important thing in this kind of energy business is the research count. First thing you got to do is to hire some very good researchers, who will teach your staff and find solutions for your future lines of production. You can profit from the fact that the competition on the market is pretty small. This is still a business dominated by electrical powered products. If you want more clients shopping for your solar lighting products, you will need to make them very good looking and with a high energy storing capability. Remember that the sun isn’t out there each day and the longer the solar lights stay on, the higher your business’ profit will be.

Another thing that you would have to do is to sign contracts with big stores, especially those that have a good reputation on the market. In that way, you have assured a good profit and a more efficient publicity campaign. People would see the product on the shelf and will not resist to the call of buying it. All I can say to you for now is good luck on this virtually unknown territory for business, and I hope that with a little bit of inspiration you will succeed in making your project reliable.

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