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ICP Solar Technologies, Inc.  Call Toll Free: 1.888.427.7652
Manufacture and market solar chargers and solar energy products for battery maintenance and charging. Visit the site for more business information and details.
7075 Place Robert-Joncas, Unit 131, Montreal, Quebec, Canada H4M 2Z2   (4243)

Voltaic Systems  Call + 1 646 257 4104
The Voltaic company offer solar bags which are solar chargers designed to charge virtually all handheld electronics. Visit the site for more information and details.
PO Box 4668 #7935, New York, New York 10163-4668   (4244)

Business Information By Mast Directory: A Guide To Solar Chargers Business

Every one of us thinks from time to time at how great it will be to disappear for a while in some remote, exotic place where that person can be free to do whatever he/she feels like, far away from all the agitation that you found everyday in the city. When you actually plan to do that sort of crazy things, you will find yourself in need of a power supply for your gadgets. No matter how far you want to go, you will see that it is useful to keep yourself connected to the rest of the world just in case an emergency appears.

This is a perfect opportunity for using a solar charger. The solar charger is a very effective tool (generally portable); a useful energy supply, ideal if you find yourself even in the most remote areas, such as the South Pole for example. Solar charges from the “Solar Technology International” were successfully used by the UK team on “Race to the South Pole” show which was aired on BBC. So, they prove to be not just eco friendly, but essential survival tools in extremely remote areas. One thing frustrated me when I went with my tent to the sea side last year. For a couple of days all things were looking great: the sun was ok, the water was perfect, but when the battery of my cell phone died I felt like the sky fell down on me. No more calls to my love ones, no more chatting with my contacts all over the world, all that because of my battery problem. It is then I realized how badly I needed my own energy supply. But imagine how more great things you can accomplish by having this kind of tool in your hand. You can use it as a battery for your laptop, connecting it to your set of gadgets like I-phone or GPS. It’s like the new Swiss Knife. You can easily how content I am speaking about this useful gadget. Imagine now the potential of making a good business out of it. Ladies will love it because of his futuristic look and trendiness and boys will immediately add it at their already long list of toys.

It is futile for me to try giving you advices on how to succeed in the business of solar chargers. The product is practically selling itself. All you have to do is to give to it a nice design, to make it attractive for the clients to buy it, but be careful not to neglect the technical part. You have to work with very skilled technicians that will assure the final product will be at a top quality, which will satisfy the clients and assure a satisfactory profit for your energy and green environment business. Publicity must always be one of your top priorities especially on a constantly growing market, where the competition is high. It will be a good start to design a very powerful brand for your products, which will send to the buyer the message of solar energy and eco friendly. These two elements are the key of the success in this business. So be very careful how you choose to promote your environmental friendly solar products.

One idea is to launch different theme collections every season like in the clothes industry in order to gain some profit. Additionally, you can launch separate theme collections for women and for men. It is interesting how much attention is given nowadays to the looks and feels of a product and how badly is the technical details of a product ignored in contrast to that. Therefore, it is essential to remember what the human’s weaknesses are and to exploit and use them in our advantage. That is the most successful way of succeeding in a business. Reviewing what we just said, if we take the solar energy, put it into a nice looking can and exploit the human mind at the best of our capabilities, we can obtain the perfect cocktail of a money making machine, in form of solar chargers: the ultimate gadgets in town.

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