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Heating pool water is required to have a comfortable and relaxing time in pools. In cold countries it is a necessity as pool water gets very cold. However most times this comfort turns into great worries when one receives the electricity bills. On careful examination one finds that it’s the pool heating system that has a major contribution in high bills. As a result people have started using pool heating systems judiciously or completely stopped it. However it is still needed in cold climates. Demand for cheaper alternative from customers saw development of pool heating systems that consume less energy.

Solar energy has developed to a great extent and has been successfully implemented in many applications. It has been a huge success for pool heating systems as it has virtually put an end to electricity consumption. Solar panels are used to trap sun's energy and thus form an important constituent of solar pool heating systems. There is good demand for solar panels to develop solar systems. As pools are widely using solar heating systems, pool solar panel is turning out to be a good business.

Pool heating is required by all as temperatures usually drop at nights. Pool covers are not adequate as they merely prevent heat transfer but do not heat pool water. The pool heating is a long activity and gas or electric heaters consume large amount of energy. Solar panels offer a very cheap alternative to pool heating. The energy from sun stored during daytime is used to heat pools at night. There is no requirement of electricity or gas thus providing major economical and environmental advantage. Pool solar panels are becoming very popular in this business.

The world is facing great danger of global warming. There is a constant attempt to develop eco friendly methods and products. Solar energy has high potentials for providing cleaner environment. Governments and environment protection body’s world over have started promoting use of non conventional energies including solar. All those in solar product business must put combined pressure on governments to offer rebates and tax benefits to home users that use solar products. This will boost sales all sales of all solar appliances including solar panels.

Solar panel installation is a major activity. The installation depends on the amount of electricity one needs to generate. The availability of energy from sun plays a major role in determining solar panel requirements. Installation costs are decided on the number of solar panels to be installed. Although the initial installation cost work out higher solar panels are economical in long run. Customers prefer one time investment on installation rather than spend extensively in operating electric and gas systems. One can offer service charge discounts to new customers or provide solar panels at lower rates to get business orders for pool solar panels.

As energy from sun is available for limited time in day it is the solar panels that decide how much electricity can be produced. In regions which have less sun intensity or cloudy environment more solar panels will be required to produce electricity from the energy available. Such regions have a big requirement for solar panels. Places like restaurants and clubs have large swimming pool. Heating such large pools require much energy and need pool solar panels in big quantities providing many business opportunities.

The cost of solar panels depends mainly on its efficiency. A highly efficient solar panel should be able to produce maximum electricity from the available energy. Good quality solar panels available in business today have an efficiency of about 15 percent. There is a big scope to make this figure three digit. More efficient the solar panel more cost can be demanded from customers, who will happily pay for efficient solar panels. Years of research have brought solar energy to where it is today. However this is just the beginning. A lot more improvements need to be done in solar panels to make it rival the electric appliance business.

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